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Monday, March 18, 2024

Guzmar González: The Civil Guard Is Under Attack

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Every week the police corporation suffers up to four attacks, says Guzmar Ángel González Castillo.

Per week, elements of the State Civil Guard (GCE) are attacked between three and four times during operational activities, reported Guzmar Ángel González Castillo, head of the state Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC).

Despite the attacks, mainly armed, the interviewee assured that there have been no cases of elements attacked when they’re on the way to work or home.

In recent days, Juan Diego Guadarrama, a 28-year-old state civil guard, who was commissioned in the Directorate of Investigation Methods, assigned to the municipality of Moctezuma, was shot aboard his car in the Benito Juárez neighborhood of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez.

The state official explained that attacks usually occur when the police are located in an area or region where some information will be exploited, or there are indications of the commission of criminal acts, for example, related to drug dealing or kidnapping.

"Yes, there have been attacks. We can have three or four attacks per week, which fortunately, because with the training that the elements have received, the results are favorable; we do not have injured people. Fortunately we have not had any events such as attacks against personnel on the way to work or to their homes."

Although three state guards died just over a week ago, in the case of Juan Diego this occurred through a direct armed attack, the other two died in the recent riot at the La Pila prison.

State Police Juan Diego Guadarrama shot dead in his car in the Benito Juarez neighborhood. 
Scolded de Graciano, San Luis Potosí 

Benito Juárez neighborhood 
Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, San Luis Potosí 

Guzmar Ángel González Castillo, head of the state Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC)

Pulso Diario de San Luis  El Candidato


  1. What's up Sol? I got a question for you if you don't mind. Do the journalists on BB have a chance of cartel retribution for publishing articles? