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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Elements Of The PEP Destroy Criminal Camp In Tepetongo, Zacatecas

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It was located during patrols in the community of El Vergel.

The place, abandoned by the criminals when they noticed the presence of the security forces, showed clear signs of recent use. 

Elements of the Mexican Army, National Guard and Immediate Reaction Forces Zacatecas (FRIZ) of the State Preventive Police (PEP) discovered and dismantled a camp used by a criminal group.

The camp was found during patrols on dirt roads in the community of El Vergel, in Tepetongo.

The place, abandoned by the criminals when they noticed the presence of the security forces, showed clear signs of recent use, including garbage, food remains and various personal items.

A long firearm, a magazine and rounds were found in the camp. In order to avoid any reuse or exploitation of the site by criminal groups, the security forces proceeded to destroy the objects and belongings found.

Subsequently, the firearm and other items seized were handed over to the relevant authorities to carry out the corresponding investigations in accordance with the law.

El Vergel, Zacatecas

Distance between Tepetongo and El Vergel

Friday, April 19, 2024

Banners Signed By Delta Group Of Jalisco New Generation Cartel Appeared In Los Reyes, Michoacán. April 19, 2024.

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On April 16, 2024, CJNG Cartel armed wing Deltas Group announced their arrival in Los Reyes, Michoacán.   The Deltas Group of CJNG stated in a video that an upcoming incursion will be made into Los Reyes, Michoacán, which is controlled by El Güicho De Los Reyes who works under Poncho La Quiringua, and El Abuelo Farias both archrivals of Mencho supreme leader of CJNG Cartel. 

On X or Twitter, several accounts posted pictures of banners found on April 19, 2024, in Los Reyes, Michoacán, signed by Deltas Group of CJNG. 


Good afternoon, to the town of Los Reyes and its surroundings, we are the Delta Group of Jalisco New Generation Cartel of Mr. Mencho and Mr. 03, and we are inside enemy lines. We want a peaceful town, free of business quotas, free of extorsions, free of kidnappings, and abuse of government as well from scumbags like LA VENADA, ARLEQUÍN, LA SOMBRA, who work for GÜICHO AND PONCHO AND PONCHO JR. who are the ones responsible for having the town under siege scared to death. Please, check the plazas that we control all the bad stuff has been eliminated like kidnappings, extortion, and theft. The plazas we control are the safest in Michoacán. In our zones, we do not tax businesses and we do not price gauge food that people eat. 


EL 03 

EL 1 

FlashBack Friday: 'El Delta Maximo' Tactical Leader of Deltas Group Armed Wing Of CJNG Cartel In Michoacán Heated Exchange With 'El Güicho De Los Reyes or R5" A Lieutenant Of Carteles Unidos

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The following audio recording was published on April 16, 2024, on X by a young hitman affiliated with a criminal figure known as El Güicho De Los Reyes or R5. El R5 is believed to be a lieutenant of El Abuelo Farías leader of Carteles Unidos. In the audio recording, we can listen to the back-and-forth argument between El Delta and El Güicho De Los Reyes. 

El Delta Maximo is believed to be a former personal bodyguard of Mencho who rose through the ranks to become a top CJNG Cartel lieutenant, and currently leading the incursions into Michoacán with the blessing of feared CJNG leader Nemesio Ruben Oseguera Cervantes aka "Mencho" "El 1". I do want to point out that the voice of El Delta Maximo is very similar to the famous Miguel Angel Fernandez Valencia aka El M2 who is believed to have died in a military operation. 

El Güicho De Los Reyes or R5 is a high-ranking member of Carteles Unidos or Cartel de Tepalcatepec led by El Abuelo Farias and works closely with Poncho La Quiringua. 


EL GŨICHO DE LOS REYES: Hey what's up, what a fucking pussy you are, you are so scared of me! I thought you were so fearless?

EL DELTA MAXIMO: here we have money

EL GÜICHO DE LOS REYES: you guys do not have money 

EL DELTA MAXIMO: you guys gotta stop fighting in a country you are not from (message to Colombians that are reportedly working with CARTELES UNIDOS)

EL GÜICHO DE LOS REYES: shut up son of a bitch! You make them your enemies, so you can kill them, so you can keep all their money fucking scumbag! 

