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Monday, December 24, 2018

Acapulco: At Least 8 Found in Clandestine Graves

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: BajoPalabra
               Remains of at least eight people were located in clandestine "graves" in Acapulco

NOTE: DEC 24, Sin Embargo is now reporting AT LEAST 11 bodies have been exhumed so far; stay tuned.
In the Cueva del Diablo, in Colonia La Mira  in Acapulco , Guerrero, several clandestine pits containing the bodies and skeletal remains of at least eight people were found.

The Government of Guerrero confirmed that the discovery occurred on Saturday morning when a security  "safe" house was located in the upper part of the La Mira neighborhood .

There were  eight graves located and expert personnel and the Public Ministry inspecting the land were able to remove from these eight clandestine graves, three complete bodies and bone remains that could correspond to five more people, that is, we have a total of eight people in the eight graves located, " said Roberto Álvarez Heredia, spokesman for the Guerrero Coordination Group.

The bodies were transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service in the Regional Prosecutor's Office based in the Progreso neighborhood of this port. The Office of the Prosecutor already carries out the expert tests to determine the identities of the corpses and human fragments.
It is possible that between the bodies could be the two young men, presumably disappeared by municipal police last November 5. Authorities spokespersons are tight lipped about the investigation.

The spokesman of the Government of Guerrero reported that it is not known if any of the bodies belong to persons reported as recently disappeared, as in the case of two young people who were last seen in a checkpoint of the Municipal Police of Acapulco.

The Attorney General's Office through Expert Services are carrying out various procedures and studies of forensic genetics to establish the probable identity of these people, it is still premature to know if these people could correspond to the people who are missing, " the spokesperson added.

The location of these clandestine graves is part of the investigation and intelligence tasks that the Office of the Prosecutor in coordination with the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) and the Navy will carry out against the criminal groups that operate in the port.

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