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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Jalisco: 40 Criminal Cells Dedicated Solely to the Disapearance of People

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Milenio
                              In Jalisco, 40 "narco-cells" are dedicated to disappearing people
      According to reports, these groups operate mainly in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara.
                                  Students and their supporters will be Protesting Today

By: Jorge Martinéz Guadalajara, Jalisco:

The security and intelligence bodies of Jalisco are aware of at least 40 cells of organized crime dedicated to disappearing people in the state. That is his modus operandi to fight rivals and intimidate extorted villagers.

Sometimes they also kidnap innocent people, confused with members of opposing gangs, as apparently happened with the young film students captured in Tonalá, according to the first investigations of the local Prosecutor's Office.

Some of these squads of assassins, to hide the crimes they perpetrate (where kidnapping is also included), choose to dissolve in acid the corpses of people previously killed with blows, with sharp objects, or with firearms.

According to official reports, criminal groups operate mainly in the metropolitan area of ​​Guadalajara and its surrounding municipalities, but also in municipalities in the interior of the state, especially those located on the south coast.

The Jalisco State Human Rights Commission issued a report on missing persons on March 23, in which it states that in the five years of the administration of Governor Aristóteles Sandoval, 14,000 people have been reported as "untraceable".

The report of the state ombudsman documents that the majority of victims are young people between 19 and 25 years old.

Regarding the case of the young people, the Attorney General of the State of Jalisco completed two arrest warrants for the crimes of disappearance and murder against Gerardo "N", arrested for his relationship with the murder of Javier Salomón, Daniel Díaz and Marco Ávalos, the students of the University of Audiovisual Media, deprived of their freedom on March 19.

Officials of the Prosecutor's Office, consulted by MILENIO, pointed out that the crimes in which "Gerardo N" intervened were committed a year ago, and other members of the same criminal cell involved in the death of the three film students participated.

The people killed by Gerardo and his accomplices were distributors of drugs from Tonalá, at the service of the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel, CJNG, who did not pay certain fees, ie piso or extorsion fees.

The agent of the public prosecutor of the common law integrates more folders of investigation against "Gerardo N", by his presumed relation with other illicit ones, like robberies and injuries.

On the other hand, in the statements of the accused before the ministerial authority, it was established that a subject nicknamed "El Cochiloco" , leader of the criminal group responsible for the illegal deprivation of freedom, torture and death of Javier Aceves, Daniel Díaz and Marco García, He ordered the murder of one of the participants in the crime, identified with the nickname "El Cazón" , as they feared that he would expose the police to more involved in the matter.

Witnesses declared that "El Cazón" had "remorse" after assassinating the students, and ... he ran with the same fate: he was killed by ten bullets in the street 5 de Febrero, in the Colonia San Carlos, in Guadalajara.

MILENIO announced in its April 25 edition that the other arrested in the case of the disappearance and death of the three CAAV students, Christian Omar Palma Gutiérrez, better known as rapper QBA, charged the amount of 3,000 pesos a week to the Jalisco New Generation cartel for dissolving corpses of murdered people.

QBA and Gerardo "N" were under the orders of a subject identified as "El Cochiloco" , plaza chief of the Jalisco cartel in Tonalá, according to intelligence reports from the prosecutor's office.

Authorities are continuing to search for six other members of the criminal group related to the murder of the young students, among whom are people nicknamed "El Kalimba" and "El Jetón" .

Today, Another Journey:

This Thursday students from the University of Guadalajara, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Universidad del Valle de Atemajac and the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of the West, as well as members of collectives made up of relatives of missing persons, will be demonstrating at 5:30 p.m.  (TODAY) through the streets of downtown Guadalajara, to demand the resignation of Governor Sandoval Aristotle and to clarify the case of film students.

The contingent will depart from the rectory of the University of Guadalajara, located at the confluences of the Enrique Díaz de León and Vallarta avenues. It is expected the participation of at least 2,000 people, who will be dressed in white.

KEYS and the Drama that Comes;

Cardinal Carlos Aguiar Retes affirmed that the murder of three young film students "is a tragedy that saddens us as a country".

When officiating a mass for the 10 years of the death of Ernesto Corripio, the Archbishop said that the case of the students "we should worry the whole society."

Accompanied by Norberto Rivera, Aguiar Retes called on the Catholic faithful to banish hatred and violence.


  1. Students know better in Mexico not to protest cause the Gobierno will mow them down.

  2. Blame the fkn governemnt for going after narco organizations and taking their loads of drugs. these DTOs had no choice but to extortion, kidnapping, and oil theft, human traficing.

    1. Only if their are stupid asses like you. A true cartel is about exporting drugs to usa and other markets. Extortion and gas stealing and beneath cartel shit. Cartels shld only get paid by criminals using their turfs. No one else shld pay piso. But in a place were all balls and no brains is the most sought after talent by drug traffickers. Theres no hope.

    2. You justify violence and theft because the government has enforced laws against narc-trafficing? Do you even hear yourself? Plain ignorant.

    3. So tell me in a state like Sinaloa where it’s considered one of the staes with high fuel theft, wouldn’t you think someone like MZ or any top narco in that state would stop an end to this shit.
      Even they’re getting there cut from stolen fuel; so GTFO @4:29.

      It’s just that DTOs we’re forced to depend on these type of illicit activities since the Mexican government continued to confiscate their loads of shipments.

  3. mencho and cjng are terrorists and should be treated as such.

    1. Dont stop there, ALL DTO’s are Terrorists. Any drug dealer/seller/pusher should be labed and treated as terrorist! Kill them all equally. Also dont forget the polititians! They’re no different, if not more to blame!

    2. the cds terror

  4. So you ppl obviously didn't read a few articles ago that that it was gente nueva and cholo's commandos that are doing all this?that nut hugger sicario 006 or his new prince symbol "el seis"claimed they were mopping the floor with mencho's ppl...

  5. It was sicario 006 or now better known by his stage name "el seis"and his team of gente nueva and cholo's commandos from what he was blabbering a few posts ago...

  6. 14000 missing and way more killed in jalsico in 5 years, Those are genocide numbers. I feel like all this was created by the governments for population control and to destabilize mexicos economy, also to take mexicos natural reasources:

  7. Roumor of chaos wife leave him in the SAM (Special Administrative Measures.) Any truth to that Hard Time Tripping .

  8. If mexico continues at this rate mexico is f***ed.

  9. The mexican people need to rise up and fight back to this filth, There is no more raza unidad at this point this is a state of emergency that needs to be addressed.

  10. Cjng has jalisco on lock, most of those are sicarios but their moms don't want to understand that

    1. 5:09 a lot of these hits are cjng getting taken out by Nueva Plaza/CDS. Cmon dude keep up. Cjng doesn’t have any state on lock let alone Jalisco.

    2. I have been keeping up, most killed are cholos people with cds weak sicarios

  11. no mas jalisco on lock. desde hace siempre.

  12. If jalisco was on lock and cjng run it don't you think that it wouldnt be all fucked up they would have more respect for ther people and look at michocan same thing but its on lock ja ja pinche payasos

    1. It's the sinaloas that funded cholo to heat up the jalisco and michoacan plaza. Cjng is just killing them off because those hard headed sinaloas dont give up even though they are losing to cjng slowly. Sinaloas keep sending sicarios to the slaughterhouse in Tijuana too but the main bosses from that plaza are scared sh!tlesh in Sinaloa after cjng stepped in the scene.. not a fan of any but just a BB follower that keeps up on this "so called"drug war


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