Thursday, May 24, 2018

Veracruz Govt ups reward to 5 million pesos for El Bukanas the train derailer

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from several Epoca Violenta articles

Subject Matter: Roberto de los Santos de Jesus, El Bukanas, Veracruz, Los Zetas
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

The Governor of Veracruz, Miguel Angel Yunes Linares reporter the following during a press conference. "We have announced the increase in the reward to anyone who provides accurate information that leads to the capture of the leader of one of the criminal cells operating in the area, where they have assaulted several Ferrosur trains, in the states of Veracruz and Puebla. He is Roberto de los Santos de Jesus, aka "El Bukanas".

The reward has risen by four million pesos. Previously the reward was one million pesos. He indicated that "thanks to the research work carried out by all the members of the Veracruz Coordination Group, it can be said that soon the criminal cells operating in the Acultzingo area in Veracruz could be deactivated".

"It has been possible to determine the places where the members of the criminal gangs, which operate in the border area of Veracruz and Puebla, sell their stolen products". The Governor said that operations will be carried out in these areas with security personnel with sophisticated weapons, who are instructed to act with the maximum force allow by the law against criminals, that is weapons will be used if necessary.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Nestora Salgado Accuses PRI Candidate Meade of Defamation

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Animal Político

May 21, 2018
Thanks to Tu Fren for the Heads Up

The plurinominal candidate Morena, Nestora Salgado publicly challenged the PRI presidential candidate Jose Antonio Meade to check his statements about her after he stated during the second debate,  that the activist had committed acts of kidnapping and recrimination  Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador for the candidacy granted to Salgado.

"Defamation is a crime and I challenge you publicly to prove your claims. It's enough that you and the PRI criminalize the social fighters. We're not going to leave! " Nestora wrote on her Twitter Account.

During the second presidential debate, José Antonio Meade read a note regarding the case of Nestora where the multi-nominee candidate allegedly asks for a sum of money in exchange for the delivery of a woman. 

After reading it, Meade pointed to Nestora as a "kidnapper".

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Veracruz: Attorney of Jalisco Federal Police is abducted, while leaving his daughter's quinceanera, then tortured and killed

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Veracruz authorities have confirmed, that a body discovered, is that of Reyes Andrés Izquierdo Velázquez, 46.  

The body was abandoned  in the undergrowth at the La Tinaja-Cosoleacaque junction, in the municipality of the same name.

Izquierdo Velázquez was the Inspector General for the Federal Police in Jalisco. He was also the  chief of the legal department in the Jalisco Coordination of  Federal Police.

The victim showed signs of torture and was shot execution-style. Next to the body, authorities also found a cartulina narco message, which accuses the attorney, of wanting to open the plaza to their Jalisco rivals.

A photographer hung out with vigilantes in Mexico's most dangerous state. Here's what she saw.

Posted by DD Republished from Washington Post By Kenneth Dickerman

Community police” vigilante Rene Zeferino rides in the back of a pickup as his unit patrols the streets of Ayutla de los Libres, in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. (Rebecca Blackwell/AP)
News of violence and corruption emanating from Mexico is nothing new. And there is possibly nowhere more violent and corrupt than the state of Guerrero. Not only are there rival drug gangs vying over territory used to make heroin, but police are often seen as corrupt, too. According to Reuters, Police were accused of participating in the disappearance of 43 teachers college students in Guerrero in 2014. Indeed, violence and corruption are so bad that, according to Reuters, “it is not uncommon for state, federal and military forces to replace local security forces suspected of corruption and ties to Mexico’s powerful gangs.”

"The Mule" Clint Eastwood Movie about Leo Sharp, the 87 Year old Sinaloa Cartel Drug transporter

By Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Leo and Clint
Remember Leo Sharp?  He is the 87 year old Sinaloa Cartel drug mule who was arrested in Michigan in 2011 while transporting cocaine worth $3M.

And here comes the movie.  Filmmaker/Actor, Clint Eastwood will act and direct the movie titled, “The Mule”.

Eastwood will play Leo Sharp, named Earl Stone in the script.  Bradley Cooper is in talks to be in the film but may not be able to because of a scheduling conflict with a movie he is producing, about composer Leonard Bernstein.  If he does join The Mule cast he will play DEA agent Colin Bates.

The film adapts a NYT’s article written by Sam Dolnick.  The article chronicled the life experiences of Sharp an award winning horticulturist and Bronze Star WW2 vet who became a drug transporter for the Sinaloa Cartel.
The florist and horticulturist’s pièce de résistance was his prize winning day lilies.  His day lilies were widely sought after.  His neighbors reported seeing buses filled with customers waiting outside his gate to purchase his flowers, totally unaware, that the man they deeply respected, was Sinaloa Cartel's  most prolific drug courier,  for the world’s most powerful drug cartel organization.  

Chris Graveline, the assistant U.S. attorney said; “By midway 2010, he had already brought 1,100 kilos here to Detroit.”

Jalisco: Gunmen shoot former Attorney General and seven others

Posted by Slappy with info from "Char"  republished from AP

Note: The 8 month old baby burned in yesterday's attack, has died

Authorities in Mexico's second biggest city say gunmen for an organized crime gang tried to kill a state official, wounding him, three police officers and four civilians.

