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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

If Detained Autodefensas Aren’t Released, We Will Block All of Michoacán: José Manuel Mireles

By: Antonio Ramos

April 29, 2014— After a meeting between members of the General Council of the Autodefensas of Michoacán, the autodefensas set out strategies and plans in order to force the liberation of their comrades who are currently being detained; among the plans was a total blockade of the state of Michoacán on May 1, if authorities fail in their agreements.

In an exclusive interview, José Manuel Mireles Valverde stated that a statewide blockade was agreed upon on May 11 if their fellow detained comrades, who have been detained since March 2013, aren’t released.

“If all of the autodefensas who are currently detained (for carrying a weapon in order to protect their own and families’ lives) aren’t released by the May 10th deadline, we will block the state of Michoacán”.

The coordinator of the autodefensas of Tepalcatepec said that to enter into legality is another key point in the movement; he warned that they run a “grave danger”.

He recalled an incident that occurred a few days ago in which a motorcyclist shot a comrade at close range.

He also indicated that the autodefensas don’t have a problem with disarming but the first thing that needs to happen is for the the rule of law in Michoacán to be established and to clean the state of Knights Templar members, he said.

Dr. Mireles informed Borderland Beat that “the families of the detained autodefensas plan  to block the roads of Michoacán IF the detained autodefensas aren’t released by May 10; this was one of the agreements that we agreed on with the federal government that wasn’t written down”

So in a way it’s a way that the autodefensas can protest against the arbitrary detainment of their the lemon pickers and comrades…to show support for them and their families.

Source: Mi Morelia


  1. I think they should quit while they are ahead before it turns into the last samurai. Scenario you now what I mean jelly bean

    1. Its better to live one day in your feet then live a whole life time in your knees. Zapata
      Got back and keep living the lie u live.

  2. Does anyone know what "block the state" means? Does it mean prevent people from entering or leaving? If so, how are they planning to enforce that?
    Hoping for a peaceful outcome to this *fingers crossed*.


  3. One concern I have is that if the government kills Dr. M and says "it was the other autodefensas", the majority of Michoacan will believe it.

  4. If this is true, the ADs have entered a new phase in the struggle against the CTs and corrupt politicians of Michoacan. I hope it works. The EPN administration has lied to and broken contracts with the ADs and the people of Michoacan for too long. Dozens of ADs have been jailed and several were killed by the Army, simply for defending themselves against pathological killers.

    Blockade of a major highway is currenlty used by the Yaqui farmers and people in Sonora to stop the theft of water. Water rights granted to the Yaqui people by constitutional right. Large, politically connected farmers and multinational investors are taking water from the rivers and lakes to water thristy crops in the desert of Sonora, leaving the Yaqui people to suffer from the lack of water.

  5. Where is the cooperation between Government and Mexican citizen in Michoacán AD? Government looks like always is trying to punish and betray good people; who try to fight for their basic human rights. Government just wants to control and keep everyone busy thinking how they are going to survive another day.

  6. I personaly don't like Mireles, I think he is just a trouble maker.

    1. Can u elaborate?

    2. You don't even know him?

    3. How would you respond if se of your family members were kidnappwd raped amd killed?

  7. It's do or die, or damm if they disarm and damm if they don't. Tight situation. I feel the michoacan government might do something and by something I mean like kill a lot of A.D. and force them to disarm. I hope I am wrong but both are desperate for change and they are both fed up with the situation.

  8. I don't even know how that could be accomplished, or what good it would do.

    I will get a statement directly from him, because I don't get it.

    HE DID TELL ME that in the May 11 "agreement" the gob agreed to release ALL autodefensas imprisoned on weapons charges.

    they were to be released by the 10th.

    he said it was a handshake agreement no documents were signed, but it was a meeting to reiterate the Jan signed agreement.

    1. Hmmm... handshake agreement? Since when have these government officials ever kept their word? We will see!

  9. This is the info that I have from the Revolución 3.0 (R) interview that they did with Dr. Mireles (M):

    R: El bloqueo de que trata ese bloqueo?

    M:Es tapar todas las carreteras del estado de michoacan para que no haya ninguna circulación de nadie…hasta que no liberen a los presos…que están en cárceles por defender su vida y su familia y su patrimonio…no agarraron a ninguna persona grande…agarraron a cortadores de limón… que se mantenían de eso…de poder trabajar dos días a la semana y tener que estar pagando todavía a los templarios para que los dejaban a trabajar…esa es la gente que necesita toda nuestra ayuda y las de ustedes y los del gobierno también…

    R: What is the blockade about?

