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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Gunmen kill 3 men wounds 2 women in attacks at Acapulco bars

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat from Guerrero Quadratin

Three men were killed and two women were injured in two attacks in the Costera Miguel Aleman during the early hours of this Saturday.

The first event occurred at the Mykonos bar, located a few meters from the Costera 125 shopping center, in the bar area; one man lost his life, and three other people were injured, two of them women.
According to official reports, the incident occurred at 02:34 hours this Saturday, when a call to the emergency number reported that several firearms shots were heard and people were injured, they immediately dispatched to the site.

When the police arrived, they located a man thrown out of the bar who had already lost his life, while the other three were injured The armed men arrived on mopeds and used 9-millimeter weapons against people.

The injured were treated by paramedics of the Red Cross, and they were transferred to a hospital for medical attention, but the man died when he arrived at the place. The second attack occurred at the Cervecería Miguel Alemán, where a man was killed by bullet wounds. Unofficial versions indicated that the same armed men were the same perps who carried out the two armed attacks against the bars in the Costera Miguel Aleman.


  1. I know Acapulco like the back of my hand. This is the HEART of the tourist zone. Costera Aleman is like Ocean Avenue in any other beach resort. These days I don't go to bars, not even the more popular ones. These bars are one after the other and always crowded along the sidewalk where they have tables and stools. My reliable taxi driver said mas o menos when I asked him about those places. Mykonos is next tot he Acapulco Park Hotel, popular with Canadians. I'd say every week there's at least one killing along the Costera. It's truly sad how unkept the city is. People will say the Diamante zone is safe, but that's not Acapulco. It's very artificial and bs, not safe...they just in broad day light attacked an armored money truck in the food court of a popular shopping mall and they held up and killed a guard at a jewlery store out there. I was just in Aca and I still have a love for it, but it's definitely not a safe destination. You just never know when something will happen. Tell the truth on trip advisor and the few old cheap farts that still go there act like they are clueless or draw comparisons to Chicago only that it's apples and oranges

  2. Acapulco - the wheels have come off . . .

  3. A quien le hecharemos la culpa ya que salio Peña Nieto?

  4. They should call this phenomenon "femiinjury" and seize a new opportunity to advance feminist propaganda further.

  5. So I'm I reading this right Bb?
    The deceased victim was thrown out of the bar?
    Either a lack of respect or bad juju for why they did what they did.

  6. Supposedly this explains the fight between 2 narco groups.....

  7. The Condessa has always been a shithole. We like "artificial" Diamante for a few pesos more it is much safer.

    Furthermore. This murder took place at 2:30 in the morning. Nothing good happens after midnight.


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