Jalisco state Gov. Aristoteles Sandoval said Monday the attack in the center of Guadalajara was aimed at Luis Carlos Najera, the state labor secretary who previously served three decades as a police officer and state prosecutor. He said Najera suffered a hand wound.

Sandoval said police captured six suspects and recovered "a large arsenal" of weapons. He said those detained claimed to belong to an elite group for a crime organization operating in Jalisco.

The governor did not identify the gang, but the state is home ground for the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Payasos: Mexican Clowns Take to the Streets to Demand Peace

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: BBC

                               Payasos March in Protest of Violence with their Union

May 21, 2018         
Additional Material from:

In January, the US state department prohibited US government employees from traveling to the state of Guerrero, including Acapulco. It warned of armed groups "operating independently of the government in many areas of Guerrero.  Members of these groups frequently maintain roadblocks and may use violence towards travellers," the advice said. 

About 50 clowns demonstrated with their relatives and friends, to demand that the violence that threatens the inhabitants of Acapulco, in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, be stopped. Clowns dressed in white marched down a central street in the Mexican resort of Acapulco on Monday May 7 demanding an end to the city's crime wave.

With their faces painted and carrying signs reading "peace", they said that they were "tired of so much violence". They complained that they were losing business because residents no longer threw parties out of fear of becoming targets of crime.

The Gold Plated Arsenal of the Aztecas

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso

                                                 The three men detained were not named
May 21, 2018

The Municipal Police of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, secured  an arsenal of 42 long weapons, including a 50-gauge Barret rifle, as well as four AK 47s, ie  "goat horns" plated in gold belonging to Los Aztecas gang - the armed wing of La Linea over a week ago.

The authorities of the  border  city reported that during an operation two vehicles were found with weapons that were to be delivered to a group of  sicarios , ie hit men. 

Drive through of the aftermath of the battle in Yecora, Sonora (Video)

Posted by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Youtube video

Following on from Yaqui's post on the confrontations in Yecora, this video surfaced of people driving through the aftermath of one of the confrontations.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

RCQ Message ? Badiriguato Burning: Armed Convoy Set Fire to Houses and Vehicles

Translated By Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Sin Embargo

May 20, 2018
Badiraguato, Sinaloa -  Moments of panic were lived in the community of La Majada de Arriba, after armed men stormed the community and set fire to buildings and parked vehicles.

The group of criminals apparently wanted to send a message to the Sinaloa Cartel that Rafael Caro Quintero currently commands, due to the struggle that exists between the children of the infamous Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, " Los Chapitos " blaming them for the current war against his brother and their uncle identified as "El Guano" Guzmán.

According to reports that unofficially have arisen so far, it was around 5 or 6 am on Friday , May 18 when subjects carrying automatic weapons besieged the  community who abandoned their homes and fled in fear.

United States offers a reward of $5 million for information leading the capture of El G3

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

Subject Matter: Sinaloa Cartel, Adelmo Niebla Gonzalez, El G3 , El Memo
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

The United States government offered a reward of 5 million dollars for information that leads to the capture of the Mexican Adelmo Niebla Gonzalez, leader of  a transnational criminal organization linked to the Sinaloa Cartel.

Reporter: J Jesus Esquivel
The State department offered a reward of 5 million dollars for information on Adelmo Niebla Gonzalez that leads to his capture, pointed out a press release from the government of Donald Trump. According to the Program for Rewards from the Office of Anti-narcotics and the application of the law of the State Department, the subject sought is the head of a transnational organization of drug trafficking known as "Niebla Gonzalez".

Sonora/Chihuahua: Confrontations Between Narco Groups Cause Panic

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from:

Extra Material from: El Herald de Chihuahua By: David Pinon May 20, 2018
See Otis's BB Post from May 18

A confrontation occurred between Yécora and Maycoba communities located in the limits of the state of Sonora near the border with Chihuahua, left a balance of five dead and 11 vehicles damaged, mostly burned. 

The confrontation was recorded on Wednesday night and into Thursday morning when an armed group from Chihuahua tried to enter Sonora, hours before Carlos Arturo Quntana, alias "El 80", 35, and leader of "La Línea", was captured in  the western region of the state, which reinforced the police presence within the limits of both states. 

Yesterday, it was announced that the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) of Sonora, in coordination with the Mexican Army, increased intelligence and operational tactics by air and by foot  in the mountainous area of ​​Yécora.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

BUSTED: Caballeros Templarios Narco Laboratory Tied to Assassinations of Candidates and Soldiers

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso

By: Ezequiel Flores Contreras  May18, 2018
Extra Material from: El Sur

Chilpancingo, Gro. Elements of the Army and the Attorney General of the Republic, (PGR) dismantled a clandestine narco laboratory in the town of San José,  Municipaly of Zirándaro , allegedly owned by José Pineda Gonzalez, "El JP",  leader of the Knights Templar, ie Caballeros Templarios, in the Tierra Caliente region in this entity and his brother Francisco Maldonado, "El Chico", who lives on the Michoacan side of the state borderline. They are now considered regional Jefes aligned with CJNG and practice extorsions, kidknapping and drug trafficking; originally coming from of La Familia Michoacana.

The Governor of Guerrero, Hector Astudillo Flores, says these are the same group that assassinated PRI candidate Abel Montufar Flores, the PRD candidate Ambrosio Soto, and responsible for the attacks on the local Coca Cola Plant in Altimira, which has led to its subsequent shutdown and dis-employment of its workers. ( see our recent/previous posts on Gro Coca Cola Plant shutdowns).

