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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Templarios Financial Officer: Yes, Confirms Government We took the body from the wake

Chivis Martínez for Borderland Beat

Last Saturday  I wrote a post regarding the rumor of soldiers taking the body of a Templarios financial officer, just an hour before the cremation of the deceased man,  Samer Joseph Servin Juarez aka “El Rigoberto" .

An extraction:

"The story being reported is a group of Mexican army soldiers, burst into a Morelia Michoacán  funeral home and took the body.  In the presence of family and friends, the body was placed on a stretcher by soldiers, placed in a van, and driven away.

He was to be cremated on Wednesday at 6PM, and as the story goes, the body was taken an hour prior to the cremation.  The body was taken to Michoacán state PGJE facilities,  where a premier diagnostic laboratory resides, among other diagnostic tests conducted there is  DNA testing.

The DNA testing of Nazario Moreno, El Chayo, and Francisco Galeana, El Pantera, among others was conducted at this facility.

In speculation, it is possible that upon learning of the pending cremation of the deceased, authorities wanted to extract DNA.   There is such a deep mistrust by the people of Michoacán, pertaining to information issued from  the government, by both states and federal governments.

As it turns out the rumor was true:

Federal officials confirmed that the death of Servin Juarez, Caballeros Templarios financial officer working for Kike Plancarte in Morelia.  the death  was due to a cardiac arrest due to complications of diabetes mellitus.

Last Wednesday autodefensa groups reported his death when he was in a hospital in Morelia, Michoacán. 

That 23 members of the Army stormed the funeral home and took the body of  Servin Jurez.

State authorities claim the family was trying to conceal the death before cremation, the body was taken just one hour before scheduled cremation.

To the surprise of those attending the wake, the military took the body on a stretcher and it was taken to facilities justifies the Attorney General of the State (PGJE).


  1. the family sits there and in the middle of the funeral soldiers bust through the doors and just runs off with the body???????wtf?

    that's Mexico

    1. VivA El chapo plebe

    2. What part don't you get? Do you expect the soldiers to give a dam about a dead narco and his family? We'll they don't , I'm sure they used the dirtiest stretcher they can find hopefully for that CT trash.

    3. No he was bout to b cremated. U don't sit around and sing and watch him burn

  2. If he's dead who cares who takes him. When they find and kill la tuta im getting a cake and celebrating with my family. The only thing better than a dead la tuta is a video of him getting executed.

    The cartels need to be destroyed. The people do not like the cartels as much as everyone says they do.

  3. I hope they throw the body in a fosa septica to rest in the mierda.

  4. Hey chivis any info on Guerrero Mexico have family out near arcelia gro. That say people are abandoning the villages near and our family is leaving as well a group of people have come in to terrorize the people a lot of violence going on any input on who this group may be or what groups control Guerrero the people either don't know this new group or are afraid to speak . Any info is helpful.

  5. i was informed of a new player in tall this. verry diferent person. that walks among the regular croud, smarter than all the others and alot younger he has discoverded the NEW WAY TO BE RICH insted of fancy cars he owns his own taxis. so hes hard to target by authorities. also has big plans for the city of rosarito, bc representing the GRAND MEXICAN CARTEL as a one. with the objective of buiding a airport to move weight to diferent countries thus taking the middle man out THE US.. creating enough work for all, with the saying .. stop all this bull shit fighting with each other. how do we expect to agararnos a chingasos con los chinos o los rusos pisando sus terenos ala verga alivianense i siganme. les prometo k va ver pa todos. watch for him it may just be a rumor but it would be bad ass if hes out there. so help him out.

  6. maan! taxis, what a great idea, and if he makes the landing strips on the aigropuerto, like da' great city of Chekaga, da' home of da most expensive Olympic games dat never was, he'll be really rolling in the money, must have stolen the idea from bill gates, or the most expert mexican businessmen carlos slim helu or the hank rohn gangsters.
    he should watch out for kidnapper/extortionist murderer, worse than all the narcs put together, MEXICAN CROWN QUEEN OF CRIME, genaro garcia luna, the newly adopted mexican millionaire darlin' of the US, puppet of carlos slim helu, lebanese/mexican, billionaire vampire "capitalist", DFS associate, that never had to wear the charola, his dogs know who the boss, the mexicans never had no idea...
    just to help to enhance the revenue, he can sue the mexican government for the losses incurred on the delay since he came up with the idea, to finance the starting start-up,

  7. any michoacan expert knows what happened to Francisco Sahagun Baca, DFS commamder and uncle of Martitha Sahagun the second hand wife of Vicente Fox? i have a hard time finding info about him since his getting fired from the DIRECCION FEDERAL DE SEGURIDAD...


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