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Monday, December 31, 2018

Former governors Roberto Borge and González Canto reportedly will testify in trial against "El Chapo"

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"The King" Zambada, co-conspirator of "El Chapo" Guzman, swore that he paid millions to the exgovernors of Quintana Roo.

During the trial of "El Chapo,", two ex-governors of Quintana Roo had been accused of receiving bribes: Felix Gonzalez Canto and Roberto Borge Angulo.

Jesus "el Rey" Zambada, testified in New York that he had delivered bribes to Leticia Rodriquez Lara, an agent of the Federal Police, that were from the leader of the Cartel of Cancun.

Dona Lety or Leticia Rodriquez Lara
The Bribes

Zambada distributed from 100,000, 500,000 and up to one million dollars in bribes to governors, police and leaders of the PGR, among others.

The son of "El Mayo" testified that he had given money to Leticia Rodriquez for the governors to do their jobs. She is saved from prosecution for her testimony about the importation of firearms for the use of the armed forces of the cartel.

These bribes were paid by El Mayo from 2005 when Felix Gonzalez began his term in Quintana Roo , until 2016, at the end of the Roberto Borge administration.

At the end of the term of Borge, the violence in the state exploded with executions and the attack on the Vice Public Prosecutor of Quintana Roo in Cancun.

Who are the ex-governors?

Roberto Borge is in prison convicted of laundering money. In June of 2017, the ex-governor was detained in Panama during his attempt to relocate to Paris. He was extradited to Mexico on January 8, 2018.

Felix Gonzalez Canto governed Quintana Roo from 2005 to 2011. In 2012 he became a Senator from the republic of the PRI. In 2016, civil organizations denounced him for selling state secrets to entrepreneurs and close friends.

It is unknown what is discarded after the testimonies of Zambada, Roberto Borge and Felix Gonzalez. They will be called to testify in court against Guzman Loera.

with information from Sol Quintana Roo and La Verdad


  1. The PRI in Mexico City must be cringing in their political arenas!I would like to be a fly on their wall to hear what they say.

  2. I am so confused, what are they going to say?? That they didn't receive any money? Chapo might walk after all

    1. Walk? You can not be this naive sir. Theres absolutely no chance he will "walk".

    2. Just making the defense stronger

  3. Dona Lety aka la 40 es with CDS her group (trained by New People ) defeated los Zetas ,Beltran Leyvas and CJNG in Cancun.

    Hitman 006

  4. Which other Mexican politicians sold their souls to Chapo’s Sinaloa Cartel? And this “Doña Lety,” her name should be La Puta Lety. You can bet she provided confidential information to the cartel about Federal Police operations before they occurred. How many officers were wounded or killed as a result of the information that she provided?
    Mexico’s judicial system needs to go after the financial assets of these three players to hurt them where it has the greatest effect.

  5. So how many names of those taking bribes has this 'trial of the century' revealed? A handful? Two?

    Given that the cartels pay billions (yes BILLIONS!!!) in bribes each year this so-called 'trial of the century' should reveal hundreds (or even thousands) of names.

    But NO that will not be! The collectors of bribes sit safe behind their desks whilst filling their pockets and waving their angry and deadly fingers at anybody daring to mention their name.

    Mention their name anyway and heavily armed men will descend from trucks in front of your house and eliminate both you and your family or lawyers will spring to their feet ready sue you to defend their well-heeled client as an honest and hardworking business man/public servant.

    1. This applies to the US too. This country that began the failed "war on drugs" has long participated on both sides of the bribe game.

  6. Bribes we're paid off to government of Mexico. Chapo realy had control at one time, and now he is getting buried, with a lot of incriminating testimony. No chance of getting out at all.

    1. Lol and peoples think, he will be a free man.

  7. What does everyone think about the ALMO free trade zone area near the US / Mexico border? I fear the far left will sink the Mexican economy. I pray this does not become Venezuela


  9. If AMLO is really serious about attacking corruption at all levels, he will have these two prosecuted and jailed for a long time. I'll be waiting, watching, and hoping he sends these corrupt politicians to the "Big House." Time will tell.
    "Big House."

  10. All in all. Testimonials are only shedding light to the corruption practices of Mexican government officials. When in the end nothing can be done by US authorities for their complicity. Furthermore, where objections by trail judge of Guzman implicating former Mexican presidents of payoffs because of embarrassment.
    If the truth cannot be exposed of how things work in Mexico. How can this be stopped?
    Rather, corrected?


  11. Not even bribes saved chapo, he has no respect in snitchola

  12. Hey BB

    Is it true there is a peace treaty with chapo isidro and ivan guzman? Some kind of negotiation deal with los mochis Sinaloa?

    1. Spent the last 2 weeks in Los Mochis and made a trip up to Mocorito for a couple days. In comparison to years past I can say it seems quiet and one thing that I noticed was the Marina patrols seem less in number and frequency on the streets. Only ran into them twice and on the same night. Where as, in years prior it was a daily occurrence.

  13. F all the wasted time spent on naming corrupt mexican official, who in Mexico didn´t know what has already "come to light" in the trial of the century? Let us stop wasting time and money, start putting pressure on all the people involved on the other side of the border, mayors,gov,senators, as high up the ladder as it goes. Those are the people that we really need to start with. Remember lil billy when he was in power in AR... all that coke... omaiga.

  14. Borges is still in a Mexico prison right? How is he going to testify? CCTV?


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