The area covers more than ​​two hectares, more than 100 200-liter drums were seized, with chemical precursors such as toluene, ammonium hydroxide, cyanide and acetone, used for the manufacture of methamphetamines.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Operativo Escudo Titán: Mexicali, BC Nets 350 K’s of Meth and More

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: 20 Minutos

                                  More Meth Heading North Towards the US/Mexico Border
May 18, 2018

As a result of Operation Escudo Titan,  ie Titan Shield, the Mexican Federal Police secures 352
kilos of methamphetamine hydrochloride, 546 grams of opium gum and 987 grams of fentanyl in the municipality of Mexicali, Baja California on Tuesday May 15, 2018.

In a statement, the National Security Commission reported that the drug seizure was carried out as part of the crime prevention and deterrence work in that entity, where Federal Police patrolled the San Felipe - Puertecitos Federal Highway #5 in the municipality of Mexicali, south of the border city of Mexicali in Ejido Plan National Agrario.

The driver of a light utility truck made maneuvers to enter a dirt road, which gave rise to a persecution when the driver saw the Federal Police following him; meters later, the crew members fled into the brush and left the vehicle abandoned.

Federal Forces capture "El 80" leader of La Linea in Chihuahua

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

Subject Matter: La Linea, El 80, Carlos Arturo Quintana
Recommendation: see link to article on El 80

Carlos Arturo Quintana, identified as the leader of La Linea, armed wing of the Juarez Cartel, and one of the most bloodthirsty narcos that operate in the country, launching death threats against functionaries was arrested by Federal forces and Sedena. He is said to be responsible for trafficking marijuana, methamphetamines, fentanyl, opium gum and heroin to the United States and is sought by the FBI of the United States.

Reporter: Patricia Mayorga
According to the inhabitants of the municipality of Maniquipa, the leader of La Linea, of the Juarez Cartel, was arrested by Federal and State agents. Elements of the Army also participated in the operational deployment that was implemented in the area.

"Today, elite elements of Sedena and the Federal police arrested the main generator of violence in Chihuahua", Navarrete Prida wrote in his twitter account.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Update: Pre-Election Violence Kills 94 as of Mid-May

Posted by DD Republished from GardaWorld

Pre-election violence in Mexico kills at least 94 people; further violence anticipated ahead of July 1 elections.

 Political violence in Mexico has resulted in the murders of at least 94 politicians, including candidates for the upcoming July elections, and their family members between September 2017 and mid-May 2018. The victims come from a variety of political parties, with most running for local offices. Officials believe that warring cartels are behind much of the violence as they attempt to gain influence over city governments nationwide. Federal and state governments have begun increasing security, providing many candidates with bodyguards and, in some cases, bullet-proof vehicles, but the measures have so far proven largely ineffective.

 At least 80 candidates have withdrawn from elections in Chihuahua state because of the high levels of pre-election violence. In early May, the leader of the Social Encounter Party (PES) in Chihuahua was killed and in a separate event, an estimated 250 gunmen descended on the community of Ignacio Zaragoza in Chihuahua killing the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) city council candidate and a campaign coordinator.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Ninel Conde investigated for money laundering

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Noreste article

Subject Matter: Ninel Conde, Beltran Leyva Organization, Money Laundering
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

According to statements of ex employees, the artist frequented the narco trafficker Arturo Beltran Leyva

The Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF) is investigating three purchases of property of the actress and singer in Acapulco, Punta Mita and Mexico City. A property in Granjas del Marques, in Acapulco worth 3 million dollars has been in her name since 2008, also an apartment in the exclusive Punta Mita destination, worth about 1 million dollars that she bought in 2010 and another property in Cumbres de Santa Fe, in Mexico City, worth 19.5 million pesos that she acquired in 2015.

CNDH: Violence Against Journalists Will Continue

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Proceso

                                                            Luis Raul Gonzalez Perez
CNDH Ombudsman: "Violence against journalists will continue as long as the killers remain free".

By: Gloria Leticia Diaz May 15, 2018

Mexico City - AP ; The president of the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), Luis Raúl González Pérez, condemned the killing of journalist Juan Carlos Huerta, and warned that while "those responsible are not in jail" the spiral of violence against the union "has the risk of continuing".

Interviewed at the end of the inauguration of the international forum "American Declaration of Rights and Duties of Man, First International Instrument for Human Rights", González Pérez stressed that with the death of Huerta - occurred this morning in Villahermosa, Tabasco - add 134 reporters killed in the last 18 years.

After highlighting that in the last three years of Enrique Peña Nieto's government "violence against journalists has been sustained", the ombudsman regretted that the murder occurred just on the first anniversary of the murder of Javier Valdez, correspondent of La Jornada in Sinaloa and founder of local newspaper Ríodoce .

Journalist Juan Carlos Huerta murdered in Tabasco

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Proceso

               El periodista Juan Carlos Huerta fue asesinado el 15 de mayo. Foto: Tomada de Facebook
At least the fourth journalist murdered this year in Mexico, his death occurred on the 1st anniversary of the murder of journalist Javier Valdez Cárdenas

Sicario killed journalist Juan Carlos Huerta with a .45 caliber weapon: Tabasco Prosecutor's Office 

By Armando Guzmán

VILLAHERMOSA, Tab. - Attorney General Fernando Valenzuela Pernas offered details on Tuesday about the murder of the journalist and radio and television news host, Juan Carlos Huerta Gutiérrez.

