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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mexican security forces seize munitions in Reynosa as 3 more die

Three suspects were killed in Reynosa, Tamaulipas Tuesday and Wednesday, including two armed suspects who were killed in an armed encounter with a Mexican Army unit Tuesday night, according to official Mexican news sources.

The latest report bring the reported death toll in two days of fighting in Reynosa to 17. 

According to the news account, a Mexican Army road patrol was fired on Tuesday night by armed suspects who were aboard a Pontiac Torrent SUV near the intersection of Bulevar Del Maestro and  Avenida Mozart in Narciso Mendoza colony.

Army return fire killed two of the occupants, one of whom was identified as Fidel Gutierrez Gonzalez, 34.  The report hinted that rifles, pistols, one hand grenade, ammunition, tactical gear and the vehicle was seized following the incident.

Meanwhile Mexican Army unit conducted four raids in Reynosa  stretching out across Tuesday night and into late Wednesday morning, seizing a total of 76 rifles, six each 40mm grenade launchers, 12 each 40mm grenades, drugs and vehicles.

Tuesday night at a residence in  Hacienda de las Fuentes colony, Sector 4 near the intersection of calles Quebec and Liverpool, soldiers seized 22 rifles, two each 40mm grenade launchers, four each 40mm  grenades, three kilograms of crystal methamphetamine, 415 small packages of cocaine, 714 small packages of marijuana, 3,000 marijuana cigarettes, weapons magazines, ammunition and one vehicle.

Just after midnight Wednesday in  Los Caracoles colony, a Mexican Army patrol was fired on by armed suspects who were moving aboard nine vehicles, who then immediately fled the scene, apparently abandoning their vehicles.

Following that incident soldiers seized 19 rifles, one pistol, three grenade launchers, three each 40mm grenades, 103 weapons magazines, ammunition, 10 kilograms of marijuana and the nine vehicles.

Eight hours later at 0840 hrs also in  Los Caracoles coloy, a Mexican Army road patrol found one vehicle abandoned with one suspect dead inside.  Soldiers also seized 10 rifles, five grenades and 67 weapons magazines.

At about 1100 hrs in Riberas del Bosque colony soldiers located an abandoned vehicle which contained  25 rifles, two grenades, two 40mm grenade launchers, 2,100 rounds of ammunition and 12 weapons magazines.

A news story which appeared Wednesday afternoon in the online edition of Milenio news daily said that numerous shootouts had taken place throughout the city and that local criminal gangs were uimplementing road bloacks in various points in the city.

In one incident, according to the article, armed suspects entered an OXXO convenience store demanding car keys from customers so their vehicles can be used to block roads.  The story failed to say where that incident took place or whether it was just one of many.

Another part of the news report said that large convoys were reported moving in Reynosa.

All of these reports were gleaned from Twitter and other social media.

A separate Milenio news report hinted that Reynosa mayor José Elias Leal had at least discussed asking for either more army reinforcements or a curfew in the municipality, but denied actually making a request for either.

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Templarios Financial Officer: Yes, Confirms Government We took the body from the wake

Chivis Martínez for Borderland Beat

Last Saturday  I wrote a post regarding the rumor of soldiers taking the body of a Templarios financial officer, just an hour before the cremation of the deceased man,  Samer Joseph Servin Juarez aka “El Rigoberto" .

An extraction:

"The story being reported is a group of Mexican army soldiers, burst into a Morelia Michoacán  funeral home and took the body.  In the presence of family and friends, the body was placed on a stretcher by soldiers, placed in a van, and driven away.

He was to be cremated on Wednesday at 6PM, and as the story goes, the body was taken an hour prior to the cremation.  The body was taken to Michoacán state PGJE facilities,  where a premier diagnostic laboratory resides, among other diagnostic tests conducted there is  DNA testing.

The DNA testing of Nazario Moreno, El Chayo, and Francisco Galeana, El Pantera, among others was conducted at this facility.

In speculation, it is possible that upon learning of the pending cremation of the deceased, authorities wanted to extract DNA.   There is such a deep mistrust by the people of Michoacán, pertaining to information issued from  the government, by both states and federal governments.

As it turns out the rumor was true:

Federal officials confirmed that the death of Servin Juarez, Caballeros Templarios financial officer working for Kike Plancarte in Morelia.  the death  was due to a cardiac arrest due to complications of diabetes mellitus.

Last Wednesday autodefensa groups reported his death when he was in a hospital in Morelia, Michoacán. 

That 23 members of the Army stormed the funeral home and took the body of  Servin Jurez.

State authorities claim the family was trying to conceal the death before cremation, the body was taken just one hour before scheduled cremation.

To the surprise of those attending the wake, the military took the body on a stretcher and it was taken to facilities justifies the Attorney General of the State (PGJE).

Ship Connected To the Caballeros Templarios Seized With 68,000 Tons of Minerals in Michoacán

Alfredo Castillo, the Commissioner for Security and Integral Development of Michoacán, informed that they seized a ship on Tuesday night around 23:00 hours carrying more than 68,000 tons of minerals, which was illegally extracted from the state of Michoacán.

In coordination with the Servicio de Administración Tributaria (Equivelant to the IRS), the Mexican Navy, the Secretariat of Economy, and the Center for Research and National Security (CISEN), an operation was implemented at Aduana (Customs) de Manzanillo, Colima, bordering the state of Michoacán.

After the Order for the Verification of Goods of Foreign Trade Transportation, a search was conducted on the boat named “Jian Hua”, which was carrying more than 68,750 tons of iron ore, which is worth tens of millions of pesos.

It should be noted that in order to export iron ore, a Previous Export Permit needs to be issued by the Secretariat of Economy and the company needs to notify with Padrón Sectorial de Exportación which the Servicio de Administración Tributaria issues.

Intelligence work determined that the perpetrators used a permit issued by the Secretariat of Economy, which does not cover the transportation of iron ore on ships; they also confirmed that the alleged location where the mineral was mined does not match the one stated on the permit.

Therefore, the Secretariat of Finance made the provisional seizure of the iron ore being transported on the ship.

Authorities proceeded to secure the boat as well as announcing the detainment of the likely perpetrators, but did not specify the number of perpetrators.

Castillo explained that over the strategy that has occurred in the state, they have intercepted about 200,000 tons of ferrous material.

“We will continue weeding out the financial sources of this criminal group”, the commissioner concluded.

Those responsible will have 30 days to submit a permit from the Secretariat of Economy that will cover the mineral found on the ship.

If it is confirmed that the company made an illegal extraction of minerals, the PGR will look into the charges arising from the probable theft of property owned by the nation.  

Sources:  24 Horas, Mi Morelia

If Detained Autodefensas Aren’t Released, We Will Block All of Michoacán: José Manuel Mireles

By: Antonio Ramos

April 29, 2014— After a meeting between members of the General Council of the Autodefensas of Michoacán, the autodefensas set out strategies and plans in order to force the liberation of their comrades who are currently being detained; among the plans was a total blockade of the state of Michoacán on May 1, if authorities fail in their agreements.

In an exclusive interview, José Manuel Mireles Valverde stated that a statewide blockade was agreed upon on May 11 if their fellow detained comrades, who have been detained since March 2013, aren’t released.

“If all of the autodefensas who are currently detained (for carrying a weapon in order to protect their own and families’ lives) aren’t released by the May 10th deadline, we will block the state of Michoacán”.

The coordinator of the autodefensas of Tepalcatepec said that to enter into legality is another key point in the movement; he warned that they run a “grave danger”.

He recalled an incident that occurred a few days ago in which a motorcyclist shot a comrade at close range.

He also indicated that the autodefensas don’t have a problem with disarming but the first thing that needs to happen is for the the rule of law in Michoacán to be established and to clean the state of Knights Templar members, he said.

Dr. Mireles informed Borderland Beat that “the families of the detained autodefensas plan  to block the roads of Michoacán IF the detained autodefensas aren’t released by May 10; this was one of the agreements that we agreed on with the federal government that wasn’t written down”

So in a way it’s a way that the autodefensas can protest against the arbitrary detainment of their the lemon pickers and comrades…to show support for them and their families.

Source: Mi Morelia

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Reynosa explodes: 14 die

A total of 14 individuals, including two Policia Federal units were killed Tuesday in armed confrontations in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, according to Mexican official news accounts.

A news release published by the state government of Tamaulipas on the state website said that three separate encounters were recorded in the city.

The gunfights began at 1200 hrs in Beaty colony when an armed group attacked a Policia Federal road patrol.  Two unidentified Policia Federal agents died in the encounter, one at the scene and the other later while receiving medical attention.

An attempt by a Mexican Army unit to respond to the gunfight was attacked by armed suspects traveling aboard a Ford Lobo (F-150) pickup truck, presumably near the area of the first encounter.  Army return fire killed all four unidentified attackers.

Two others were found dead aboard two separate vehicles, hit by stray gunfire from the firefight.  Both victims were in their 20s.

Later on, a Mexican Army patrol encountered armed suspects traveling aboard a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck in Aquiles Serdan colony, killing all six by return gunfire.

Criminal gangs inside the city blocked roads to  slow security forces response to the fighting.  Blocks were reported on the Reynosa-Matamoros highway, on Bulevar Morelos in Ampliacion Rodriguez colony, Libramiento Monterrey in José Lopez Portillo colony, on Libramiento Monterrey in Las Cumbres colony,  on Bulevar Morelos in Petrolera colony and on Bulevar Hidalgo in Longoria colony.

The Mexican Army also claimed a total of 10 rifles, accessories, ammunition, weapons magazines and two vehicles were seized following the gunfights.

Fighting in Reynosa has exploded because a top drug gang leader, identified only as El Mono was executed Monday, presumably by Gulf Cartel shooters.  Cartel related messages on narcoboards indicate that the drug gangs inside the city were vowing revenge for the killing.

Chris Covert writes Mexican Drug War and national political news for and  He can be reached at

Today's Reynosa Siege in Photos

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Readers sent me in these photos from the violence that occurred today in Reynosa leaving a balance of at least 14 dead.

Badanov has the story and will post it shortly.

One reader that sent the most photos in said this :"Los metros are taking control of the entire city burning down houses of other factions of the cartel claiming they're responsible for the increased kidnappings and violence, they're taking out whoever doesn't get in line with them, along with their whole family, were talking little girls and boys too."

To the BB reader, thank you for the photos and info alert, may you and your family be safe....Chivís

 Video from today
Reynosa Photos:

Dead civilian in red truck

click on to enlarge

2500 Human Remains found in Coahuila not 500-So says the State

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

The Coahuila state attorney reported yesterday an error in calculation of remains discovered in the “massive search” conducted in January, it was reported at that time the human remains were that of up to 500 people, but the actual number, according to Coahuila state Ruben Moreira administration, is 2500.

Governor Moreira is the brother of the shamed former Coahuila Governor and National PRI president, Humberto Moreira. The former governor was named by forbes as one of the most corrupt of 2013.
The highly touted, but results never proven,  January search was conducted in northern Coahuila in the Five Springs area, and other cities such as Monclova, Acuña and Piedras Negras, where locations of mass murder atrocities and narco fosas are known to exist.

At the time of the search, it was reported by the state, that the state of the art equipment and elite forces would be utilized, used to comb the 50 thousand square kilometers in 12 days.  With what appeared to be cursory search team of soldiers.  

An amazing miracle of  accomplishment.

At the end of the 12 days, the state announced they would conduct DNA studies.  Many questioned the integrity of that statement.

The state refrained from labeling the vast difference in number of remains discovered as a mistake of calculation, it just slipped the revised numbers sans explanation during the press release.  The attorney general simply issued the statement in reference to the “DNA” studies, saying the human remains totaling 2500 were collected and studied, however nearly 89% of the remains were damaged due to incineration, consequently damaged which ended any hope of testing.

In other words, 2000 additional remains more  than 3 months ago.  

And no explanation.
In Allende the destruction and killings left the city with dozens of destroyed buildings and ranches,  it is estimated 300 people were killed in Allende alone in a Zetas "settling of scores"
Another point of controversy, is the issue of the state's January announcement,  that the search would include a wide area including cities from the north border to Monclova.  A immense land area.

Yesterday the state now contends, the search was for a sole purpose, to locate the remains of victims killed in the Allende mass killing of 2011, and the hundreds of people missing in the five springs area. The siege resulted in a Zetas "settling of accounts", from a drug transfer, funds absconded, deal  gone very bad.

So, why did the state waste resources searching in other cities outside the area of the 2011 siege? And in Piedras Negras, equipment and men were transported to the  prison because of the claim of one prisoner in Monclova, who said the  many are buried in fosas inside the prison.  They found none.

This search was considered a shameful sham by Coahuila victims groups, who in 2012 separated themselves from the governement because of broken promises and fabrications.  They called the search invalid, primarily because the set protocol of handling evidence was not adhered to.  Sloppy work resulting in the compromise of evidence.  Another aspect was the press and witnesses were to be allowed to follow the search.  The press was called to capture small snippets of the search, which residents called staged photo ops.