    M: It’s about blocking all of the roads in the state of Michoacán so that there is no movement from anyone…until they release those who are detained…those who are in jails because they were defending their lives, their families’, and their patrimony…they didn’t catch any big people… they caught lemon pickers…they support themselves by that…by being able to work two days a week and still having to pay the templarios in order for them to let them work…those are the people who need our help and yours and the governments help as well…

  10. The last time the AD's threatened to shut down the state (this was about disarmament), they pulled a brilliant move and said:

    "We're not gonna be like the pinche corruptos normalistas and CNTE (absent teachers).

    We're only gonna block state and federal security forces from coming thru. Everyone else can pass ... and maybe help us out a little with some tacos, etc."

    It worked. And will work the next time.

    These federales aint too bright and get confused easy.

  11. @ ValorxTruth
    Thank you for the info! What I'm still wondering is, how are they planning to enforce this? What if there are innocent people wanting to leave the state? Will they threaten to shoot them?


  12. @6:25 i personally don't like cocksuckers like you...
    definitely, the AD need a much better leader, with better tactics, and Dr Mireles would be the first one to welcome him, nobody wants to be the redeemer, not even Jesus Christ, because obviously no genius wants to voluntarily put his ass on the line, end up crucified, and put up with big mouthed cocksuckers like you @6:25
    --there is some magic on bloqueos, and general strikes, that expand by word of mouth, like the little insurrections that evolved into the US independence, the mexican independence, all the latinamerican wars for independence, etc etc etc, all without the benefit of the internet, who knows, there might be some waiting for the call to fuck up the mexican satrapy that passes for government but are only US puppets...
    --best wishes to our AD friends chivaaa!

  13. Dr. Mireles for Presidente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. To those that wonder what is purpose of blocking the main highways to the state of Michoacan, you paralyze the main commerce highways and that will paralyze the small entrance/exits. That is millions $$$ in lost revenue within hours and you are hurting their pockets. Mexicans with dignity should follow this example and paralyze MEXICO until the corrupt/sellout president, governors and authorities are GONE!!!

  15. Mexico is never going to get better if these cricked cops are detaining all the good guys.

  16. @ April 30, 2014 at 10:16 PM
    You know how many people have had family members killed and still support the Templarios? It's not unheard of for a narco to rape a young woman and then be forgiven by the woman's parents because he promises to marry her.

  17. Hey good job guy that explained what the vamos a bloquear el estado de michoacan... And good to head mireles doesn't want to be compared to the joke ass teachers and other bs unions "bloqueos" haha.. That's fucking awesome.

  18. Dr Mireles is like Jesus. He is willing to die to save the people of Mexico. He has my full support. Keep up the good work Mr Mireles. If mexico could have but only one hero it would be you sir.

  19. This dude is getting to be a real thorn in Corrupt govt's side

  20. A little different than reported. Dr M answered; the families of the detained will create a blockage. Like a protest.

    many AD were transferred for release processing but the process never continued.

  21. the words of the mexican federal government like the US government's, are not worth the paper they are written on. what use is there on the spoken verbal agreements of white man or the malinche mexican government? ZERO ! next time, go with written and signed agreements, publicized, and ade public.

  22. it is.
    there were two meetings
    one in jan...signed
    one in april to determine where each side was and what was expected and to discuss further agreements.
    the second meeting also had a presser after the meeting. it was there the agreement about prisoners was announced and both side were there.

    Only the prisoners that had weapons charges, and nothing else were to be released. which was the majority of them. the others would be taken out of limbo and either charged formally or released.

    The human rights association determined the prisoners were tortured and starved. the families take food but not always allowed in

  23. --they need to document the problems the people have been having with the criminals, AND their complicity with the police organizations, right up there with the military's suspicious incompetence, and duly recognized by the federal envoys, in writing...
    --that would justify the present situation of having the Autodefensas conducting the operation of cleaning up the state, in writing...
    --the prisoners need to be released right away, not verbal promises ...
    --other than that, would be atole con el dedo, sin atole, por mamones...
    --how would castillo like to be imprisoned for being a fake asshole? and he needs to be kept isolated and without food too, and waterboarded with a cattleprod up his ass, like they do to prisoners all over mexico and CIA prisons

  24. Why the hell aren't Dr. Mireles and the rest of the AD's protesting more about the Enrique Hernández/Yurécuaro torture case!

    The State Human Right Commission did the hard work, and concluded these AD's were tortured in the most disgusting way.

    And how about that fat, Templario, chain-smoking lawyer who's supposed to be representing Hipólito Mora. That a-hole said Mora would be out by April 26th.

    Anyone else remember this?

  25. 8:31 the templario judge whiped his ass with hipolito mora's lawyer, with mora and with BB and you and me, he's got el pri and el puñetas backing, and that is it, next he will be on the supreme court of justice... of the US, that is the hind of justices the teabagger neo-nazis value and appreciate...


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