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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Former Gov of Michoacán Freed from Prison

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from Vanguardia
Dec 22, 2018: Jesus Reyna Garcia, ex-Governor of Michoacán accused of organized crime 

The former governor of Michoacán, Jesús Reyna García, left the prison of Mil Cumbres where he was being held. He had been moved from Altiplano Prison about a month ago.

Reyna left the David Franco Ramírez prison around 3 Am this Saturday morning, after the Attorney General's Office ( PGR ) withdrew the charges of organized crime for which he was accused.

He was arrested in April 2014 after a video came out in which he had a meeting with Servando Gómez Martínez "La Tuta".    (Photo only)

Alfredo Castillo , Commissioner for Security of Michoacán, considered Jesús Reyna a victim of political persecution.


  1. thats it, just 4 years in prison?

  2. Haha “political persecution”. AKA: we all do this stuff, so it’s unfair to single him out for it.

  3. Should be locked up for life, or shived

  4. Pathetic judicial system!

  5. Government corruption allows criminal to slip away and disappear in the cover of darkness

  6. Off topic Katie De Castillo is suing the Mexican government for ruining her reputation and career. Due to the interview with Sean Penn and Chapo relationship.
    Accusation of former president Enrique Pena being responsible.

    She is seeking 60 million dollars.
    Moreover, accusations of Penn betrayal after she fuck him.

  7. He was NOT really the governor of Mich. He was a temp when fausto left for his liver transplant. He was never elected and did not stay for very long.

  8. A tourist who has an automobile accident and is charged with homicide would encounter a stiffer sentence. Again I say have a national campaign to audit the wealth of the members of the justice system. The salary of a judge is not 250.000 dlls yr. Raul Salinas did not come by making "shrewd investments" to the tune of 180.000.000 dlls. It is an insult to Mexico and Mexicanos for judges to make their own rules about fuero.


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