The head of the FGE explained that, according to witnesses, a gray van caught up with Huerta, blocked him off and hit the front bumper on the left side of the BMW that the victim was driving. A man then descended from the van, shot and killed the radio host, and fled with one or more companions.

He also said that news was received at the C-4 police command control center at 10:47 am, about a homicide on Flor del Trópico street, next to the Las Hadas subdivision, on the outskirts of Villahermosa, where elements of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) responded to and later experts and investigative police of the FGE.

The butchery continues unabated in Tamaulipas as Grupo Escorpion and Los Metros clash

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from Epoca Violenta and ValorporTamaulipas articles

Subject Matter: Dismemberment's in Tamaulipas, Grupo Escorpion, Los Metros, Cartel del Golfo
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Otis: In the ongoing struggle between antagonistic Cartel del Golfo factions, Grupo Escorpion and Los Ciclones, have allegedly taken the yellow and purple sectors of Reynosa, from Los Metros. Sierra Flaco has put messages out on social media claiming responsibility for the six bodies left in trash bags in Rio Bravo, and intimated that some of Los Metros have flipped to Grupo Escorpion.

From VpT
Grupo Escorpion has taken the yellow and purple sectors of Reynosa from Los Metros, gaining territory and leaving Commandante Marin ( Luis Carlos Marin Chapa ) wounded and in the the General Hospital of Reynosa. He is one of the commandantes of Sierra Flaco who has terrorized several sectors of the city, forging his reputation on robberies, extortion, threats and kidnappings, to maintain the war that El Flaco Sierra has with Grupo Escorpion and its allies, M56, M100 and M101.

Tuesday at daybreak, a special forces group from Matamoros took out the sicarios from Commandante Marin, who left a lot of equipment behind and vehicles. Marin did not receive any support from El Flaco Sierra. Grupo Escorpion has already carried out reconnaissance of Reynosa, since Los Metros were driven out of the city, and El Flaco Sierra took refuge in Miguel Aleman, leaving the few remaining Metros in the city helpless.

Grupo Escorpion and its allies are at the order of the citizenship, waiting for locations of safe houses and locations of Los Metros who have terrorized the population because the government do nothing because of the corruption that exists. Grupo Escorpion and its allies want the Reynosa citizenship to enjoy the days and nights as the people of Rio Bravo and Matamoros do.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"Los Damasos" Ordered the Murder of Javier Valdez

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Riodoce

On the One Year anniversary of the murder of Javier Valdez FEADLE confirms the perpetrators of his assassination; "Los Damasos" ; One Theory.....................

By: Alejandro Monjardin
May 15, 2018

10 weeks after the murder of Javier Valdez, 2 of the alleged perpetrators of the crime had been named. On July 28  last year, a protected witness pointed them out after having a conversation in which they allegedly spoke of their involvement in the murder; and the third person was identified in September through security camera images.

Almost a year after the murder, the Special Prosecutor for Crimes against Freedom of Expression (FEADLE) arrested one of the alleged perpetrators but has yet to execute an arrest warrant against another that is already detained for another offense. According to FEADLE, the witness went to make a statement out of fear, because he had been threatened.

The witness named three suspects: Heriberto Picos Barraza, "El Koala", Juan Francisco Peaks Barrueto , "El Quillo" , and Luis Idelfonso Sánchez Romero, "El Diablo".

Mexico Drug Policy Museum Invites Dialogue on Prohibition Alternatives

Posted by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Insight Crime


by Victoria Dittmar

Mexico City hosted the Museum of Drug Policy, sponsored by the Open Society Foundations, from May 4 to May 6.* During the museum’s first tour in Latin America, its exhibits reflected on experiences of Mexican drug policy, focusing on the victims of surging violence related to prohibitionist policies and militarization.

The drawings of five faces hung on the wall. One next to another. They depicted the faces of real people who face the same fate: the death penalty. The people were citizens of Indonesia, Iran and Myanmar, countries where drug possession is punished by the death penalty. To the side, an explanatory label recounted how drug prohibition measures began in Mexico to curtail its availability to would-be consumers.

"El Gafe" or "La Borrega" of CDN executed in Nuevo Leon

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a ValorporTamaulipas article and Zocalo

Subject Matter: Raul Gomez Moreno, La Borrega, El Gafe
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Raul Gomez Moreno alias "La Borrega" or "Commander Gafe", was executed in Nuevo Leon, he was the operational jefe of CDN in Ciudad Victoria and Apodaca, and received direct orders from El Z-40 and Z-42 from Almoloya.

He appeared wrapped in a canvas in a square in the San Miguel de Apodaca colonia. He had signs of torture and at least six bullets in his hands, feet and neck

Zocalo reports: 
The report that there was a package covered with grey canvas in the middle of Hidalgo Street in the San Miguel Colonia yesterday mobilized Police from Apodaca. Upon arrival they found the body of Raul Gamez Moreno, alias "La Borrega" and designated as second in command of the CDN. The former ministerial police officer, 44 years old from Tamaulipas, was identified by his fingerprints.

