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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ship Connected To the Caballeros Templarios Seized With 68,000 Tons of Minerals in Michoacán

Alfredo Castillo, the Commissioner for Security and Integral Development of Michoacán, informed that they seized a ship on Tuesday night around 23:00 hours carrying more than 68,000 tons of minerals, which was illegally extracted from the state of Michoacán.

In coordination with the Servicio de Administración Tributaria (Equivelant to the IRS), the Mexican Navy, the Secretariat of Economy, and the Center for Research and National Security (CISEN), an operation was implemented at Aduana (Customs) de Manzanillo, Colima, bordering the state of Michoacán.

After the Order for the Verification of Goods of Foreign Trade Transportation, a search was conducted on the boat named “Jian Hua”, which was carrying more than 68,750 tons of iron ore, which is worth tens of millions of pesos.

It should be noted that in order to export iron ore, a Previous Export Permit needs to be issued by the Secretariat of Economy and the company needs to notify with Padrón Sectorial de Exportación which the Servicio de Administración Tributaria issues.

Intelligence work determined that the perpetrators used a permit issued by the Secretariat of Economy, which does not cover the transportation of iron ore on ships; they also confirmed that the alleged location where the mineral was mined does not match the one stated on the permit.

Therefore, the Secretariat of Finance made the provisional seizure of the iron ore being transported on the ship.

Authorities proceeded to secure the boat as well as announcing the detainment of the likely perpetrators, but did not specify the number of perpetrators.

Castillo explained that over the strategy that has occurred in the state, they have intercepted about 200,000 tons of ferrous material.

“We will continue weeding out the financial sources of this criminal group”, the commissioner concluded.

Those responsible will have 30 days to submit a permit from the Secretariat of Economy that will cover the mineral found on the ship.

If it is confirmed that the company made an illegal extraction of minerals, the PGR will look into the charges arising from the probable theft of property owned by the nation.  

Sources:  24 Horas, Mi Morelia


  1. Freaking templarios giving our Natural resources away to the Chinese. This should be considered a crime against Mexico.

    1. All that money and they can't take a shower

    2. Hahahahahah

  2. At least some levels pf corruption sare owly but surely being weeded out! I wouldn't be surprised if we have just witnessed the tip of the iceberg as far as corruption is concerned!!

  3. Castillo? What side is he on?

  4. @7:25 castillo and pena nieto are on the side of Arcelor-Mittal,the global pirate company that acquired SICARTSA, Siderurgica Lazaro Cardenas SA, the greatest steel works in the world, that financed the privatization with help of iron and finished steel STOLEN FROM THE STATE OWNED SICARTSA, and illegally sold just like the iron mineral seized in this case.
    this pirated mineral pays small miners about 10 times better than arcelor-mittal pays , and benefits many more people than the government who have sold out to benefit nobody but themselves, the idea is that independent miners work only for arcelor-mittal, who is more corrupt and steals worse from the mexican people than the freaking chinese.
    let's don't be dumbos estupidos, this thing about minerals is more about arcelor-mittal cooking deals with the federales against the well being of the independent miners of michoacan, that might include ct, but that is not the main idea, the murder of virgilio camacho, executive of arcelor-mittal, blamed on the ct, for cooking deals with the federales to fuck the independent miners in the ass, has drove the battle against the ct, and the lack of action from the former ct best friends, THE PRIISTAS and pena nieto. who would have thought that serving the interests of a foreign hindu corporation that acquired mexicans owned SICARTSA through dirty deals, was so much more important than serving mexicans.
    --the mexican malinches governing mexico, still are kissing foreign ass.
    --the mexicans still are the mujeres dormidas, and the crying indians represented by the Popocatepetl and the Ixtaccihuatl, i hope their crying doesn't last as long as the volcanoes, but it sure has lasted longer than the paricutin...

  5. So now the government sells it to the Chinese after forfeiture?

  6. 9:53 the small independent miners will not be paid, and that is for sure.
    "privatize everything worth owning, and socialize poverty" evo morales, presidente de Bolivia, that one line summarizes the present campaigns for globalization, now working on the Trans-Pacific Pact and the moving of the internet control away from the US, to safely sanitize and neutralize and keep free of lousy motherfuckers like us

  7. It's about time, Mexico has been constantly RAPED by the Cartels since 2007, petroleum, gold, silver, iron ore, wood, sand, gravel, rock and even dirt, have all been taken by ALL the fucking Cartels. This is why they protect their interests and guard their respective port cities so defiantly..