To the Coahuilense the purpose for the search, has never been in much question.  If the government  can produce “proof, they can thereby “solve” the 500  murders of Allende.  

Case closed.

Monday, April 28, 2014

REYNOSA:Comandante Mono Executed, Narco Cartulina Left with Body

Borderland Beat

Manta text Translation [by 777]:

This is what was causing harm to the people and
the government and it is further proof that the CDG
doesn't allow extortion, kidnappings, and harming the population
or fighting against the government.

This person's name is Erick or El Mono. 

He was the one causing trouble.
The Gulf Cartel is here to protect the population and finish off
all the kidnappings, extortion, robberies, and
killing of innocent people.
P.O.S like these have no place in this cartel.

People of Comanadante Metro 3 and Metro 4
Plaza Reynosa
Atte: Los Metros

 Source: MenyTimesBlog and posted by "777" on Forum

5 killed, 3 injured in CAM Autodefensas Clash with "Pseudo ADs"

Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat
Chivis Note: I have edited my original post, I have heard from Dr Mireles who says they are in position and he looks forward to taking Lazaro Cardenas it has not yet happened.  He says, 18 Templarios were arrested, 4 killed, 3 wounded at the scene, and 5 fled.  He happened to be in the vicinity by chance he had a meeting until 4PM when the call went out from his "compañeros" for help. The autodefensas union, through Dr Mireles wants it known that this advance was not authorized.  Each advance into cites are planned for and voted on before being carefully executed, this advance was not.  The ADs advanced independently on the initiative of the Caleta autodefensas. Unfortunately, because of what transpired, the advance planned for today will be postponed.

Post below..
CAM Autodefensas  led by Dr Mirles (CAM is their acronym ) continues their surge of taking control of cities and communities before the May 10th imposed disarmament date set by the state government. 

Playa Azul and La Mira are two additional cities now controlled by CAM, AD’s.

However one group of CAM of Caleta de Campos, encountered a group at a blockade that were  “False Autodefensas” who call themselves “Occupation La Mira”.  As CAM  form approached the blockade the La Mira group began shooting initiating a 20 minute clash that resulted in at least 5 dead, 4 at the scene and one in route to the hospital, 2 seriously injured, and 10 arrested.

Grillonautus is reporting that the La Mira group were Templarios.
CAM held the 10 for federal forces who arrived and took control of the situation.  

The shootout began at 5PM in the town of Chuquiapan, in Lázaro Cárdenas.  As the CAM autodefensas advance, the entire port area is heavily flooded with CAM autodefensas, and federal forces, including the Marina, who are accompanying CAM as they work to take control of cities.  No state agencies are involved.

While the Michoacán commissioner Alfredo Castillo has released a schedule of  the initial  process of disarmament or registration, beginning on Tomorrow April 28th, for its part the EPN administration spokesman Osario Chong insists they have no plans to disarm and have not issued an ultimatum.  He further states, in speaking of working with autodefensas, “we have accomplished more than we could have anticipated, it has been surprising”.  

One can't help be wary of anything Chong says in the affirmative with respect to CAM.  He has  spoken out of both sides his mouth in the past, but it was encouraging to CAM.

There is a perception of a hidden message in Chong's  press release.  He said the government is all about adhering to agreements and if there is something unforeseen to consider then it will be addressed.  Those words seem without boundary or limit.
 Michoacán police force "90% in collusion with Templarios"

This week Rep. Sergio Chavez , who was present at the meetings with both federal and  Michoacán state officials said that Monte Alejandro Rubido ,national security commissioner  said "more than 90% of state and local police elements of Michoacán were in collusion with the criminal group of the 'Caballeros Templarios’.  

However, it is logical to think that if the percentage is 90% it must be 100%, as an honest officer would not be allowed to work in an environment so permeated and controlled by Templarios.  In the last year of the Calderon administration, Rubido’s counterpart issued a statement that every city along Mexico’s north border , is in collusion with cartels.  100% of all cities.  Michoacán is no different.

After this event, supporters of CAM established a command post in Chuquiapan and later a large group drove to this city and took control of it, as well as Playa Azul, which already has commenced several patrols on different streets and avenues.

Elements of the Navy, the Army and the Federal Police escorted members of CAM, the latter who indicated that their progress will continue for the 113 municipalities of Michoacán and stated that in the coming hours will meet with “Lazarenses” to and establish the Local Self Governing.

Sources:Grillonautas,  Provincia, Universal, Facebook, Eschema,Cambio