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Friday, January 18, 2013

2012: Top Borderland Beat Posts Part ll

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat
Total of Views as of Today for the Top 20 Posts is....1,600,000
The following post is part two of 2012 Borderland Beat's most viewed posts.  In this installment we revisit the posts that came in first to tenth.  As I did in part one they are presented  in reverse order beginning with 10. If you missed part one follow this link! Thank you readers for your great support and being a part of making Buggs' project become so successful....Paz, Chivis

10. "El Chapo Challenges Lazcano and Z40 in Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas"
The leader of the Sinaloa cartel, Joaquin Guzman, AKA “ El Chapo”, openly challenged Los Zetas, especially their leaders, Heriberto Lazcano, the Lazca, Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, Z 40, and his brother Omar Trevino, after raiding Tamaulipas and dismembering several members of the Zetas organization.
The dismembered bodies of the Zetas were accompanied by  narcomensajes, directed at their leaders,  in which El Chapo  challenges the cartel in their own territory.  One message complains that they do not honor or comply with the established truce and called them traitors....

9.  "Nine Bodies Found Hanging Off Nuevo Laredo Bridge"
 The bodies of four women and five men were found hanging off a bridge in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo with an apparent message from a drug gang, an army official said Friday.The bodies showed signs of beating and torture and "we believe they were members of a criminal gang," the official said, declining to be named.

Photographs showed the bodies strung, with their hands tied, along a wide road bridge in the border city in northeast Mexico, across from Laredo, Texas, in a typical sign of score-settling between drug gangs.

A large banner hung nearby with a message alluding to gang disputes....

8.  "Mexican Daily Receives A Video of Cartel Murders"

The material appeared on a Blackberry confiscated from 16-year-old Romeo Dominguez Velez, who was arrested along with another teenager, the same day the five bodies were discovered on a country road, the newspaper said.

Sources in the Navy Department contacted by Efe refused to confirm or deny any part of the story, including the deaths of the navy personnel.

Milenio identified the military victims as a non-commissioned officer and three enlisted men based in Boca del Rio, adjacent to Veracruz city.

The four men went missing on April 17 while taking a course at the Veracruz State Police Academy in Xalapa, the state’s capital.

The navy men and a civilian woman with no apparent ties to the other victims were found dead inside an overturned car near Xalapa.....

Read full post here   [note video is no longer available a portion of footage can be Seen Here

 7.  Sowing Terror in Ciudad Victoria
A video surfaced on Youtube where supposedly and it is believed members of CDG (has not been confirmed) shoot at two security officers and execute two alleged Zeta collaborators in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.
At the beginning of the video, there is a message: "Commander Diablo and El Chapo planting terror in Ciudad Victoria. Watch out assholes, we came for you."
In the first seconds of the video one can observed as several unidentified men aboard an SUV prepare for an attack.
 The sicarios arrived at kilometer 4 of the Road Laborcitas-La Misión, in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, just outside the facilities of a detention center and Rehabilitation center where they shoot two security guards.....
Read full post here

6.  "Video of Massacre of 49 as Zetas Banners Appear Disclaiming the Killings"

Note:  Message in Video reads: "This goes to all gulfos, Chapos, Marines, Huachos and government. Nobody can do anything to us.
You don't have a chance.
Sincerely: El Loco ,  Z40 and Commander Lazcano"
Read full post here
5.  "Drug Cartel Rivals Behead Zetas on Camera"
An example of Mexico's warring drug cartels taunting each other with gruesome on-line videos, footage posted on a popular cartel-tracking blog shows members of the Gulf cartel interrogating and then beheading at least three members of the Zetas cartel.

The grainy three-minute video, which appeared on Wednesday, depicts five shirtless men on their knees, their chests painted with large black "Z"s, surrounded by masked members of the Gulf cartel wielding machetes.

