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Friday, December 28, 2018

Chilapa Guerrero: 2 Pueblos Held Hostage by 200 Gunmen

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: SinEmbargo
    Some 200 hit men have besieged two communities in Guerrero since last December 19, 2018

By Anarsis Pacheco Pólito, Photo: El Sur

After eight days of requesting the support of the state authority, the families remain waiting for the arrival of the army contingent, of which they know nothing but are hoping for their  support. 

The inhabitants of two localities of Municipality of Chilapa, Guerrero, requested the presence of the Army to reinforce security, but no authority has come to help them, despite being eight days without access to health services. Through shortwave radios they know what members of organized crime will do, and although they did not want to detail  this point if they are threatened with something specific, but they did say that the children are very afraid because they have listened to the messages.

Inhabitants of the indigenous communities of Zacapexco and Rincón de Chautla , municipality of Chilapa, have not been able to leave for the municipal seat since December 19, because an armed group of 200 men surrounds the area and fear being abducted along the way.

In a call it was reported that the inhabitants requested the presence of the Army to strengthen security , but no authority comes to help them, despite eight days of being unable to access health services.

"We are all very afraid. The children have stopped eating, because we heard on the radio what the armed men want to do, "added one of the inhabitants.

In the call to the Editor, it was explained that the 1000 inhabitants of Rincón de Chautla do not want to leave their community , as a precaution to not be kidnapped on the road.

In each community of the state, due to the lack of communication networks, both cellular and telephone lines, shortwave radios are used to have contact with neighboring towns. The signals from these devices interfere with those used by some armed groups in the area.

Because of this, in the houses you can listen to what the groups of armed men who operate in the Montaña region plot. But despite informing the authorities, they do not enter to support the population that demands security.

"Since September 19, these armed people settled there and they are trying to attack us. For that reason we are asking the intervention of the authorities, so that there is no confrontation, we want them to come to solve the problem, " he added.

The violence has left Tlacotepec, Guerrero, without teachers, without doctors and basic products, alerts the Mayor:

"The inhabitants insisted that through the radios it is known what they intend to do, and although they did not want to elaborate on this point and if they are threatened with something specific, they did say that the children are very afraid because they have listened to the messages."

The community of Rincón de Chautla is located an hour and a half from the municipal seat, and to get there you must travel by private car, along a dirt road.

"We are about 1,200 inhabitants, we are not armed and we do not know what we are going to do if the authorities  do not arrive," he emphasized.

He reported, without wanting to go into greater detail, that last December 19 there was a problem in the community between two families, an issue that  went wrong, and one of them was the one who called the armed group that now has both communities subject to threats.

"We do not really know who the aggressors are, only that they threatened the community of Rincón de Chautla. Although we have nothing to do with the conflict, "he said.

The inhabitants recognized that they know the people who operate in the area , therefore they are afraid that if they come to take over the community and can not defend themselves against some violent act.

Given the situation of violence, families could not celebrate Christmas Eve properly. The streets are left alone and in the two communities there is no medical attention.

"It is the first time they are stationed  up there (between the hills), we do not know what their intention is,  for that reason we ask the government to help us," he said.

He explained that due to the lack of good medical care, the sick are treated with home remedies and only pray that no one is sick of something more serious, that requires their transfer.

He commented that with the harvest achieved in this last season, families can stay within the community with the corn they already have, so they do not go to their plots to avoid finding the armed group.

Inhabitants recognized that they know the people who operate in the area , therefore they are afraid that if they come to take over their  community they will  not be able to defend themselves against some violent act.


  1. america,,HELP,,,if oil was involved would america help?

    1. What difference does it make?
      If we help or don’t help, do something or do nothing, you will still hate us and accuse us of having ulterior motives.
      It’s all so tiresome.

    2. Dont start the America shit,Mexico is a supposed friend,Mexico would have to ask.And we all know that aint gonna happen.Besides,Mexico could solve this,why doesn't she?You figure it out

  2. This kind of common Mexico story exemplifies a "failed State." Is the situation described in the article like to change with the AMLO Administration? I don't think so because Mexico is way too corrupted at "every" level to change. But I guess it gives people some hope that pretending Mexico is modern and civilized is comforting.
    I hope I am wrong.

    1. Almo has not done nothing yet.

      Mexico Observer

  3. Governor of Guerrero - Hector Astudillo. Atty General of Guerrero - Jorge Zuriel. They do nothing meaningful, but ribbon cuttings and acting concerned. Actions are stronger than words.

  4. Fifty years ago the first thing I learned in tierra caliente was community feuds. "There are bad people in 'loma vista' please don't go there" In Loma Vista 'gente feo' in 'el limon' no one goes there". No one cares in gobernacion because there is no political influence and no money in these rural area.


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