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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Captured Zetas "Piracy Czar" linked to Sicario Group

Borderland Beat
In his statements to authorities, Villanueva said that the profits obtained, he personally handed to Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, the Lazca'''

Mexican authorities today presented to journalists the detained Gregorio Villanueva Salas, known as "piracy czar", alleged member of Los Zetas cartel and charged with several grenade attacks .
A statement was read  during the perp presentation by a  SEDENA spokesman Colonel Ricardo Trevill.  The statement reported that Villanueva was arrested by soldiers on  June 11th  in the city of Monterrey,  along with three other members of his gang, who were also presented to the press. An that Villanueva  was "one of the main operators" Los Zetas.
Zetas are known for their extreme brutality in their treatment towards their victims. 
According to the source, the detainee controlled production and distribution of pirate discs in the states of Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila and Nuevo Laredo on the border with the United States.
In his statements to the authorities Villanueva said that the profits obtained were personally handed  to Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, "the Lazca", considered the leader of Los Zetas. With the arrest of Villanueva, the statement said, "it shortens the flow of resources for the criminal organization .
" The drug cartels in Mexico have for years been moving away from drugs as their only revenue as they extend   its activities to commit crimes such as kidnapping, extortion and piracy. Trevilla, reading the joint statement from the Department of Defense and the Attorney General's Office (PGR) said Villanueva is allegedly responsible for an undetermined number of attacks on schools, businesses, media and military installations. 
 in the northern city of Matamoros, these actions, according to the same source, they focused on cities such as  Matamoros to  "create a climate of violence" and "affect the activities" of a rival organized crime group, the Gulf Cartel.
According to their statements to the authorities, Villanueva said that the bodies found on June 7 Tamaulipas, in the north east Mexico,  were  members of Los Zetas who were murdered by the Gulf Cartel "in retaliation for their involvement in attacks with grenades".
Along with Villanueva were arrested Rodolfo Cornejo Chan, Christian Gonzalez Miguel Navarrete Ruben Dario Martinez and Alvarado. During the arrest of the group, the military seized four rifles (including a submachine gun), a handgun, ammunition, six vehicles and about 291 thousand pesos in cash.
 The detainees will be prosecuted for the crimes of organized crime , violation of the Firearms Act, illegal resource operations and unlawful use of copyrighted material.
Sources: Notimex and Informador


  1. The good ole govt. protecting one cartel and taking the others down. I sure hope this works out for the mexicans. When there's only one cartel what makes you think things will change. They are all criminals.

  2. this guy will either be dead or back on the streets within 12 months

  3. .
    "In his statements to authorities, Villanueva said that the profits obtained, he personally handed to Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, the Lazca"

    Now let's hope that he personally hands Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, LUZCA over to The Good Guys so they can either shoot em or put him away for life. But first, let's take the son-of-a-b..., tie em to a telephone pole in his hometown at a busy street corner and let EVERYBODY BEAT THE LIVING S... OF HIM. Let ANYBODY who has been directly affected by his criminal activities including murdered family members take THEIR TURN FIRST. Day #1

    On Day #2 let's ..., we'll think of something won't we!

    1. Make him watch all the Disney movies he pirated for days on end

  4. Unlawful use of copyrighted material. Obviously they have gone way to far.

  5. "According to

    authorities, Villanueva said that the bodies found on June 7 Tamaulipas, in the north east Mexico, were

    who were murdered by the Gulf Cartel in retaliation for their involvement in attacks with grenades."


  6. I assume he is confirming the 14 murdered and dismembered in ciudad mante were the zetas caught by CDG for throwing grenades.

  7. Those are US marines working undercover in Mexico. LMAOL.

  8. @1:59 AM

    You cannot know how your statement made me laugh, for one year ago I could not convince but a few some of the dead are being used as props. and now...

    But understand not all are innocents.. and i do not recall anyone declaring the 14 innocents. innocents are used because plain and simple it is easy to order poliZia to pick up people, and good people are compliant. ....this is not black or white. paz, chivis

    1. It just gets very annoying when people ALWAYS say that the killed are innocents. There are innocents from time to time but the majority are involved in organized crime one way or another.

    Man,do you really believe that innocents aren't taken.Man,try to put yourself in their position?
    You are ordered to acquire 35 people.Where do you get them from?Do you go out in your truck hunting for other killers with AKs/ARs,or do you just pick up any poor fucker who will do anything you tell them?This Chato motherfucker has told you they were all innocent,in the sense that he didn't have a clue who he was taking,his jefe says take that one there.What is the big surprise in any of this?
    It is human nature.

  10. Seems like all the evidence points that the Zetas kill innocents all the time.
    The ciudad mante were 14 dead zetas which is validated by a zeta!!
    I`ll bet many of the 42 zetas arrested yesterday have no criminal record--especially since 4 were xcops--so the lack of a criminal record proves nor disproves the person is part of a cartel.

  11. dam so nomore 3 dollar movies



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