Each Zeta prisoner states his name for the camera, at the prompting of an unidentified voice behind the camera. When asked who sent them, each responds "Z-40." "40," as he is known within the Zetas organization, is Miguel Angel Treviño Morales -- the cartel's second-in-command.
4.  "The Cleansing by El Chapo in Zeta Turf"
Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman proclaimed his presence in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas and said to be cleaning the region of Zetas when he displayed 14 dismembered bodies of alleged Zeta members.  GRAPHIC PHOTOS
Sister in Law was first to be killed
 3. Zetas Decapitate Diablos; Mother, Brother, Sister, and Sister in Law
 "Look Comandante Diablo, here is your shit family” says the savage in command as the head taping is being conducted.  The audio is permeated by the taping sounds making it difficult to define what is being said.  The video quality also leaves much to be desired.  However, the video is peppered with the usual threats such as, “Hey fucking Diablo, this is what happens to your people, asshole”.
After their heads are sealed, the victims are subjected to skillful blows to the back of the skull. The powerful blows are delivered through the use of a 2x4 board.
Each one falls instantly after one blow from the board, and are rendered unconscious. Unconscious is exactly the best scenario when one is about to be decapitated alive....GRAPHIC VIDEO
Read full post here                                                                           
2.  "Lazca is Killed"
Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, El Lazca, leader of the Zetas, is dead according to preliminary identification techniques.  SEMAR released a statement in this hour that they are waiting on final testing to give a positive confirmation, must indicated the possibility is high that it is the Z leader.What is known is that the confrontation occurred in Juniper road to Progreso, in Coahuila, which killed two suspected members of the Los Zetas criminal organization.
During the armed conflict an element of the Marina was wounded.  The federal force took the Zetas by surprise as the cartel members  watched a baseball game.A third Zeta manage to escape.The bodies of the subjects were lying inside of a Ford Ranger truck white at the height of the arc that welcomes progress.
According to eyewitnesses the armed men enjoyed a baseball game when suddenly arrived elements of the Navy of  Mexico.  After  a Chase which sparked a shootout two subjects were killed and one sailor wounded.  In the chase the Marina were fired upon with the grenade launcher........
Continued Lazca story      HERE   HERE    HERE

1.  " The Savagery of El Diablo"
On May 14, 2012 a video was uploaded on Youtube by a user with the name of  "anim trent" and was immediately removed by Youtube due to its violent content. The video was titled "Comandante Diablo y Rey de Reyes Acabando con los Zetas" or "Commander Diablo and King of Kings finishing with Los Zetas." The video starts with a female decapitating a male while the man is still alive. The man is then dismembered. It is very hard to watch. At one point one of the sicarios carves the letter "Z" on the stomach of the victim.

Two older men are executed. One is shot before being beheaded and dismembered. The other man is beheaded while alive and the head is displayed toward the end of the video. It has not been clearly established who Commander Diablo and Rey de Reyes is, but they have targeted victims that are alleged by this group to have links to Los Zetas......

2012 Notable Posts [in no particular order]

They called him the hand with eyes, his legacy was one which left heads severed through out central Mexico.  His organization thrived on fear and violence and from the shadows he killed.  As his narcobanners continued to appear his reputation grew into myth.  He was a modern day psychopath, one of many in Mexico.  Their hands stained with blood, their souls deprived of conscience, these men roam the highways of Mexico, killing, leaving a trail of blood in their wake.  This is an examination of one of these monsters. ...
Milenio reports that a couple of victims bore tattoos of  Santa Muerte , however that has not been confirmed, officially, it is  confirmed  a few bore tattoos.  (note later very visible in the video)

There were persistent rumors that the dead included women and children.  Since Saturday night it is rumored that 2 of the six women were pregnant.

On Sunday morning I was sent photos that I did nothing with them as the victims were not in bags and although decapitated their limbs were for the most part intact. One of those photos is above. 

Also persistent was a reported fact  there were two messages left at the scene.  In any case, cartulinas  (cards) have not been made public or its text.  Perhaps that should be the course of action, not to publicize the full message and text, thwarting the main objective of cartels in conducting these mass killings.
This Borderland Beat reporter has long retained the belief that the mass murder displays were constructed, either by majority or entirety, with innocent people unrelated to organized crime.  That position was reinforced after the Boca del Rio mass killings of 35.
Military sources in Mexico and the United States confirmed the existence of a plan to catch "Or Kill" El Chapo Guzman, prepared by the Pentagon and the Mexican government, proposed and accepted in principle by President Calderon.

 Virtually the same plan that led to the killing of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, the plan would be carried out exclusively by members of the United States Navy, with no intervention of the Mexican military or Mexican police.
Only outright rejection from the high command of the Mexican military has denied the operation....But the Pentagon remains hopeful that the next administration will be open to accept it. .....  Read full post here
Sinaloa had never know such a bloodthirsty drug trafficking operator. They're in all the gangs; his brother Javier Torres, in prison in the United States, where he's serving a sentence for drug trafficking, also confronted the Mexican Army, and in that incident a soldier died.
Then, his own bosses gave him up and he was extradited.
Javier Torres was one of Ismael Zambada Garcia, "El Mayo's," top lieutenants.
And, although Manuel Torres never attained the same standing in the structure, he was a key player in the organization after the war broke out in the Sinaloa cartel.
Manuel Torres took on the job of confronting, with blood and knife, the new enemies of Zambada and Joaquin Guzman: the Beltran Leyva brothers.
Singuilucan, Hidalgo-- 54 kilometers (32 miles) from the capital city of the state of Hidalgo lies the country that witnessed the growth of one of the founders of the of the criminal organization known as "Los Zetas."