EL DELTA MAXIMO: you are probably right haha Güicha! yeah maybe we can reach a deal 

EL GÜICHO DE LOS REYES: even if I get killed by a traitor you will not give them the money you are not a man of your word, scumbag!

EL DELTA MAXIMO: sure I am not a man of my word! Why not ask all the boys that work for you that I have captured in El Aguaje, all of them I pardoned their lives. 

You guys know! you scumbags! everyone you guys have captured you guys have dismembered them. 

What I promise you guys I will fulfill, my word is my bond. Kill GÜICHA, and I promise you can join our ranks, and work for us if not you guys can go home and do what you want with the money, and I will give you the $ two million

EL GÜICHO DE LOS REYES: you are a fucking faggot, fucking thief you want to keep all the money for your self it should be $five million   

EL R-5


Ecuador Goes Against 'Mayo' Zambada And Sinaloa Cartel

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This article was translated and reposted from RIODOCE 

Ecuador published a list of "military targets of terrorist groups" that includes the Sinaloa Cartel, and among the top targets is Ismael El Mayo Zambada, Chapo Guzman's successor.

The announcement is part of the Ecuadorian government's "internal armed conflict" against organized crime gangs operating in its territory.

The name of Giovanny Andrés Rojas, "El Araña", allegedly in charge of the border commandos of the Second Marquetalia, the main dissidence of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), also appears.

This announcement highlights Ecuador's role as a connecting country in the drug trafficking routes between Colombia and the Mexican cartels so that drugs can be moved to the United States.

The list also includes leaders of Ecuadorian criminal gangs, such as José Adolfo Macías, Fito, leader of Los Choneros, who is on the run after escaping from prison where he was serving a long sentence for drug trafficking, organized crime and murder.

Also on the list are Wilmer Chavarría, Pipo, alleged leader of Los Lobos, the main rival of Los Choneros, and Carlos Angulo, El Invisible, accused of murdering presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio.

Sinaloa Cartel Gunman Arrested for 2022 Miami Hotel Murder Allegedly Ordered by Former DEA Informant

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An arrest affidavit for a suspected Sinaloa cartel hitman unsealed last week suggests that had a meth distributor working for federal authorities had been in custody sooner, she could not have allegedly lured a Hialeah man to his execution. Weeks prior, she had been indicted on charges after her cooperation deal as an informant went south.

The affidavit, by Miami-Dade homicide Det. Paulo Klimick Pereira, says Tsvia Kol lured 46-year-old Julio Gonzalez to the Aladdin Hotel in Miami Springs on Nov. 29, 2022, then summoned to the room suspected hitman Jimmy Sanchez, whose flight to Miami from San Diego that afternoon had been arranged by Kol.

Narco Messages Are Hung In Juárez; They Blame "El Gallo" For Ordering An Attack Against Cereso 1 Officials

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Lorenzo Adrián, who is being held in Cereso 3, is accused of having ordered the attack on official Nicolás Monárrez, where he died and his son and bodyguard were injured.

According to the message, this subject is being held in Cereso #3 in Ciudad Juarez, accused of being the principal instigator of violence among other accusations that are mentioned on these canvases. 

In the message, he is attributed as the person who gave the orders to murder the workers of Aquiles Serdán's Cereso 1. Like the attack on Nicolás Monárrez Gaxiola, who died, leaving his partner José Francisco and Nicolas's son injured, on April 15 in the city of Chihuahua.

The narco message was immediately removed by police authorities, who were notified about the appearance of these blankets, which were secured by the State Attorney General's Office for the integration of the corresponding investigation.

The Attorney General, César Jáuregui Moreno, as well as the Secretary of Public Security of the State, Gilberto Loya Chávez, from the moment the events occurred, had announced that the criminal group called La Empresa had been responsible for committing these events.

At the moment it is unknown whether or not the subject mentioned in the blankets is related to this armed aggression, or to other relevant events that have been committed in both Juárez and Chihuahua.

So far seven people have been arrested for these events, and yesterday six of them were already presented before a judge, who ordered them to be remanded in custody for these events, while the last of them is still awaiting the resolution of her legal situation because she was in labor.

Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

El Heraldo de Chihuahua

El Gordo, Alleged Operator Of Los Chapitos Of The CDS, Was Extradited To The US

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The Attorney General's Office (FGR) handed over to the US government Luis Felipe López Zamora, “Gordo”, who is believed to be the operator of Los Chapitos, an ID belonging to the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS), to comply with the Extradition Treaty. , the man has an arrest warrant from the Federal Court for the Eastern District of California since 2023 for the crimes of criminal association, against health and money laundering.

According to official information, from 2019 to 2021, El Gordo belonged to Los Chapitos, a criminal gang for which he trafficked different illicit substances, including fentanyl, from Mexico to Sacramento, California for distribution. In addition, Luis Felipe López was in charge of collecting the profits from the sale of drugs for subsequent shipment to Mexico.

López Zamora aka El Gordo, was arrested on January 2, 2024 in the Salvatierra neighborhood of Tijuana by elements of the State Citizen Security Force (FESC). This arrest occurred following the request made by the United States government since June 19, 2023 to the FGR to search and capture El Gordo for the aforementioned crimes and once this was done extradite him.

The delivery of Luis Felipe López took place on the morning of this Thursday, April 18, at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM), to the US agents designated for his transfer to that country.

Zeta Tijuana

Thursday, April 18, 2024

I’m Really Leading This Fucking Charge Here

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So, there I was looking like a human ornament latched to the front of my rivals Improvised Armored Fighting Vehicle (IAFV) on my ways towards death. 

Without giving too much thought into what I was signing up for. I unwittingly became the tip of the spear for my masters, engaged in a conflict that I wasn’t really prepared for. 

Obviously, I look dumb as fuck in this less than glorious moment that I currently find myself in. But for all intents and purposes this is how the world will more than likely remember me. 

As an earthly decorative piece leading the charge in the direction of my own demise.  

Blog de los Guachos

Los Chapitos Captured And Delivered White Supremacist To The U.S., It Is Revealed

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This article was translated and reposted from INFOBAE

'David DeWayne Young' is the leader of the dangerous GhostFace Gangsters and was hiding out in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora.


David D. Young ran away from Georgia authorities. Photo: @FBIAtlanta

The state Attorney General's Office (FGJE) of Sonora reported on March 11 that elements of the Ministerial Criminal Investigation Agency (AMIC) captured David DeWayne Young, alias Khaos or Rocky Point; however, new information revealed that Los Chapitos, leaders of a faction of the Sinaloa Cartel, allegedly participated in this arrest.

As reported by Infobae Mexico, Khaos was wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after he fled from U.S. authorities on January 11, 2023 after executing "Operation Arrested Phantom".

DeWayne Young had been wanted by authorities since December 8, 2022 following the release of a warrant for his arrest by a U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia, which charged him with the crimes of conspiracy, distribution, sale and possession of narcotics.

According to U.S. authorities, the Ghostface Gangsters are primarily engaged in drug trafficking, police killings, and other acts of violence on the streets and in prisons in Georgia.

For this reason, twenty-five people, including three of the seven founders of Ghostface Gangsters Gang, also known for having a white supremacist ideology, pleaded guilty to multiple charges, including attempted murder, mutilation, use of a firearm during a crime of violence, among many others, in August 2022.

Khaos was captured in Hermosillo, Sonora. Photo: Sonora District Attorney's Office

Official information states that David "N" was captured by ministerial agents on Bolsón de Mapimí street in the Solidaridad neighborhood in Hermosillo, Sonora.

This after agents from the National Migration Institute (INM) and AMIC personnel carried out "field and cabinet work with which they established the presumed location of the fugitive in order to capture him".

Khaos, 43, was deported by the INM through the Dennis DeConcini Border Port, where he was handed over to U.S. authorities, informed the Attorney General's Office of the State of Sonora (FGJES).

Despite the aforementioned, journalist Óscar Balmen assured that an FBI source informed him that Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán's sons, better known as Los Chapitos, were involved in this arrest.

"As for El Chapo's sons, they knew that a U.S. fugitive was hiding in one of their strongholds. They decided they would score points with the FBI and hand him over as a goodwill offering," Balmen reported on Luis Cardenas' program on MVS Noticias.

