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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Police arrest 52 alleged Zetas in Nuevo Leon

Police arrested 52 suspected employees of the notoriously violent Los Zetas drug cartel in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon, officials said Wednesday.

The detainees include two municipal police officers and two ex-cops, state Attorney General Adrian de la Garza told a press conference here.

He said those four individuals are believed to be the leaders of a Zetas cell.

The 39 men, eight women and five minors were arrested over a four-day period in the towns of Linares, Allende, Galeana, Iturbide and Montemorelos.

The five underage suspects are accused of acting as lookouts to alert the Zetas to movements of the security forces, the attorney general said.

Police seized assault rifles and torture devices during the raids, state government security spokesman Jorge Domene said.

Nuevo Leon, which borders Texas, and other states in northern Mexico, have been battered in recent years as the upstart Zetas battle the more-established drug cartels for control of territory and smuggling routes.

To earn extra cash, some cartel “sicarios” (hit men) engage in kidnapping, extortion and armed robbery.

Conflict among rival cartels and between criminals and the Mexican security forces have claimed more than 50,000 lives since December 2006, when newly inaugurated President Felipe Calderon militarized the struggle against organized crime. 


  1. What will the legal system do with them? Will they be on the streets later that day or are they incarcerated immediately? As far as Im concerned, Fuck all of them.

  2. marshall law has to be put into effect just like in germany after the war every 1 searched identified prosecuted if it is necessary mexico is in same position picture speaks for itself women children men to earn extra dollars become killers kidnappers etc. wake up mexico before its toooo late

  3. They look like a bunch of chumps.
    Looks like CDS is gonna take that plaza after all.

  4. Why bother. They'll be out in 48 hours.

  5. I can just imagine those womens families going through the family album someday "Hey look there's granma dressed for work".

  6. these nobodys are replaced in minutes why is the hoe ass mexican govt popping their collar. this isnt an arrest its a joke. catch some real criminals . catch el40 lazca chapo somebody with power. con 3putas y 49 jotos se andan queriendo parar el cuello. chingen a su ,madre ponganse a trabajar policias corruptos

  7. Some of these folks are just picked up by the cops randomly on the streets. They take them in and say that they're Zetas.

  8. Ok so if This individuals are under state police they will charge them with minor crimes and let them go the 4th day. I knew of a sob who was caught hawking and was sent to state, 4 days later he was back in town (Cerralvo N.L)..... all state police is under the Zs balls....but fuk it you can't destroy all the hive at once


  9. All of them look pathetic...half of them are not even wearing decent shoes...just flip-flops & house slippers...

  10. And how many of these zetas have no criminal record!
    According to many posters, if they have no criminal record they are innocent!

  11. que agarren tambn alos del chapo pinche gobierno panista vendido.. pero ya biene amlo bola de putos vendidos

  12. Like the article mentions, these are very low-level, expendable, not so important people, who have gotten involved in this cartel mess...either to make a quick buck or were coerced into it! You can tell by their appearance these turds are not hardcore sicarios. Because it's such a large number apprehended at one time, who even knows..who these people really are! This could be the gov't trying to push "look we are cleaning house" type of BS propaganda for the media! They can capture 52 Zeta members but they can't grab Z3 or Z40...c'mon!

  13. Some smart asses up in here aint there.They scum,they,blah,blah,blah,what the fuck else they gonna do?Go to colledge,get a job,live off mummy and daddy,yeya man,there are so many opportunities in Mexico,how dare they try to make their lives better.All these motherfuckin politicians making millions thru crime,get caught and shit happens to them anyway.But these fuckers puttin themselves on offer all day,and for what?To make a bit of money,like everyone here,otherwise they got shit,nada,fuck all cabrones.

    1. Yeah I hear you but these guys aren't just selling pot for extra cash. they take an axe to high school bloggers and beat business owners to death. why, because they talk about the fucked up world they have to see. or they refuse to hand over money they worked hard for. a lot of people have nothing or even less that doesnt mean you take another life.

  14. could some one post any information about zetaputoz adress around the LEXINGTON KY area

  15. They Should treat thm like if they were enemies at war kill them all trust me all these scum will go back & work again for the cartel - TW!5T3R


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