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Monday, December 31, 2018

Leader of PAN on video after being kidnapped

"El Canserbero" for Borderland Beat from Tribuna

Gabriel De La Rosa was kidnapped days ago by armed men.

In the video you can see how two fire arms are pointing at him, at the same time Gabriel reveals  that many politicians from Veracruz take part in kidnappings and pipeline stealing from PEMEX.

The leader of the PAN,(National Action Party) in OTEAPAN, Gabriel De La Rosa Enriquez, who is assumed kidnapped, appeared on a video in which he exposed many politicians from Veracruz.

 The kidnapping of "Doctor Chavez" allegedly executed by "Zuñiga & Flavio Dominguez" from CHINAMECA, where they took 2 millions pesos and a Ranch that now belongs to Martin Padua Zuñiga.

Later, he mentions to "El Chelo", ex-Mayor from CHINAMECA, pointing that "Everybody knows he is dedicated to the Huachicol" (Pipe Stealing).

To this moment his whereabouts are unknown.

Leaders from PAN had demand to the Fisacalia General Del Estado, to locate Gabriel De La Rosa  and to open an investigation about the case.


  1. I will be real surprised if he is still alive

  2. Its sad but this is one kidnapping I have no complaints over.

  3. Is it not classic the story of the secuestered after several doses of tehuacan con chili "I'm an Elephant! I'm an Elephant!"

    This is not the way to catch the jefes. Jefes are caught with a 200 millon pesos in assets with a salario mensual of 45 mil pesos. "How do you explain this?" "Oh that come in my window one night. It must have been a milagro"

  4. PAN is another Cartel? Where is AMLO, when you need him? Hurry send in de forces, before they cut his head off.

  5. Looks like he's reading, cant trust these low lifes.

  6. N'er to be seen again.

  7. Si observan cuidadosamente el martillo de la pistola, notaran que no está lista para disparar ... qué extraño

  8. Is this politician still alive, was he released? Was this for ransom or just to interrogate him?

  9. Gas theft is just as profitable as drugs and government doesn't care about cartels gas5 theft unless the money stops coming in.

  10. If they let him go, then he will be brought up on charges of corruption and in court if testified, then he can get those politician fired, or arrested and jailed, if he's killed, all those politicians he's exposing, will say that their're all lies and he was reading off a written statement by his kidnappers, if they want to do real damage, let him go, otherwise the politicians will just say his confession are all lies and continue their corruption.

    1. 10:57 PM You truly are ignorant to the way things work in Mexico. It doesn't matter if you get solid proof on a politicians corruption in Mexico they won't go to jail a few hundred thousands pesos here and that doesn't exist. The only way to get something done is Mexico is to take matters into your own hands.

      The person who came the closest to doing this was Nazario Moreno from 2006 to 2014 every Municipal president was giving Nazario a percentage of their earnings and municipal budget ever business was giving him a percentage of their earnings. Every corperation be it Coca Cola, Walmart, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Gas Stations everyone was paying him. What turned the average person against him was when he decided to go after the average person after el Chango got caught because he turned him in this is when the people with money got the average person and a few not so average people to end his Empire.


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