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Monday, December 24, 2018

Mexico City: 10 Murdered in 24 Hours; 5 Shot Dead at a Fiesta in Coyocán

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Excelsior

              Mexico City, December 23, 2018: Shooting at party leaves five dead in Coyoacán

An armed group entered a house and shot the party goers; two died in place and three in the hospital. The death toll after the shooting yesterday at the corner of Magdalena Cobos and Rafael Lopez, in Colonia Carmen Serdán, the mayoria of Coyoacán : Five. Two more party goers were injured.

The assailants made 47 shots with caliber weapons .45, .223 and 9 millimeters. Investigators are considering the possibility of a confrontation between alleged criminal gangs.

Armed men staged two shootings in Coyoacán that left a balance of five people dead and two injured, this Sunday confirmed the authorities.

The capital authorities are investigating the events, which were reported early Saturday, as a confrontation between alleged criminal groups operating in the area.

Reports from the police report that at 04:00 hours, at least six people aboard two vehicles, a blue Chevrolet and a Honda truck, clashed with another group of men on Laura Méndez street in La Cuenca, CTM VIII Culhuacán Housing Unit.

There was a Christmas posada where several young people were located, about 400 meters from the site of the first shooting. Although apparently there were no injuries (at the first event) , the event alarmed the inhabitants, as they heard more than fifty long gun detonations.

An hour later, the commando traveling in the Chevrolet and the Honda truck went to an address located on Magdalena Cobos Street and Luisa María Martínez Walker. An armed group entered a house where a party was held and, without saying a word, fired at the attendees. The assailants fled the scene aboard the two vehicles, before the police arrived.

The aggressors carried out 47 shots with caliber weapons .45, .223 and 9 millimeters.

In the place two people died, a young man and a woman. Five other people were injured by bullets and were taken seriously injured to nearby hospitals.

Later, authorities of the Attorney General's Office (PGJ) confirmed the death of another woman and two men, when they received medical attention in hospitals.

Among those affected are Maximiliano, 20 years old; Reyna, 18 years old; and Danayeli Ruiz, 20, according to authorities' reports.

Experts in criminology were sent to both sites to collect the ballistic evidence and perform comparisons of the casings in order to relate the aggressions.

Meanwhile, agents of the Investigative Police met with friends and relatives of the victims as part of the investigation to clarify the multiple murder and to gather information about the whereabouts of the attackers.

Elements of the Secretariat of Public Safety went to the site of the attack and requested the support of an ambulance to attend to the injured.

Upon arrival, the paramedics corroborated the death of two people, a man and a woman, while five others were transferred to different hospitals, where three of them died due to the severity of the injuries.

The Public Ministry of the Territorial Coordination in Coyoacán Cinco initiated an investigation folder for the crimes of homicide and firearms injuries.

The bodies are in the Semefo amphitheater  to be delivered to their relatives.

Colonia Carmen Serdán is one of the  where there are records of various narco-tienditas, in addition , it has become a high crime rate area in recent years.


Less than 12 hours into the fray, personnel from the Culhuacán sector arrested four people allegedly involved in the multiple execution in Iztapalapa while they were traveling aboard two vehicles that circulated through the streets of the La Era neighborhood.

Three of the alleged murderers were transferred with a strong security operation to the Agencia 50  and the other to the Attorney General's Office.

In the trunk of one of the vehicles, the agents found two long weapons, while in the rear seats, several packages with drugs.

Meanwhile in other parts of the City: from BajoPalabra

In Xochimilco was found the body of a man who was tied hand and foot, on the corner of Periférico and Canal de Chalco, Colonia La Ciénega Chica . 

In the city hall of Tlalpan, police found two men dead in  Colonia Valle de Tepepan , who had bullet wounds. 

In Iztacalco, an investigative folder was opened for the crime of intentional homicide due to the shooting of a firearm, in aggression against two subjects of 37 and 39 years of age, whose bodies were abandoned in the Colonia Juventino Rosas.


  1. Yaqui you need an editor. You misspelled Coyoacon in your headline. I find it hard you give much credence to a story when the simplest of spelling, punctuation, or conjugation has not been corrected prior to release. I know I'm being critical, but the advice will make you better writer. Still love your work.

    1. sure we obviously could use an editing desk. but frankly my dear we don't give a damn.

      Are you volunteering? email me, but remember we need the work edited and back to us in less than an hour. taking hours makes the news, old.

    2. No I'm not volunteering to your idiot's claim ok just try to justify some of those post and we will get back to you on that, clearly as you can see the apple does not fall far from the tree , things that make you go hmmmmmm?


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