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AUTHORITIES:Z40 Took Lazca's Corpse; US Also Conducting DNA

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He was at a baseball game in which a relative of his girlfriend was playing, a citizen at the game called authorities complaining gunmen were at the game
Authorities: “Z-40 didn’t betray Lazcano, he stole the body”.

 Authorities accepted that the fall of the leader of the Zetas was fortuitous, since marines were unaware of the identity of the body killed in the town of Progreso,Coahuila.
Written byAurora Vega for Excelsior
Miguel Treviño Morales, Z-40, stole the body of Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, El Lazca, killed on Sunday during a confrontation with Navy elements, from the Garcia Funeral Home  in Sabinas, Coahuila, according to information from Secretariat of Marines (SEMAR).

Additionaly, SEMAR officially recognized that there was a third person implied in the shootout but he managed to escape; it is alleged to have been a guard of the principal leader of the Zetas Cartel.

They also accepted that the fall of the criminal  was fortuitous, since the marines were unaware of the identity of the body killed in the town of Progreso, Coahuila, explained the vice admiral Jose Luis Vergara Ibarra, spokesman.

Employees of PGR informed that they already have the expert information given by the state authority and that the government of the U.S solicited samples if DNA that were managed to be retrieved  from the body to help in the identification.


Intelligence reports affirmed that Miguel Treviño Morales continued under the orders of Heriberto Lazcano.

Secretariat of Marines (SEMAR) has indicators that the body of the drug trafficker Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, leader of the Zetas, was rescued by the second in command, Miguel Treviño Morales, El Z-40, ast Monday from the funeral home in the municipality of Sabinas, where the autopsy was conducted.

Due to this action, intelligence reports of the Mexican Army revealed that Lazcano and Z-40 always operated in common agreement and that the second in command of the criminal organization was always his top henchman.

Information of the federal dependency revealed that the criminal organization of the Zetas had some rearrangements and restructuration due to splits of some cells of that cartel caused by conflict with the leadership of Miguel Treviño Morales. One of the events that confirm the rupture is the violent events that occurred on August in San Luis Potosi.

The rupture between Ivan Velazquez Caballero, aka El Taliban/or Z-50, and Miguel Treviño Morales provoked a series of executions and violent acts that culminated with the arrest of the Velazquez Caballero.

Mexican authorities initially thought the rupture was  between Lazcano and Miguel Treviño; however, the reports of the Army revealed that such a rupture never occurred, further reporting  that Z-40 was who took the body of his boss to protect it.

Meanwhile, employees of the PGR revealed that the federal dependency accomplishes conclusions from  the expert evidence given by the Attorney of Justice of the State of Coahuila, as well as from the Mexican Army, and  10 expert evidence tests will be made to determine the identity of the drug trafficker, though fingerprints, and expert photography examinations have concluded with the positive identification.


It was revealed that the American authorities asked the Mexican government, some samples of DNA of Heriberto Lazcano to help the identification.

According to employees of the PGR that made a recount of events of the operation in which the leader of the Zetas cartel was killed,  it is revealed that the naval elements took about half hour in arriving to the place where there was a complaint from a citizen  about the presence of armed men, for which  18  elements went to the location.

According to investigations of the federal dependency, it has been obtained declarations of witnesses that mention the presence of Heriberto Lazcano in a baseball field in the community of Progreso, Coahuila, due to the presence of a relative of his sentimental partner (girlfriend) that was playing that Sunday.

After the operation where the leader of the Zetas was killed, it is specified that he was accompanying by two persons: a driver and a person that escaped at the time of the confrontation.

According to the ministerial acts, the body of Lazcano was taken to a funeral home in Sabinas where it  was stolen by a commando.
Lazca built his mausoleum 2 years ago

The Attorney General of Justice of Coahuila, Homero Ramos Gloria, confirmed the arrival to Coahuila, of a group of elements of the General Attorney (PGR) to recover the body of Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, El Lazca.

The state employee stated that he received a call from the Attorney Maricela Morales, whom confirmed the arrival of at least 20 elements, which arrived accompanied by personnel of the Secretariat of Navy of Mexico.

He emphasized that a line of investigation exists from the Federation to locate the body of El Lazca.

He detailed that in the Attorney of the State, it was developed a meeting with the federal attorneys, Federal Public Ministries and Experts.

A group remained in Saltillo to corroborate the data that is irrefutable of the body of Lazcano.

He added that it is presumed that the body of Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano hasn’t left the state of Coahuila.


In an interview with Adela Micha for Grupo Imagen Multimedia (Multimedia Image Group), the spokesman of SEMAR explained that three criminals initiated the confrontation after seeing the arrival of the federal units. From the first gunfire, one of the elements was injured.

After the vehicle of the delinquents stopped with the driver dead, a persecution on foot against two people began, “one person managed to escape, and the second one was killed. We found out till the following day that it was Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano.”

According to the marines, the gathering of expert evidence and lifting of the body is explicit task of the corresponding Public Ministry and of the General Attorney of Justice of Coahuila.