The journalist specialized in drug trafficking and security issues pointed out that "giving his head on a platter would be convenient for them, since, after the surprise arrest and express extradition of Ovidio (Guzmán), they had begun an operation to remove the label of Uncle Sam's priority targets for trafficking fentanyl".

Óscar Balmen detailed that neither Iván Archivaldo and his brothers Jesús Alfredo Guzmán Salazar nor Joaquín Guzmán López were pleased with Young's "anti-Mexican" discourse: "They detested him".

"So Chapo's sons secretly collaborated to hand him over," said the journalist.

He assured that "at the beginning of last month, the elusive Khaos fell for an anonymous tip that people linked to Los Menores (as Los Chapitos are also known) gave to the National Guard in Hermosillo on March 10," explained the journalist who highlighted how the sons of El Chapo Guzmán "laid an improbable hand to the U.S. authorities".

The leadership of Los Chapitos rests with the Guzmán Salazar and Joaquín Guzmán López. (Credit: OFAC)

April 14 marked one year since the U.S. Department of Justice announced new charges in federal courts in the Southern District of New York, Northern District of Illinois, and District of Columbia against several leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel, including Los Chapitos and their associates in China who traffic precursor chemicals for the production of fentanyl.

CJNG Straight Up Punks The Snitch Cartel

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Video translation is as follows:

We are the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. This is a statement to inform and warn all thieves who arrive in Tijuana that here in Tijuana they cannot be working freely without permission from the cartel. This dope load was confiscated for not checking in with us. This isn’t a place for you to want to move dope without our consent. Tijuana has an owner and it belongs to the 4 letters cartel.

Keep listening to Achilles and La Rana. They don’t have anything here. With this action of ours we’re showing you who the true owners of Tijuana actually are. Here you will have to pay what is owed. We are not extorting or charging fees from innocent citizens like seafood sellers, grocers, and taqueros. We’re not cheap like that. You lice infested fools couldn’t even bother to answer the calls from the truck driver who lost the drug load. 

We left him on the side of the road so that you guys can pick him up. And stop crying about the house that got ransacked in Otay. There weren't $250,000 there. There was only two hundred pounds of dope. Stop being such liars and lice infested fools. Keep sending dope loads with Achilles and La Rana and this will continue to happen. Don't believe everything you hear in the narco ballads or see online. 

These individuals are nothing more than daydreamers who seem to think that with their whores in Culiacán they’re going to fix things. Stop calling on the government to solve your problems, you fucking cowards. Nobody wanted to come near us when we had your operatives detained. At the very least you should’ve sent your gunmen to fight. 

You gang of cowards this is warfare between tough men. You wimps should’ve confronted us. But instead you decided to watch us from a distance while we took your shit away. You know damn well who we are and where you can find us. This isn’t a game you fucking faggots. It’s you being extorted and us showing you who’s boss here. 


Hitmen in unison scream: Jalisco New Generation Cartel!

Tijuana, Baja California 

Mexico Código Rojo  Grillonautas 2

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

El Fresa, Leader of La Familia Michoacana, Seen At A Musical Event in Edomex; Authorities Investigate

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The SSC of Mexico City reported that it opened an investigation to arrest him.

El Fresa, leader of the Michoacana Family.

After images of José Alfredo Hurtado Olascoaga, El Fresa, one of the leaders of the Familia Michoacana in the municipality of Tejupilco, State of Mexico, were released, the Mexican Security Secretariat (SSEM) stated that they will continue with the investigations.

Versions spread on social networks portray the criminal leader in the front row at a musical event hosted by regional Mexican artists Edén Muñoz and Remmy Valenzuela in the municipality of Tejupilco, south of the Mexican entity.

Although there is a reward in exchange for information that helps capture him, the truth is that this alleged criminal leader continues with operations together with his brother, mainly in the State of Mexico, Guerrero and Michoacán.

In this regard, the Secretariat of Security of the State of Mexico (SSEM) reported in a press release that they will continue with the corresponding investigations and denied that the investigations regarding these criminal leaders have been frozen.

“It is reported that the actions of the investigation area of ​​the Secretariat of Security of the State of Mexico (SSEM) have never stopped operating and in principle the investigations of organized crime crimes are in charge of the federal government.”