He was executed with 8 bullets and had blows to the face, so it is presumed that he was subjected to torture, after being kidnapped, according to police investigators.

Double homicide in CDMX (Video)

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

Last weekend the countries capital was the scene of more violence, now outside Sambuka bar located on the Marina Nacional Avenue, Miguel Hidalgo, which ended with two people dead from gunshot wounds.


In the video you see two subjects descend from a compact red car, one of whom carries a revolver in his hand. This last subject goes to where the doorman of the club was and threatens him; The doorman tries to get a gun, but before he did he gets shot.

The second subject reaches into the car and comes out with a gun. Then he goes to the entrance of the bar, but on his way he crosses the doorman and shoots him. The employee's body falls to the floor already lifeless.

However, in the attack the second man does not realize that one of the bullets hit his partner, who before getting into the car falls to the ground, bleeding.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Cartels dont exist, narco trafficking and culture in Mexico by Oswaldo Zavala

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

Subject Matter: Book by Oswaldo Zavala
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

"The cartels do not exist: that is the early lesson learned by the traffickers themselves," says Oswaldo Zavala in The Cartels do not exist. Drug trafficking and culture in Mexico, a daring book that demystifies the scarecrows and archetypes created by the governments of Mexico and the United States around drug trafficking and drug traffickers. What there really is, explains the writer and collaborator of Proceso, is "the market for illegal drugs and those who are willing to work on it. But not the division that according to the Mexican and US authorities separates these groups from civil society and government structures. 

Reporter: Oswaldo Zavala
On February 19, 2012, the still president Felipe Calderón offered the last speech of his government on the occasion of the Day of the Army and the Mexican Air Force. In the program of events, something extraordinary happened that the sociologist Luis Astorga, expert in drug trafficking and security, rescued from the journalistic coverage of that day. It is the moment in which a group of soldiers simulated the search of a car to illustrate to the president the procedures to detect drug. Anota Astorga:

In a vehicle where it was concealed, presumably marijuana, the soldier who played the role of trafficker was dressed according to the archetypal image that is had of them, even in the museum of Sedena dedicated to the issue of drug trafficking, ie with boots, hat and listening to corridos of traffickers: "Scene that  at Calderón, his wife Margarita Zavala and the Secretaries of National Defense and Navy, General Guillermo Galván and Admiral Francisco Saynez started laughing", according to the journalistic note that gave an account of the act.

The military carried out a performance of their activities for the fight against drugs, personifying the figure of the trafficker that the Mexican political system has built for specific political purposes: a man dressed as a cowboy listening to narcocorridos. That image, as Astorga recalls, has been incorporated into the Drugs Museum of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena).

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Two cyclists on round-the-world trip feared murdered in Mexico

Posted by El Profe from The Guardian

[Additional Links: LA Times, Sin Embargo ]
Friends of Holger Hagenbusch and Krzysztof Chmielewski protest in San Cristobal de las Casas at the official handling of the cyclists’ death.
Friends of Holger Hagenbusch and Krzysztof Chmielewski protest in San Cristobal de las Casas at the official handling of the cyclists’ death. Photograph: Rodrigo Pardo/EPA
The pair, from Poland and Germany, were found dead in a ravine and investigators now believed they were robbed and killed.

Two European cyclists who were found dead at the bottom of a ravine in southern Mexico were murdered, investigators have said, discarding their earlier theory that the men plunged off a cliff.

The cyclists – Holger Hagenbusch of Germany and Krzysztof Chmielewski of Poland – had been travelling the world by bicycle.

But after being reported missing by relatives, they were found dead at the foot of a sheer rock face in the Mexican state of Chiapas.

Investigators initially said the pair appeared to have lost control on a winding mountain road.

However, after a group of fellow cyclists questioned that version of events, a special prosecutor newly appointed to take over the case said the cyclists had in fact been murdered.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Cut the body of the monster of organized crime, not just the head: Shirk

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Zetatijuana article

Subject Matter: Mexico and organized crime
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

A report from the University of San Diego reveals the failed strategy of the government of Enrique Peña Nieto in the fight against organized crime by attacking only the drug lords. Given the empowerment of the CJNG, the resurgence of Tijuana as the city with the most homicides in the country and an uncertain electoral landscape, experts issue their recommendations

Reporter: Ines Garcia Ramos
The Mexican government seems to have a unique strategy to fight organized crime: cutting off the heads of the main capos, which has not only has failed, but has left a country of death.

This is stated in the report " Drug Violence in Mexico, " conducted by Justice in Mexico , which explores the roots and consequences of 2017, the year with the highest number of intentional homicides committed in Mexico and which placed Tijuana as the city with the most murders in the country.

Justice in Mexico is a research program hosted at the University of San Diego, focused on designing strategies to improve citizen security, strengthen the rule of law and protect human rights in Mexico.

In this installment, Laura Calderón, Octavio Rodríguez Ferreira and David Shirk explain how the empowerment of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), the fragmentation and weakening of the Sinaloa Cartel unleashed the worst wave of homicides seen in the country.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Violence hits the Army in Guerrero, 3 soldiers ambushed and killed

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article

Subject Matter: Ambush of Army in Guerrero
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Reporter: Ezequiel Flores Contreras
At least three soldiers killed, three wounded and three others missing was the result of an ambush carried out last night by an armed group against a convoy of soldiers of the 34th Infantry Battalion who were travelling in private vans in the mountain region of municipality of Coyuca de Catalán, in the Tierra Caliente region.

