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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Victor Baez, Kidnapped Crime Reporter, Found Murdered In Veracruz

Victor Baez

MEXICO CITY, June 14 (Reuters) - Assailants kidnapped and killed a reporter who covered the crime beat in Mexico's Veracruz state, officials said on Thursday, the latest in a series of attacks on journalists amid a relentless drug war across the country.

Victor Baez, who worked for Mexican daily newspaper Milenio was abducted when he was leaving his office in the town of Xalapa late Wednesday and police found his body in the morning in the city center, said Gina Dominguez, spokeswoman for Veracruz state government.

Dominguez said the assailants were three armed men but did not give details about how Baez was killed.

"Victor Baez's murderers committed a crime that hurt his family and all journalists. Their aim is to intimidate society," Dominguez told a tearful news conference which was attended by fellow reporters who had worked alongside Baez for years.

Several journalists have left Veracruz state in recent months fearing for their lives, but Baez had insisted on staying to cover his beat.

"He told me, 'Friend, we cannot and should not live in fear and darkness. We won't let them impose terror on us,'" Dominguez said.

Baez is at least the sixth journalist to have been murdered in Mexico in the last two months. One crime reporter was killed in the northern Sonora state and another in Morelos state near Mexico City.

Three other journalists have been slain in Veracruz, which has seen a surge in violence as the Zetas cartel battles rivals for control of drug trafficking routes to the United States.

On Friday, a crime reporter in the northern state of Coahuila went missing along with her 2-year-old son. Stephania Cardoso, 28, works for the Zocalo daily in the city of Saltillo.

"We are deeply concerned by the disappearance of Stephania Cardoso and her son," said Joel Simon, director of the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists.

More than 80 journalists have been murdered in Mexico since 2000, according to Mexico's National Human Rights Commission. (Reporting by Ioan Grillo; editing by Mohammad Zargham)

Mexican reporter Victor Baez is seen in Veracruz

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  1. I am sick of these murderers....I don't care which cartel is responsible, because they ALL have innocent blood on their hands. They all need to be put deep inthe ground. God bless this poor man's family. There is no justice in Mexico. But they have reserved their place in hell for eternity.

  2. He's a hero...May he now rest in God's tender arms...

  3. I hope they find Stephanie Cardoso and her baby child safe and well.I hope this isn't gonna be another fuckin nightmare scenario involving women and children.TAKING WOMEN AND CHILDREN GOES WAY BEYOND THE PAIL OF ANY EXCUSE OR REASON FOR DOING SO.D,E.P Victor Baez,and sympathy for his family.

  4. You puto narcos who did this are fucking cowards and justice will be served to you.
    Hopefully your punk asses are skinned alive!

  5. @10:13 am

    Just came out: Stephania is ALIVE!!!!!!!! BUT in hiding, fears for her and her child's life....

  6. Ovemex .
    Thanks for letting us know man,i was fearing the worst for this girl and her baby child.Thank fuck she is alright.Something has made her go into hiding.What kind of"MEN"can do this to a girl and her child?Little men,,,,this shows a serious character flaw in any man,if he can hurt women.

  7. Ovemex .
    Let us know anything else you hear on here man.
    I just been checking it out since i saw your update,but it seems strange?I hope she is ok,and not being held or none of that shit.The wording of what she said seems a bit strange?
    I don't know man,i hope she isn't being held for ransom or shit like that,fuckin hope not.


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