Although they stressed that since these are operations led by the Federation, the agency indicated that they maintain close collaboration and that they will have to keep the investigations confidential.

“However, it is important to highlight that the SSEM has close coordination with the federal government to jointly address the objectives and investigations that are the responsibility of federal crimes, the above in a permanent and systematic manner. For reasons of strategic operations, no further information will be issued in this regard.”

What does the corrido of 'El Fresa' say?

"I am one of the most wanted in a very familiar cartel, I have many friends who have to give their lives for me and also enemies who want to take it from me," is heard in the first stanzas of the El Fresa corrido that the group Gerardo y su Gerarquía premiered in June 2022.

Over four minutes and 24 seconds, the controversial song describes the ostentatious lifestyle of a criminal boss who, although his real name is not mentioned, his alias and description fit the identity of one of the most wanted bosses by federal authorities: José Alfredo Hurtado Olascoaga.

Libro Negro  Milenio

China Continues to Subsidize Fentanyl Precursor Chemicals According to US Congress

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

"The PRC (People's Republic of China) scheduled all fentanyl analogs as controlled substances in 2019, meaning that it currently subsidizes the export of drugs that are illegal under both U.S. and PRC law," the report said, adding that some of the substances "have no known legal use worldwide."

The report cited data from the Chinese government's State Taxation Administration website, which listed certain chemicals for rebates up to 13%. It additionally currently subsidizes 2 fentanyl precursors used by drug cartels - NPP and ANPP, it said.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Update: Judge Rejects 'Chapo' Guzmán's Request To Receive Visits From Emma Coronel And His Daughters

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from RIODOCE 

Judge Brian Cogan denied Joaquin El Chapo Guzman's request to receive visits from his wife Emma Coronel and their daughters.

Chapo's request was denied because the "conditions of confinement" imposed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons cannot be modified by the Eastern District Court of New York, according to CBS News reports.

"His petition should be denied without prejudice for him to seek modification of his conditions of confinement with the Federal Bureau of Prisons," Judge Cogan's ruling states.
The drug trafficker also asked to have the right to two phone calls per month, 15 minutes each and detailed that since May 2023 he has not had access to this. Chapo Guzmán argued that the action is an act of discrimination.

Guzman sent a letter to federal judge Brian Cogan on March 20. It was filed in a New York court.

In August 2023, he also sent the same judge a letter with the requests.

Delta Group Of The CJNG Announced Its Arrival In Los Reyes, Michoacán

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The creation of the Delta Group is attributed to a subject nicknamed “El 03”

In the video a considerable group of subjects with weapons appears.

A group of armed individuals, who identified themselves as members of the Delta Group of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), announced their arrival in Los Reyes, Michoacán. These are several subjects who appeared in the middle of a sierra. In addition, the subjects took the opportunity to threaten several individuals.

In front of them they placed a table and a white tablecloth; some of those involved were positioned on the ground, while the majority remained standing. The recording was shared on social networks on Tuesday, April 16.

“Good afternoon, town of Los Reyes and its surroundings, we are Grupo Delta of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel of Mr. Mencho and Mr. 3, we are already within the area,” were the first statements from one of the men. Later they mentioned several aliases.

As can be seen in the audiovisual material, there are more than 50 armed individuals who appear with tactical clothing and weapons, while a few cows appear in the background.

Delta Group of the CJNG announced its arrival in Los Reyes, Michoacán

“Harlequín, La Sombra, who are in charge of Guicho, Poncho and Poncho Junior's son, who are the ones who have the people with fear and lies,” said the group's spokesperson, who said that the cell is allegedly not involved with actions such as a fees. 

During their message they mentioned Mencho, alias of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes and who is the current leader of the four letters cartel. But they also named Mr. 3, this nickname could refer to a subject identified in some reports as the successor of Oseguera Cervantes. In addition, El 03, as it is also known, was accused by the Mexican government of creating two elite groups within the CJNG, one of them the Delta Group.

"Sincerely. Grupo Delta Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación”, concluded the subject who spoke in front of the camera.

What is the CJNG Delta Group?

The Delta Group is the armed wing of the CJNG in the Aguililla area.

