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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2500 Human Remains found in Coahuila not 500-So says the State

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

The Coahuila state attorney reported yesterday an error in calculation of remains discovered in the “massive search” conducted in January, it was reported at that time the human remains were that of up to 500 people, but the actual number, according to Coahuila state Ruben Moreira administration, is 2500.

Governor Moreira is the brother of the shamed former Coahuila Governor and National PRI president, Humberto Moreira. The former governor was named by forbes as one of the most corrupt of 2013.
The highly touted, but results never proven,  January search was conducted in northern Coahuila in the Five Springs area, and other cities such as Monclova, Acuña and Piedras Negras, where locations of mass murder atrocities and narco fosas are known to exist.

At the time of the search, it was reported by the state, that the state of the art equipment and elite forces would be utilized, used to comb the 50 thousand square kilometers in 12 days.  With what appeared to be cursory search team of soldiers.  

An amazing miracle of  accomplishment.

At the end of the 12 days, the state announced they would conduct DNA studies.  Many questioned the integrity of that statement.

The state refrained from labeling the vast difference in number of remains discovered as a mistake of calculation, it just slipped the revised numbers sans explanation during the press release.  The attorney general simply issued the statement in reference to the “DNA” studies, saying the human remains totaling 2500 were collected and studied, however nearly 89% of the remains were damaged due to incineration, consequently damaged which ended any hope of testing.

In other words, 2000 additional remains more  than 3 months ago.  

And no explanation.
In Allende the destruction and killings left the city with dozens of destroyed buildings and ranches,  it is estimated 300 people were killed in Allende alone in a Zetas "settling of scores"
Another point of controversy, is the issue of the state's January announcement,  that the search would include a wide area including cities from the north border to Monclova.  A immense land area.

Yesterday the state now contends, the search was for a sole purpose, to locate the remains of victims killed in the Allende mass killing of 2011, and the hundreds of people missing in the five springs area. The siege resulted in a Zetas "settling of accounts", from a drug transfer, funds absconded, deal  gone very bad.

So, why did the state waste resources searching in other cities outside the area of the 2011 siege? And in Piedras Negras, equipment and men were transported to the  prison because of the claim of one prisoner in Monclova, who said the  many are buried in fosas inside the prison.  They found none.

This search was considered a shameful sham by Coahuila victims groups, who in 2012 separated themselves from the governement because of broken promises and fabrications.  They called the search invalid, primarily because the set protocol of handling evidence was not adhered to.  Sloppy work resulting in the compromise of evidence.  Another aspect was the press and witnesses were to be allowed to follow the search.  The press was called to capture small snippets of the search, which residents called staged photo ops.

To the Coahuilense the purpose for the search, has never been in much question.  If the government  can produce “proof, they can thereby “solve” the 500  murders of Allende.  

Case closed.




  2. The "drug war" was concocted in hell by Satan himself and foisted upon the world by an American president who was a member of the Illuminatti.

    The drug war is intrinsically evil and always will be.


  4. what did Moreira do was he involved

  5. My god! It has become a holocaust all over again with the amount of bodies piling up! God bless the good ppl of mexico and bring his wrath to the evildoers!!

  6. inglezita englizhita, japonezita, germanizita, and all other zeta maricones, what explanation do you have for killing so many innocent people?
    behaving like the federal police, and the military, desperate for hiding the bodies of your victims just like them, makes me think the whole zeta operation was the mexican military attempt at having their own drug trafficking organization, see: proceso, los zetas infiltran al ejercito, pgr, afi...
    and it did not start with the zetas separation from the cdg, it started with the gafes and other former military elements taking over police operations from the federal police, with guzman decena and the likes, before forming the zetas for the cdg.
    the military and national police are the most interested all over the latinamericas, in hiding the carcasses of their victims, disappearing them, burning, burying, throwing them in the sea, in abandoned caves, this is mass murder perpetrated by government sponsored elements, following the lead of the bush crime family, the nazi style of torture practiced on kiki camarena, a la klaus barbie, CIA agent, in the style of felix ismael rodriguez, all of these rogue CIA agents so heavily involved in drug trafficking and money laundering with and for CIA george hw bush and his children, like dirty chicken hawk warrior president george w bush and his top nazi command, and include mitt romney, dirty money launderer in chief since the start of 80's reaganomics, the voodoo economics school that promised uncounted economics blessings would trickle down on the people's heads.
    the genocidal operations that klaus barbie/CIA started on bolivia, then chile and argentina, have moved to the US/mexico border, it took 50 years.
    now we will see how much of this bullshit the american people can take, on their own turf, The United States of America, and how much longer the criminals that run the US government can get away with hiding the truth and absconding with their ill gotten gains, and secretly working for enemies of the US, with their militias and nazi-american falangistas.
    latin america is licking its many wounds, the US should be getting ready to do the same...

  7. A la carcel moreira

  8. Anyone know what breed of dog that is? It's so cute! And he's the only one putting in work uncovering bodies unlike that lazy fuck next to him with the pickaxe

  9. the fucking state of coahuila did not find the remains of 500 cadavers, much less 2 000, just some more bullshit to get rid of more cases that won't be investigated, going from about 100 000 to 200 000 murders, unsolved most of them, and about 30 000 disappearances, with no bodies anywhere, all ober mexico, this investigation will be lucky if they find that dog's shit, meaning, i think the state government is full of shit...

  10. The job of any soldier of any military/armed group in the world is to kill. That is why it is not surprising to know that the Zetas and other Cartels are efficient at killing since many of their members are former soldiers, police, and intelligence agents. They are trained to kill. Moreira handed the state of Coahuila over to the Zetas during his sexenio. Only after they killed his son did his successor, his brother Pelon, send the Marines to headhunt for Z-3. The rest of the Z victims didn't matter.

  11. Where can somoene go to dna rest if they feel that their relative is one of those bodies found?????

  12. i'm affraid all dna got destroyed during the burning, i have not seen one single piece of bone anywhere yet, this has to be just some bullshit campaign to give el pelon moreira some credibility, they must have thrown some dog food in that hole to make the dog look like he is doing something, bullshit, to steal some more money running this scam.

    1. Dna is still in the pulp of teeth even after burning.


  13. " this investigation will be lucky if they find that dog's shit "
    Funny but true....Look at the high technical capabilities being used in an effort to find every criminal murder committed,,a dog and an axe....It truly is amazing what you can find in a little dry hole......

  14. @4:40 ...and some whores (putas) from the Queen of the Nile's bordello get paid to deny the holocaust, climate warning, genocidal wars of depopulation, hell they'll do that job for free!

  15. The dog is a chocolate labrador/retriever. If I was EPN I would flood Coahuila with every single soldier , marine , that was available in Mexico. I would put a soldier on every single street corner in Coahuila , the government needs to take back what belongs to the people from the mugroso z

  16. @4:40/@4:45 double commas,, double points,, double taps,, both comments are about a same poster,,double D's may wanna change,, anonymously of course,,one of her statements,, saludos Reynosa anonymous!!!

  17. you are naive, the may 1,12:37, all this is just cheap theatricals,

  18. The Mexican and American government runs the drug business. The CIA invents names to call the imaginary drug cartels to blame their shit on.


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