According to a statement from the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena), the military personnel were guarding the El Pozo ranch, located in the town of Monte Grande and owned by the family of the PRI candidate to a local deputy for the region of Tierra Caliente, who was found executed yesterday in the urban area of ​​Ciudad Altamirano, Abel Montufar Mendoza, indicate the official reports.

The official report indicates that around 23:00 hours, the soldiers who guarded the private property of the Montufar family received the report of "the presence of armed men in the vicinity of the El Pozo ranch".

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

25 years after the dissappearance of Lieutenant Miguel Orlando Muñoz, case still unpunished: CMDPDH

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Aristegui Noticias

Twenty-five years after the disappearance of Lieutenant Miguel Orlando Muñoz, the case remains unpunished, as the Attorney General's Office (PGR) has not wanted to investigate, affirms José Antonio Guevara, executive director of the Mexican Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights (CMDPDH).

In an interview for #AristeguiEnvivo, he recalled that despite twelve years since the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) issued a report that "it is found that Miguel Orlando was disappeared and the last time he was seen was in the 26th Infantry Battalion, in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua," the case remains unpunished. 

"He had coincidentally informed and informed his family and his colleagues that his superiors had links with crime, and coincidentally the last time he was seen was in the military barracks. Since then the case has been a mess as normal when prosecutors investigate cases of enforced disappearance of persons, military jurisdiction conducted a proceeding in absentia, evidence was destroyed.

Thieves derail and rob freight train in Veracruz

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Reforma

by Jesús Lima

Puebla, Mexico (May 08, 2018) - Train robbers caused the derailment of a train when it rounded near the Municipality of Acultzingo, Veracruz.

During the early morning of this Tuesday, it was reported that the Ferrosur locomotive with machine number 4713 was purposely derailed near Puebla.

It was reported that a group of train robbers removed parts of the railway to cause the derailment.

Subsequently, the thieves made off with the cargo that the hopper cars were carrying.

The incident was reported to the Public Security corporations, and elements of the Federal Police (PF) arrived to the site to provide security and guard the area.

The area remains under surveillance waiting for the Ferrosu staff to begin work on getting the four hopper cars that were tipped over back in order.

So far the authorities do not report people injured or detained.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Totoaba Bladders: The Cocaine of the Sea of Cortez

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: El Sol de Tijuana

      The PEP seized approximately 229 pieces of the marine species in a neighborhood of Mexicali;
                     a highly prized and expensive product in SouthEast Asia and particularly China.

May 5, 2018
By: Laura Elena Aguayo / Juan Galván and Dulce Maria Diaz / The Voice of the Border

Based on a investigation carried out by elements of the State Preventive Police (PEP) in Mexicali, the confiscation of approximately 100 kilos of totoaba bladders in the Misión del Ángel division was achieved and this number represents an historic seizure. One Kilo of dried Totoaba Bladder is worth $60,000 - $100,000 USD in China, therefore a tempting product to harvest and traffic to penniless fisherman and organized criminals alike.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Operation Scarecrow: A Drop in the Bucket ; 85 Mexican Mafia Members Arrested in So Cal

Posted by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: SJ Mercury News

May 3, 2018

Authorities said the investigation was dubbed “Operation Scarecrow” because of its connection to a Mexican Mafia shot-caller with the street moniker “Crow.”

A major gang crackdown involving a variety of state and local agencies, and aimed at disrupting Mexican Mafia operations in Orange County, has yielded 85 arrests and taken “middle management” gang leaders off the streets, officials announced Wednesday, May 2, 2018.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said at a news conference in Santa Ana that the three-month investigation, dubbed “Operation Scarecrow,” was a joint effort that teamed up the state Department of Justice, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol.

The investigation focused on the Sureños street gang in Orange County and its criminal activities directed by the Mexican Mafia. In addition to the arrests, the operation netted 36 firearms, 14 pounds of methamphetamine and three pounds of heroin.

Tixtla Guerrero 9 Bodies abandoned in a truck bed

Chivis Martinez   from Sur Acapulco

The bodies of nine people were found murdered Saturday morning in a  truck in the municipality of Tixtla.

The spokesman for the Guerrero Coordination Group, Roberto Álvarez Heredia, confirmed the finding of the nine bodies and said that it is a group of men who were abducted on Thursday in Tixtla.

On Saturday, at approximately at 9 o'clock in the morning a report was received, indicated that in the place known as "Los Túneles" was abandoned.  The a Ford truck, duel wheeled, white and  blue, had license plates reading, HR5536B.  The vehicle belongs to one of the nine deceased found in the truck bed.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Flashback asking: Is Mencho replacing Chapo as Drug Cartel King?

by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat from BB Archives

I wrote this article in 2014, when El Mencho and CJNG was not more than a blip in the news but in my perspective a grave concern for Mexico that was headed in becoming an even greater threat than any capo who came before him.  I have never been a proponent of the “catch the capo” theory; it has proven to be a failed concept causing violence and perhaps rise to an even greater evil.  That was my mindset when writing this, four years ago,  at a time not much information was available, and his name was not a mainstay in the media......