It should be remembered that the Delta Group had already been identified in military reports as an armed wing of the CJNG which would be used by El Mencho for high-impact operations, they have been implicated in the murder of the former governor of Jalisco, Aristotle Sandoval.

The authorities identified the activities of said criminal group at least since September 2018. On that occasion Marisela Gómez Cobos, then in charge of the Jalisco Attorney General's Office, reported on the capture of four members of the criminal cell. For this purpose, an operation had to be implemented with around 80 security personnel.

While in 2020 a message attributed to Carteles Unidos and dedicated to the leader of the CJNG was found in which they warned him that they would not let him enter the municipality of Los Reyes. “Mencho, you wont be coming into Los Reyes. Tell your mob to recover their drug tanks, they left them full,” it was read on that occasion.

In more recent actions, at the end of last February, 12 members of the Delta Group were arrested and linked to trial. These subjects were captured in San Pedro Tlaquepaque, Jalisco by elements of the Army and national guards.

Jaziel “G”, Alfonso “R”, Tomás “L”, Cristian “M”, Francisco “C”, Brandon “B”, Diego “T”, Leobardo “P”, Jonathan “L”, Rosaura “P”, José “F” and Anthony “O” were surprised by the uniformed officers when they were traveling in a vehicle and trying to enter a property. After their capture, six long weapons, one short weapon, seven magazines, three homemade weapons, 143 rounds of various calibers, in addition to the unit in which they were traveling, were seized.

Due to the above, the 12 people mentioned, among whom was a minor, were accused of carrying weapons for the exclusive use of the authorities.


Crime Hunts Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna And Calvin Klein Brands On The Highways

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A study by the company specialized in private security Círculo Logístico has identified that six cartels and 74 armed groups in the country have taken over the crime of highway merchandise theft. Here the results

The times when robbers randomly “hit” trailers loaded with merchandise are long gone. For at least three years, organized crime has been implementing technology and strategies that are used in war conflicts along the country's roads, with the aim of precisely looting the best-selling products on the black market.

A study by the company specialized in private security Círculo Logístico has identified that six cartels and 74 armed groups in the country have taken over the crime of theft of merchandise on highways – which leaves profits for organized crime of at least 4.1 billion dollars a year – with an increase in the use of violence and tactics similar to those used by armies at war.

To do so, they have made their way through employees of industrial parks and distribution centers with bullets and death threats to force them to hand over the schedules, routes and license plates of those who will be their targets of attack. In addition, they specifically track the trucks using drones with GPS jammers to deactivate the companies' satellite monitoring.

“We have calculated that 20% of the people in the (transportation and distribution) industry who work with them do so for money; but 80% of these people are directly threatened with death, or their families,” says Héctor Romero, also vice president of the Security and Justice Commission of the Employers' Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex).

“Until a few years ago, highway robbers brought small, short weapons and did not use them in robberies. They used surprise and shock tactics more. Today they are using high-powered rifles, weapons modified to pierce the armor of cargo trucks. We are already facing a new phase of crime,” he describes.

The criminals use war equipment to carry out the robberies 

Criminals from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, Gulf Cartel, Northeast Cartel, Sinaloa Cartel, La Unión Tepito Cartel and what remains of the Tláhuac Cartel carry, for example, high voltage batteries to “blow up” the electromagnetic security plates, as well as radio frequency equipment that interferes with surveillance cameras to prevent videos from being recorded inside and outside the trailers at the time of the theft.

On the other hand, their armed forces dedicated to huachicoleo, trafficking of undocumented migrants or weapons are using caltrops made with high-resistance materials, such as those thrown at the passage of military convoys, or high-precision rifles of Russian origin – 12.7 x108 mm, for example – to pierce tires from a distance, even if they have rubber covering them.

“They are going to do everything possible to obtain very specific merchandise that we already have perfectly located and that is the one that is causing the most violence on the country's roads,” says Héctor Romero.

The assaulted trucks normally bring merchandise from the Boss, Zegna and CK (Ariel Ojeda) brands.

From chilies to Boss, Zegna and CK

In 2023, the most stolen things on roads and highways were food and drinks, followed by appliances, construction materials, auto parts, clothing and footwear. And in categories this broad, organized crime has very specific tastes.

