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Sunday, December 23, 2018

SESNSP Report 2018: The Bloodiest, Most Violent Year in Recent History

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: AnimalPolitico
        Last year of the 6 year term of EPN, the most violent of the record with 28,000 murders
                       Every day in Mexico an average of almost 4 victims per hour is killed.

It is a level that was not reached even in the years 2011 and 2012, the most violent of the six years of Felipe Calderón as President of Mexico, who gave the War on Drugs a new stage.

The last year of the presidency of President Enrique Peña Nieto will be the most violent of the official record in Mexico. With two months still ahead, intentional homicides in 2018 already claimed more than 28,500 victims. It is about the same number of homicides that were recorded in all 2017, which until now had been the year with the most murders.

The crime incidence statistics of the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP) show that this year at least 95 women and men are murdered every day in Mexico, that is, an average of almost 4 victims per hour. It is a level that was not reached even in the years 2011 and 2012, the most violent of the six years of Felipe Calderón.
                                   Another violent day on the streets of Acapulco, Guerrero

The updated data show that only in the month of last October there were 2, 893 victims, counting cases of homicide and feminicide. Although it is a slight reduction compared to September (2 ,914 victims), there are almost 70 murders more compared to October 2017.

In exact numbers, from January to October 2018,  the state prosecutors report 27,792 victims of the crime of intentional homicide and 728 victims of feminicide.  In total 28, 520 people who have been killed.

The rebound in terms of the victims of the crime of intentional homicide in the last three years is pronounced. While from January to October 2015 there were 14,814 victims reported, for the same period of 2016 the figure rose to 18,533, in 2017 it shot up to 23,583, but in this year they add up to 27,792.

It is thus a growth of 87.6 percent of homicidal violence in a period of just three years in Mexico.

For all the homicide cases previously mentioned, the country's prosecutors report the opening of 24, 22 investigative folders for intentional homicide. It is a rate of 19.25 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants. To put it in proportion, in 2017 the rate in this same period was 16.84 cases. And in 2011 (the most violent year of Felipe Calderón's six-year term), the rate was 16.62 cases.

Another noteworthy fact is that of the total homicides recorded so far this year, 70 % have been committed with firearms. The SESNSP reported that there were 18,149 (reported). Unlike the intentional homicides, other  feminicides registered during 2018 were committed with "another element", according to the SESNSP classification, in total 407.

                                                                       Urban Areas

Regarding the specific victims of feminicide, official data show that in October 76 more cases were registered, with the figure reaching 728 murdered women. If compared to what was registered in 2015, it is practically double the growth rate ,although, three years ago, not all the states had classified this illicit act in a separate category.
The most violent states:

With the killings registered in October, Quintana Roo joined the list of the five states with the highest homicide rate so far this year. This entity reached a rate of 35.56 cases of homicide, displacing in the fifth site to Guanajuato that accumulates a record of 36.32 cases.

The fourth most violent entity so far this year is Chihuahua with 40.11 cases of intentional homicide, in third place is Guerrero with 51.42 murders per one hundred thousand inhabitants; in second Baja California is located with 63.57, very close to the first site that is Colima with a rate of 67.92 murders.

To put in proportion the level of violence in these entities, the average murder rate in the country is 19.26 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants. In Mexico City, meanwhile, the rate is 11.27 cases.

With regard to feminicides, Nuevo Leon is the entity that registers the highest rate of 2018 with 2.51 cases per hundred thousand women. Guerrero follows with 2.4; Colima with 2.33; Chihuahua with 2.27; and Zacatecas with 2.17. All these entities register a rate that doubles the national average, which is 1.1 feminicides per 100,000 women.

The number of kidnappings decreased compared to those recorded the previous year. In 2018, 889 kidnappings were reported throughout the country. (again: Reported)

Until November of last year this crime amounted to 580 complaints and closed on December 31 with a total of 149 incidents . 655,858 complaints were registered for theft in its different modalities.

While those of drug dealing throughout the country also increased and the figure so far exceeded the total of 2017. Up to November there are 53,900 complaints while last year closed with a total of 44,882 .

                                               LINK to Above Charts and Maps, from PDF


  1. Explain to me femicide. Other than being a woman, what other factors make this its own category?

    1. Ok so in Mexico women are not really respected. Im talking bout regular everyday activities. Goes way back to the old days. If a women is at home she is safe. But walking alone or being out at night they are targets. Why are they targets?? Because Mexican men love to belittle women. See them as sex objects if they are alone. The whole "macho" thing. Its in the language, the music, sexy comedias from 80s, from church as well, from family. A lonely women is frowned upon. Either she is a slutty girl or has mental issues according to old school ways. So men see a young girl alone and attack.. especially if sexual advances are not recognized. Am i wrong???

    2. Sounds like the mentality and activities of many nations towards women nowadays.

    3. Machismo....the most ignorant and repulsive aspect of Latin male culture. JMO

    4. @Grande The Arab world nations are worse. Stoning helpless women and children if infraction is severe. A culture which is embedded in a religious society.
      How can one justify the erroneous argument where its religiously rooted?

    5. It is put as s female killing, as a homicide.

    6. Any man who would attack or hit a woman.. or abuse her mentally and belittle her in attempt to keep her down is no man at all. Your an insecure coward.

  2. This breaks my heart. Stay strong. Peace to all. Happy Holidays.

  3. Is there a clear version of the white map with the red dots on it?

    1. I will try and look it up in history.......if it is not on the link at bottom.
      However, If you get a regular map of Mexico you should be able to quite easily identify the cities denoted. thanx !

  4. Perhaps a start would be to initiate the Firing Squad for convicted ambush/murderers of military security patrols. These people are cowards. To have your life ended while being televised nationally would put a chill on the macho hombres.

    It is when jefes understand to remain in Mexico and face certain death they choose to avoid it by living in prison rather than face oblivion. In prison there is always a chance. There are no pardons of good conduct early releases from oblivion and possible horrendous torture.

  5. So, most of these murders relate to drugs. Can someone explain to me, geographically or cartel business-wise, why these certain states have particularly high murder rates? I know little, but not exactly the states I expected. Is this just where territory wars are fought? If so, what's so important about Colimas, for example? Does it relate to highways or ports? Do these states have strategic keys or is it just historic battlegrounds or old beefs? Can someone help explain?

  6. So if femicide is a thing why not masicide? Something like %90+ of homidice victims are men pero nadie la hace de pedo. I’m sure a few of those women were killed just for the fact that they are women but come on most got whacked because they are either criminals themselves or victims of kidnapping, extortion, etc.

  7. Add this to the numbers of disappeared who have virtually vanished without a trace and most certainly dead. The numbers are much higher than what is reported I'm sure.

  8. Mexico congratulations 👍, you have topped off, as the homicide capital of the world, Brazil I am sorry to announce, that you're not number one for the last 3 years.

    Luna Apaghta

  9. What a shithole... sorry. Is what it is. Your safer in Iraq. Let that sink in..


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