Here, in a community of more than 10,000 inhabitants, is where Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, "El Z-3,"who according to the Mexican Navy was gunned down in the town of Progreso, Coahuila, spent the first years of his life. 
People close to the capo will tell you that Heriberto is one of three sons from Ramon Lazcano's first marriage. His two brothers are Pedro and Gabriel, with whom he grew up during the first three years of his life until he moved with his family to the municipality of Apan.

There, the Lazcanos took up farming and cattle ranching, until they became one of the biggest producers and one of the wealthiest families in the county. Those who knew Heriberto recall that the family adapted quickly to Apan, but, despite that, the three sons were sent to the D.F. (Distrito Federal) to study.

Nobody remembers exactly where in the capital they were sent, but Pedro received an education closely linked to the Church, which led him to become a priest for a few years, although he left that afterwards. Gabriel, his other brother, had a life much like Heriberto Lazcano's, and he joined the military for some years.
Clear "narconotas" "fingering" Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada appeared early this morning in different parts of the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa.   The messages accuse "el Mayo" one of the leaders of Cartel de Sinaloa, of betraying his alleged right hand man cell leader Manuel Torres Felix as well as Mario Aguirre and Lamberto Verdurgo. 
"Mayo me dejaste sola ya traias el plan de chingarme a igual que a Mario Aguirre y Lamberto Verdurgo y asi presentar trabajo a no los chinguen a UDS pero ya luego te espero  en el infierno.  Attn Manuel Torres"
 "Mayo you left me alone you already had the plan to fuck me, Mario Aguirre y Lamberto Verdugo, and present work-meet a deadline- so you won't get fucked Then I'll wait for you or expect you in hell Attn: Manuel Torres.......   Read full post here
The 49 individuals found butchered on a remote section of highway east of Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon Sunday may have been the victims of a Los Zetas plot for a spectacular Mother's Day massacre, according to information taken from Mexican press accounts, private emails and other sources.

Since late April the Los Zetas criminal gang has been under immense pressure from an alliance between the Gulf cartel, the Los Zetas' mortal rival and the Sinaloa drug cartel.  That alliance was formalized sometime last year, and its existence was revealed following the capture of Victor Manuel Felix Felix in Tabasco state.

Victor Manuel Felix Felix is the brother in law to Sinaloa chief Joaquin Guzman Loera AKA El Chapo, and was also chief financial officer for the Sinaloa Cartel, as well as the Pacifico cartel.  In Felix Felix's possession were documents which indicated that an alliance between the two groups had been formalized and that the Sinaloa Cartel and Gulf Cartel would combine their efforts to the east coast for the transshipment of drugs north to the United States...... Read full post here

Maria Santos Gorrostieta Salazar, 36 years old, was found dead Thursday morning in a vacant property in the Cuitzeo municipality (county).
Previously, Gorrostieta had suffered two attacks. one on October 15, 2009, when she was ambushed along with her husband, Jose Sanchez, who died in the attack. She was wounded in the incident.
The other attack took place in January, 2010, when, after taking part in a public event in Altamirano City, Guerrero, she was attacked and wounded by individuals who were carrying assault rifles....... Read full post here
It was September 2011, in Beautiful Boca del Rio, Veracruz.  Amid rush hour traffic, adjacent to the World Trade Center and Plaza of the Americas, there just before an overpass laid a gruesome sight; 35 bloody, bounded, nude or semi nude corpses had been thrown to the pavement of Adolfo Ruiz Blvd. 
The victims all bore signs of extreme torture.  “Branded” with paint messages on each of their bodies the words “POR Z” (for Zetas.), The majority had died of asphyxiation, a few by blunt trauma and one by gunshot to the head.
The gunmen displayed two banners declaring the dead were of the Los Zetas cartel, one banner read:
Within hours, and much too hasty for the comfort of those who are familiar with the interworking’s of an investigation, the Veracruz Attorney General Renaldo Escobar Perez announced  most of the bodies had been identified and all had connections to organized crime, further all had criminal records for serious crimes,  including kidnapping, murder, and drug trafficking.
The governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte wasted no time reaching out via social networks, Twitter and Facebook declaring the same as his attorney general.  Irony was not lost on the fact that Duarte, a PRI Party Governor, had previously threatened to imprison anyone who sends out erroneous info via Twitter or any social network.  ....... Read full post here
The INSIGHT CRIME version of the above post can be read at this link


