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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Los Rastreadores Pray for their Loved Ones on Christmas

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Debate
                          Please God, forgive the ones who disappeared my son:  The Trackers

Abel Sarmiento gives voice to the search group Las Rastreadoras de El Fuerte through a moving video in which they wish a happy Christmas to their children "wherever they are".

Los Mochis, Sinaloa Through an emotional video, the search group Las Rastreadoras de El Fuerte wish a merry Christmas to their missing children , "wherever they may be".

The material published by the creator Abel Sarmiento is a moving message that gives voice to this group of women who day by day struggle tirelessly to find their loved ones, and some who have already found them and now have a grave where they can visit them.

"My God, I know that today is a special date for you, it is December 24 and I know that today your son was born." 

NOTE: Try as I Might I FAILED at getting a copy of the Prayer Video off of FB. If you go to the link at top , ie DEBATE, it will play. It is a beautiful thing in a world of darkness for these families. Text below............the video is spoken word in Spanish.

''From father to father I say to you my Almighty God, take pity on us and please forgive whoever did not appreciate my son , forgive him because I already did it, " the voice mentions, while showing images of some of the searches made by this group looking for clandestine graves in the north of the state in which there could be bodies of victims of enforced disappearance.

"Forgive him and soften his soul, soften his heart and light up his conscience so he can tell me even secretly, so softly and anonymously where my son is (...) Help me, it's hard for me, and there are times when I can not find the way out. Today, I would like to shout to everyone that I have a happy Christmas, but I will only have it when I have my son by my side, even if it is in a grave. "

"Son, wherever you are, I wish you a Merry Christmas, and never forget how much I love you and that I will look for you until I find you."

For those of us that do not have to live this reality, Be eternally grateful..........for any of you that do , wherever you are , I wish from the bottom of my heart that this strong statement and prayer gives strength for you to carry on. Sincerely, Yaqui


  1. Wow, very sad. Extremely grateful I do not have to go through this but my heart breaks for these families

  2. Wow that is so beautiful Yaqui.These folks really need a prayer like that:Merry Xmas to my son wherever he is!BTW Happy Holidays to all the staff and readers at Borderland Beat and especially to these parents of these missing children.I couldn't imagine their pain.

  3. Thanks yaqui. Touching powerful words from a person who has not let the world harden him. Whenever I read articles on bb, about death, drugs and destruction, I think of the normal hard working God fearing citizens that have to endure this kind of war. This article is such a good reminder of those who you might not think of. Mexico is filled with wonderful people


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