He has the reputation of being intelligent, calculating, and a criminal visionary, he is in the lofty caliber of leader  that Chapo Guzman is. He is thought of as the leading candidate to become the new "Mexican drug king", he is; Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes aka "El Mencho".

According to information from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), says the leader of the Jalisco New Generation cartel [CJNG] has exponentially increased his power and territory. 

Recent mantas support that theory.

In my opinion, today, the CJNG cartel is Mexico’s biggest national security threat.  Two years ago Mencho was not among the 10 most wanted list, he now is.

El Sierra Flaco of CdG arranges presents for children on Dia del Nino

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Valorportamaulipas article

Subject Matter: El Flaco Sierra, Juan Gabriel Sierra, Los Kalimanes, Cartel del Golfo
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Very similar to events in 2006 when the Cartel del Golfo arranged a celebration of children on Dia del Nino, at that time organized by Osiel Cardenas Guillen, El Mata Amigos, Sicarios under the orders of El Flaco Sierra, Juan Gabriel Sierra, toured some sectors of Reynosa delivering gifts.

2 sicarios of " El Flaco Sierra" from CdG killed in confrontation with Police in Reynosa

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Proceso article with additional information and photos from Epoca Violenta

Subject Matter: Cartel del Golfo
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

The Secretary of Public Security of Tamaulipas informed that two armed civilians lost their lives in a confrontation with the State Police in Reynosa

Reporter: Proceso Redaction
According to authorities, the events were registered around midday, when agents carrying out a security and vigilance patrol in the colonia Loma Real saw four pickups, a red Ford 150, and three Chevrolet Tahoe's, black, grey and silver, in which were armed subjects. These subject upon seeing the police opened fire on them and tried to flee.

Warning Graphic Death images On Next Page

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The horrifying figure: 3,217 girls and 2,235 children disappeared in 10 years in Mexico; 70%, with Peña Nieto

Translated by El Profe for Borderland Beat from Sin Embargo

Families of missing children and members of the Mexican Association of Stolen and Missing children showed up April 30th in front of the angel of Independence to ask the authorities for assistance. Photo: Andrea Murcia, Cuartoscuro
By Sugeyry Gándara 

From 2006 until March 31, 2017, 3 thousand 217 girls and 2 thousand 235 children between 0 and 17 years old were reported missing, a figure that represents 18 percent of the total cases registered in Mexico, indicated by civil groups.

Nearly 70 percent were last seen during the period of Enrique Peña Nieto's government (2012 to date) and 29 percent disappeared during the Calderon administration.

[On April 30th], relatives of missing children and members of the Mexican Association of Stolen and Disappeared Children demonstrated in front of the Angel of Independence, in order to raise awareness about this tragedy; as well as asking for help from the authorities to locate, rescue and reintegrate the minors into the family nucleus.

CDMX: 5 gunned down in a settling of scores.. [Video]

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Five gunned down in CDMX, in retaliation for killing two drug dealers in Xochimilco.

The shooting occurred on Independencia Street, in Colonia El Triunfo, Iztapalapa delegation in Mexico City.  Three were shot and killed at the scene, while two ran,  but were caught and shot, one dying instantly and one survived.  The man who survived was transferred to a hospital where he later died. 

Narco tunnel discovered in Mexicali - Calexico, 3 arrested

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Milenio article with additional image from Google

Subject Matter: Narco tunnel, Mexicali, Calexico
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

(Otis: the image below is from Google, the tunnel length is reported as 400 meters, as the exit location is not reported, it would likely be within the two red lines.)

Reporter: Ruben Mosso
The PGR secured a narco tunnel secured this Sunday in Mexicali, Baja California, used to transit drugs to the city of Calexico, California, in the United States

Elements of the Criminal Investigation Agency of the PGR, completed a search warrant of the property, located in Callejon Aguascalientes, in the Santa Clara Colonia, where military and municipal police found the excavation.

According to the authorities, the excavation had a length of approximately 400 meters, and has rails, lights and a ventilation system.

Sinaloa Cartel has more planes that Aeramexico

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Noreste article

Subject Matter: Sinaloa Cartel
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

The organization has Cessnas to Boeing 727 and recruits the best pilots

Reporter: Infobae
The career of Jorge Gustavo Arevalo-Kessler as a pilot for the private airline of the Sinaloa Cartel ended with his arrest in the City of Mexico and his admission of guilt before a Federal Judge of the United States.

Born in Germany, Arevalo-Kessler obtained his Mexican citizenship and rose to the rank of Captain in the Mexican Air Force, where he worked as an instructor and trained hundreds of pilots, but his post military career was very different.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

San Diego: The suburban fentanyl trafficker

The suburban Fentanyl trafficker

Sky Justin Gornick, in Tijuana, 2014
Often in the coverage of the heroin and opioid crisis that has infected communities across the country, and the media that covers them, the narrative is the flow of fentanyl from Mexico.  And, this is accurate, almost all the fentanyl and it's variations, are trafficked through Tijuana, and across the country.  

What is covered less, is some of the individuals who aren't part of the network of Mexico based drug trafficking organizations, who distribute fentanyl and carfentanil. Sky Justin Gornik was arrested by federal agents last year at his home in Clairemont, a drab suburb north of central San Diego.  They aren't all in Xalisco, or Tijuana, but across the street, in the post office, at the local Whole Foods.

