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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Three Men, Including US Citizen, Reported Missing in Los Ramones, Nuevo León

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

Pictured from left to right: Mexican national Sigifredo Baltazar González Rodríguez, aged 68; US citizen Andrés González Vela, aged 40, and Mexican national Julio César García Lozano, aged 37

On Monday, July 31, state authorities reported the disappearance of three men, including one US citizen, while they were en route to a ranch in Los Ramones, Nuevo Leon, in northern Mexico.

The State Attorney General's Office has initiated search proceedings for the individuals: US citizen Andres Gonzalez Vela, aged 40, and the Mexican nationals Julio Cesar Garcia Lozano, aged 37, and Sigifredo Baltazar Gonzalez Rodreguez, aged 68.

According to the report, the three men have been missing since July 19. On that day, they were traveling in a black Ford Lobo truck to La Gloria ranch, located in Las Lomas station on the highway at Kilometer 92.

Andrés Gonzalez Vela was described as a bald man with a pearly complexion and small dark brown eyes. He has a medium, flat nose, thin lips, and stands at a height of 1.65 meters with a robust build. Notably, he has a tattoo on his right shoulder that reads 'Angela' and another tattoo on his back displaying the last name 'González'.

García Lozano has short straight hair, a pearly complexion, and medium light brown eyes. His nose is described as large and straight, and he has thin lips. He is 1.64 meters fall and had a goatee. Additionally, he had tattoos on both arms. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing blue jean pants, a white shirt, and brown boots.

González Rodríguez is a bald man with a dark complexion, dark brown eyes, and a small, large, flat nose. He stands at a height of 1.78 meters, has a medium build, and was last seen wearing blue jean pants, a white shirt, and brown boots. He does not have any particular distinguishing marks.

Charred vehicle on the road in Los Ramones (image credit: ABC Noticias)

Recent violence in Los Ramones

The municipality of Los Ramones, Nuevo León, has recently grappled with violence stemming from organized crime. On July 13, authorities discovered a charred Jeep Gladiator vehicle containing three bodies at Kilometer 2 of the highway to Las Enramadas.

A few days later, on July 19, another vehicle—a classic Jetta—was found at Kilometer 75 of the road to Las Enramadas, with two charred bodies inside

In response to these distressing incidents, on July 23, military personnel conducted preventive and surveillance patrols in Los Ramones and neighboring municipalities. These operations were executed in collaboration with the National Guard, the Civil Force, and the municipal police.

It is crucial to highlight that Mexico is currently confronting a mounting crisis of missing persons, with more than 110,000 individuals still unaccounted for.

Sources: El Financiero; Milenio


  1. Another typical day in Mexico, criminals succeeding at crime, while innocent law abiding citizens, get kidnapped, murdered.

    1. Innocent law biding citizens, give me a break. We basicly no nothing about who the missing are. Are you gonna say the same thing when it comes out he was trafficking guns or something? I'm sure there innocents but mostly not! Each time I'm like man thats sad the truth comes out and then I'm like well ok he deserved it.

    2. @1.10 .You know nothing about who they are, but YOU want a break? For what, to do some research? You should have done that before mocking somebody who has exactly the right idea- not judging people before you know what the fuck is going on. They might be guilty, they might not, but you have some nerve saying ''if it turns out that....'' because one thing I notice about commenters like you, you never come back when it turns out that everything was the opposite of the bullshit you lapped up from US media. They are innocent till proven guilty. If you know something else, today, then say it. If not, Fuck off.

  2. The old guy parece not guilty, the other two not so much..
    Can't jump to conclusions, I haven't ever even met these gentlemen..
    If you're an American citizen and you get picked up, should you loudly complain to your captors that you are related to a military, police, or political pez gordo on the other side, and that the FBI, DEA, etc. will be on the case like stink on shit, or will that just make the coke-crazed maniacos paranoid ?
    I bluffed some federales one time that my brother-in-law was in "la camara de diputados" in the states, even though I had no idea what I was babbling about..
    I claimed that his patron was "mas cabron" than theirs, and that they should think twice about how they treated me..
    Another instance was when I told some estatales that I taught English, and one of my students was "ahijado" to some federal police commander whose name I picked up out of a newspaper article..
    Worked out for me those times, but the stakes weren't that high, and sadly, it looks like curtains for these 3..

  3. Unbelievable killed them for their truck, the man would not hurt a fly.
    Hope this gets investigated well, by the US State department. Time passed and more likely are buried.

  4. I dont know why everyone travels to Mex border states when there is a travel warning since 1999.

    1. Hard to just disregard your homeland and family..

  5. It’s been a while already. Hope they make it home safely but statistically speaking it’s not likely.

  6. 847 you are talking about demarcates aren’t ya son….

  7. Crime does exist for your informati and part of the on since you're defending Mexico and everything that happens there their is crime in the USA but not at that stupid level with disappearances and phony checkpoints and cops working with different groups maybe you're the one acting stupid

  8. The old guy is my father and andres is my brother they are hard workers and they did not had problems with nobody they happen to go to the ranch because they were farming when they got kidnap we there family member have not heard nothing from them I just ask God they turn up soon...anyone talking shit with not knowing I hope you all never expirence something like this..everyone else thank you for your comments

    1. I'm experiencing something similar my father has been missing for 10 days from san benito Mx and no one seems to know where he is or if he was taken. If needed to identify body where do they take the body, would you happen to know that information?


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