In food and beverages, the company Círculo Logístico identified that the priority objectives are usually cookies, cans of chili peppers and tuna. These robberies usually occur around 5:00 a.m. so that by 7:00 a.m. at the latest they are already in the inventories of the flea market stalls and markets supplied by organized crime, according to Héctor Romero.

By noon, the trace of that merchandise will have been lost, while the National Guard is just interrogating the assaulted driver.

Among household appliances, flat screens, irons, washing machines, radios and headphones are magnets for organized crime.

“And this is worse during the Christmas season or around Mother's Day. The cartels steal more and with greater violence, but with a different logic than that of food and drinks: they do not resell, but rather they give it away. And they do it to gain the protection of vulnerable neighbors under the pretext of taking from the rich to give to the poor,” explains Romero.

After these goods, they are followed by the highly coveted construction material, mainly cement, sand and rods; Carrying that requires as much secrecy as if it were gold, oil or water in times of drought. Then, auto parts that are usually damaged in crashes, such as windows, bumpers and fenders, are coveted by crime.

“And the clothes, of course. It is already very dangerous to transport branded clothing in this country. But not just any type or brand. There is a fixation on sportswear and very particular brands such as Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, Calvin Klein... The most stolen items are pants, shirts, belts and, for women, underwear," says the specialist.

Extreme violence against drivers

In recent years, he accuses, “on-demand robberies” have also grown, that is, cartels ask armed forces to go after specific merchandise at all costs.

These tend to be the most violent robberies, as criminal organizations pay smaller groups an advance to guarantee the robbery; If they are not achieved, the armed forces must return that money and even pay a kind of “fine” for non-compliance.

These are the cases that typically circulate virally on social networks: criminals who shoot at the driver as soon as they have set foot outside the car, who do not hesitate to burst the metal plates with bullets because they know perfectly well what is inside, who have accomplices spread over several sections so as not to fail with theft from the company.

“In some cases, as the drivers themselves have told me, they don't just hit or block them. We have had cases of drivers being raped,” says Héctor Romero.

These are not sexual assaults in which pleasure is sought, but rather humiliating the other so that they know who are the ones who have the power on the roads.

Many drivers have had to create their own strategies to get to safety. Some travel with the bed of the truck or trailer open – even if that warrants a violation – so that criminals can see that they do not have cargo; Others put low-end cell phones in their shoes, but with GPS, to help their relatives locate them if they are missing in the hope that the battery lasts long enough to be found.

It is also common that robbery begins after traffic accidents or robberies

Technology and security become more expensive

The above contributes to inflation for buyers, an increase that responds not only to the losses caused by product theft, but also to the violence associated with it.

“Consumers notice this in the final price of the goods,” confirms Romero. “Everything has increased, on average, 20% in the value of the product, because transportation companies have to spend more and more on security. And due to the violence and technology of crime, this protection is very expensive, because you have to be, at least, on par with the cartels.”

State-of-the-art ceramic armor, low-weight ballistic vests that allow the operator to run to protect his life, high-precision GPS that resists organized crime inhibitors, electromagnetic and automatic closing plates, closed video surveillance circuits in cabins and vehicles escorts that function as a wall against criminals are the measures that companies hire and implement the most.

High-precision GPS that resists organized crime inhibitors

The prices of insurance against theft have also gone through the roof, explains the specialist. For many companies they are already priceless, especially for those who work on the routes of the State of Mexico, Puebla, Hidalgo, Tlaxcala and Veracruz, which is where the most thefts occur and where the most drivers disappear.

“The most expensive product is the one that doesn't make it to the shelf. It is very expensive for a company if its merchandise is not in the stores and the competition's is, so millions of pesos are paid in security, but many times even then it cannot be guaranteed that the chicken, avocado, canned or sugar arrive to the municipalities. That is a misfortune".

Given this reality, the private company Círculo Logístico estimates that in Mexico there is a deficit of about 70,000 freight transport drivers for fear of being the next victims of organized crime.

The older ones retire earlier; The youngest ones don't even attend to the calls. Many others emigrate looking for work in the United States, where higher salaries are offered. Those who stay know that they are going to an office of death.

The company Círculo Logístico estimates that in Mexico there is a deficit of 70 thousand drivers who have been victims of highway robbery.