Clairemont, across from the 5 freeway is not known as a drug trafficking hub.  The area is far removed from the southern neighborhoods of Eastlake and Bonita, which routinely are the center of federal raids, and drug trafficking seizures.

Defense slaps back at claims El Chapo tortured and murdered 6 Americans including DEA agent Kiki Camarena

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Claims surfaced yesterday charging Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman with some stunning allegations,  that during the 80’s,  at his hand, El Chapo tortured DEA agent Kiki Camarena.  

The claims go on to say Chapo  killed four Americans who were Jehovah’s Witnesses, Benjamin Mascarenas, 29; his wife Pat Mascarenas, 27; Dennis Carlson, 32; and his wife Rose Carlson, 36  who were murdered during a missionary trip in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

The claims were from 3 former Mexican policemen, of which at least one is in the witness protection program.  How they qualified for the program and on what basis is unknown to this reporter.  A former DEA agent Hector Berrellez,  issued similar claims four years ago.
Godoy, former Mexican cop demonstrates how he saw Chapo kill an American
The three former Mexican police told the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles they witnessed Guzman carry out the murderous acts between late 1984 and early 1985. Jorge Godoy, one of the former cops who is now under witness protection, says that “Guzman took pleasure in killing people.”

El Chango Mendez denied amparo against extradition as his son is arrested

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from two Milenio articles

Subject Matter: La Familia Michoacana, El Chango Mendez, Jesus Mendez Velazquez
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Reporter: Ruben Mosso
A Federal Court denied an amparo to the ex leader of La Familia Michoacana, Jesus El Chango Mendez, against his extradition to the United States, after a case that lasted more than six years.

In its ruling, the First Collegiate Court in Criminal Matters based in Mexico City questioned the last minute legal action promoted by the defenders of Mendez, who bid the Court to appeal his case.

It took a little more than three months since the admission of this appeal for the complainant to make the request before the Supreme Court, a time scale that is considered reasonable, without affecting the normal course of the resolution of the matter by this Collegiate Court.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

5 Decapitated and hearts removed in Cancun

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from Noreste article

Subject Matter: Decapitations in Cancun, Quintana Roo
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

Reporter: Sipse
 A couple of blocks away and close to the facilities of the General State Prosecutor's Office (FGE) was left a gray Mazda vehicle with five bodies, all male, who were tortured to death, two  were decapitated and their hearts were ripped out, their heads were found in a bag inside the same vehicle, their hearts had been shoved into their mouths, then their mouths were sewn closed with wire, one of the bodies had the Z-shaped skin removed. Hours later, Human remains were located in Region 249, apparently corresponding to the torso that was found last Monday.

At 3 o'clock, the first report on several dead bodies was received Supermanzana 43, on Kabah Avenue, but the police corporations found nothing, despite traveling the entire area.

It was until 6:50 am, when the 911 emergency number reported to the police and emergency units that there were several apparently lifeless people inside a vehicle, in a vehicle that was on Kabah Avenue, between Del Street Forest and Oak.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Narco submarine intercepted off the coast of Guatemala

Translated by Otis B Fly-Wheel for Borderland Beat from a Noreste article

Subject Matter: Narco submarine with 1 ton of cocaine intercepted
Recommendation: No prior subject matter knowledge required

A total of 967 kilos of cocaine, which was being transported on a mini-submarine in packets of football cards, was decommissioned by authorities in Guatemala, after the submarine was intercepted while sailing through the Pacific Ocean waters.

According to Yecenia Enriquez, spokeswoman for the Attorney General of Guatemala, during the operation they arrested and detained three men of Colombian origin. The submersible had departed from Colombia and was intercepted by elements of the armed services while carrying out a routine patrol in the Pacific Ocean area. The submersible was taken to a naval base where the drugs were offloaded and decommissioned.

Firearms Out of Control in Mexico: But Only for Criminals

Translated by Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta

   More than 28,000 arms have been secured in the last six years through exchange programs

By: Luis Carlos Sainz/Special Report
April 2018

While criminals carry weapons indiscriminately and commit robberies and wholesale murders, citizens are  barely able to exercise their constitutional right to possess a firearm at home. The current number of registered arms in the hands of private individuals is only 3, 153 in the entire country of Mexico. The Ministry of National Defense has only granted 68 such licenses of that type to 2016, but, in exchange programs during the sexennium, it has collected more than 93,000 weapons of war, mainly delivered by heads of households; another 28,000 weapons were secured during arrests.

"Russian Mike" fighting extradition in El Chapo case

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat  Journal News AP

A Canadian known as "Russian Mike" who has been charged in the drug trafficking case involving notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman sought Thursday to block his extradition to the U.S. from the Caribbean.

Mykhaylo Koretskyy, who was born in Ukraine, appeared before a three-judge panel at an extradition hearing on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao, where he was arrested earlier this year after arriving on a flight from Canada. It was a continuation of a hearing that began Tuesday.

Koretskyy, 43, has been indicted in federal court in New York on charges that include conspiracy to import cocaine. U.S. court records list him among the defendants in the case that includes Guzman and say he also goes by the nickname "Cobra."

The indictment, unsealed when he was arrested in January, alleges he took part in a drug smuggling conspiracy from 2008 to 2014, but does not go into detail about any connection to Guzman, who was turned over to U.S. authorities in 2017.