  8. Lakshmi Niwas Mittal deals with nearly every country on the planet,,not just Mexico..Don't feel victimized,,,again?

  9. @ 9:53
    You took the words right out of my mouth. China will still get the product. Bigger boys will get paid for it. They just have to sort it out then act stupid like they don't know anything!

  10. Michoacán was the forgotten and government federal look the other way allowing ct/lfm etc to control and destroy lives of michoacana for 12 years. They would not protect or control or interfere with the corrupt state government working support of tuta.

    only when autodefenzas took up arms did federal come but then fought citizens group instead of narcos. they underestimate autodefenzas resolve.

    when they fail in the sierras they realize they needed autodefenzas. working together great results.

    we give credit and appreciation to autodefenzas for making federals to do their job.

  11. @7:19 laksmi niwas mittal deals with governments, all over the world;
    by then he has caused enough mayhem in colussion with other dirty "industrialists" to those governments he first drives onto corruption and bankruptcy. all the elements are there for EXPROPRIATION, and it's coming, regardless of the bordello Queen of the Nile's prostitutes defending the global cabal of pirate vultures David Rockefeller was proud to admit he was a member of.
    arcelor-mittal's takeover of SICARTSA stands as a monument to the corruption of mexican government and arcelor-mittal and the much denied by its defending prostitutes, global privatization of anything worth owning and the socialization of poverty, by way of ruinning the good reputation of the US all over the world.
    --any word on the 570 million dollars contracts Dick Cheney's Halliburton extorted from the mexican government on spurious fees and cost overruns?
    probably through corruption and kickbacks, fueled by DRUG TRFFICKING with his bush crime family compadres, before moving on to iraq, looking to steal their oil, raping the US government instead, by looting the US treasury, their most beloved specialty, feeding on corporate welfare from the government the reputards want to make even smaller...
    by the way, bush and cheney never drilled one oil hole that produced one gallon of oil, all their money came from dirty operations all over the world, and privatizing the american people's money, which makes them a plutocratic oligarchic satrapy without par, that on top of being guilty of mass murders, the deaths of thousands of american soldiers under false pretenses, and millions of deaths of other peoples around the world.
    say it isn't so, bitch...

    1. Thanks for your post. You owned that shit. Lol.

  12. Fuck moving weight iron ore is where the money is and if busted you aint doing life as if you were to be caught with ice or coke arriba los templarios and the chinese people


  14. pinche tuta hipocrita...wasn't he talking all that shit about chinos raping michoacans resosurces

  15. 68,000 tons of minerals.... Holy fucking shit that's a lot of natural resources; people keep fucking over the beautiful land that is Mexico, and Mexico still stands..... Stupid ass greedy sons of bitches there's no way that kind of weight is getting stolen without some political corruption; but they are the first ones crying on stupid ass Univision and telemundo when some border patrol agent kills an immigrant, or when texas puts a Mexican death row criminal to sleep. Unfuck yourself, Mexico, rise up!!!!

  16. may 1 2014 @7:19 organized Queens of the Nile, have been defending organized criminals and their criminal organizations, around here, for a while, from lakshmi niwas mittal to carlos slim helu, pays much? bitcoin?
    --remember judas, he was sorry, returned the coins, which the pharisees and the philistines refused to accept, judas even hung himself, i don't know if he asked for forgiveness or if he was forgiven... i'll buy the rope for you...
    --just because the crooks have taken over, it is not over, until the fat lady sings, you know, it just more sharply defines the plaza, the stronghold, the target area, on many countries, all over the world...
    @1:48 stealing was not started by the cartels on 2007, maybe they started taking over from arcelor-mittal's own robbers, arcelor-mittal started robbing SICARTSA, for the benefit of Laksmi Niwas Mittal, hindú, from India. --i don't resign myself to the idea that foreign pirate vulture capitalistas have the divine and sacrosanct mandate to go and help themselves to the patrimony of other nations, by corrupting their governments, and that WE THE PEOPLE have a duty to bend over for them and their criminal intents and actions, not yet...

  17. @7:19 who feels victimized? not me, i don't have anything to win or lose, on any of this rigmarole, my pleasure is on finding a crime, and a criminal once in a while, and denouncing it, here or there, or anywhere, and right next to it, finding a Queen of the Nile claiming rape by a racist, for the defense of the biggest criminals in the world...i'll leave the list for another time, it's too long for today...


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