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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Shooting in Acapulco leaves Five Dead and One Wounded

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Televisa and ElSol
On December 25,  Christmas Day , a shootout was reported in the Arboledas subdivision of the Vacacional neighborhood in Acapulco Guerrero, where five people died, including a minor, as well as a wounded person.

According to local media, the shooting occured between El Quemado and Teófilo Olea Leyva streets of said subdivision , a suburban area of Acapulco.

First versions suggest that a group of armed civilian individuals stopped in front of the building and opened fire on a group of people gathered for a  Christmas celebration on Tuesday afternoon.

Agents of the Police of the State went and  cordoned off the zone of the crime, whereas effective the army guarded the place; According to the information provided by the authorities, the attack occurred outside a house that allegedly operated as a slot machine business.

In the place they found the bodies of three men killed on sight, in the patio of a house; one of them wore a green shirt with a short brown, another with a white shirt and checkered bermuda shorts  and another one closer to the door, wearing blue denim trousers and a pink shirt.

Police elements found outside a house one more body of a man, which was taken away by personnel of the Forensic Medical Service.

Relatives of the other two victims took the bodies to their homes; while a child under one year of age was taken to Donato G. Alarcón hospital, where he died.

Another man who was also wounded was taken to El Quemado hospital, where he lost his life. One more was injured, however, his health is unknown.

It is worth noting that El Sol de Acapulco is reporting 100% occupancy rate at hotels in the Tourist Corridor and the police report "Saldo Blanco" , ie no major incidents and the collection of 16 Tons of garbage collected after the first night of the holiday celebration weekend.


  1. Come on down; the water is warm. Gunshots and fireworks kinda sound alike, so don't let that slow your party down.

  2. Cartel kills couple in Arizona Walmart parking lot🤯 Build that Wall!!

    1. I agree with you about a stronger border, but that couple was killed in the Wal-mart parking lot of Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico. Your misleading comment weakens your argument.

  3. Ever since Arturo Beltran Leyva died that plaza hasnt been owned by anyone, anyone know who the frontrunner is because the IDCA is never gonna own that plaza

  4. A map of the area where it happened.,+Emiliano+Zapata,+39700+Acapulco,+Guerrero/@16.8954864,-99.8461953,14z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x85ca57269582ca33:0xae14a0a8b053e50!8m2!3d16.9065353!4d-99.8274899

  5. A Swiss couple was murdered in the tourist zone by the club deportivos yesterday right near the Costera (Ocean Avenue).


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