  1. That picture, number 8, the kid with the chainsaw, horrible. Seen it before and I came to the conclusion that the guy on the ground was probably chopped up while still alive, looks that way. And notice the chain has come off the saw, I`ve worked alot with chainsaws and that happens if you dont know how to use a chainsaw and accidentally cut into clothing, it jams the chain. Probably why they always strip people in those aweful videos they make. Horrifying picture.

  2. Awesome. Much work, much appreciated.

  3. By the way to the 2:35 am poster
    why causes the slip? I always thought it was from tissue causing a jam up, i did not watch the video. i also noticed the most viewed were the most ghastly.

  4. Thanks for this Chivis.

  5. I still say the worst video was the one CJNG made where they beat and chop up the guy from La Barredora all while he is alive. You see them chop his leg off at the knee with an axe and he's totally alive.

    1. Where could I find this vid? An does anyone know where the chainsaw vid and/or accompanying photos can be viewed at?

  6. Thank you AJ! (JBlaze?)

    and Tex GMA you speak your mind, but never offend, I think you are great, and always encouraging us contributors, thank you....Paz, Chivis

  7. Exellente! It will take a couple days to wade through it all. Another great effort, thx

  8. Any update on the results of the DNA testing between Lazca's corpse and his parents?

  9. I also speak my mind and try not to offend I know that's the reason some of my comments don't make it onto the blog I find it hard to keep my composure at tiimes when faced with this mis informed and sometimes ignorant comments that get posted I appreciate this blog as a means to try to keep people informed about what's going on but it makes me angry when they start glorifying this mindless, heartless killers and placing them in a sort of celebrity status I think that type of posting should be filtered out I also would like to apologize for my Jenny Rivera comment I'm actually kind of glad it didn't make it on but I'm still mad that we worry more about the telenovelas next episode than some corrupt ex governor stealing the election , I guess my point would be thanks for this blog and keep it up

    1. Smokee- i don't see much glorifying of narcos by Borderland Beat at all Chivis, Havana, Vato, Badanov definitely and vehemently deplore narcos knowing better than most the great harm they are causing Mexico.

      We should appreciate the work these Borderland beat reporters do! They provide much info. And hours of enjoyment. Thank you for the hard work all of you.

    2. I wasn't talking about the reporters I was talking about us commenting folks

  10. What does it tell you that the top posts were the goriest? That there are a bunch of freaks who are here just for that.....

  11. I really thought it would of been lazca been number 1 spot.......but that Diablo video,what made it raw was the clarity too,very clear viewing cutting the guys heads off...chunks of neck hanging there with blood running all over the place,then machete comes and start's quartering the mutilated body...i aint seen a video with such clear viewing.

  12. Chivis,Havana,Badanov,ACI,Vato,and the rest thanks for all the story's and the work put in.
    It is appreciated,,it may not seem like it sometimes with the shit you have to put up with off all us"experts"(me included)It is generally personal opinions that are disagreed with,not the work you all put in,that should go without saying.
    Credit where credit is due,just sayin man.

  13. @8:28 AM
    Exactly why we devote so much time presenting a clear and real picture of what is happening in Mexico. Outside Lat Am few really know.

    I scratch my head each time I write about Chapo I get comments I am a Chapo Nuthugger, same if it is about the last letter, I wrote the piece on Chapito Isisdro and right away I "supported and glorified" him.

    Lets make this clear, we all are in Mexico or have a close connection to Mexico, and we are heartbroken over what has happened in Mexico. My offices are in Coahuila, but my family is in Jalisco and Sonora. I care immensely.

    That aside, I hold narcos responsible for their actions but I do not blame them for what exists. I blame the corruption of the Mexican government and for them deeming impoverished kids (60%+) as throw away humans not deserving of education and opportunity. Those kids grow up and have created the massive pool of recruitment for cartels.

    and I blame the Mexican society that has failed to act, have accepted what exists and even become a part of the problem by accepting payouts such as money for their votes.

    There is a good article titled "They Can't Kill Us All' I will get it up, but in essence people are creating an uprising against narcos, arming themselves and protecting their villages. Narcos are est to comprise of 1% of the population, how can they hold the 99% hostage by terror? I refer to it as the malevolent 1%. Paz, Chivis


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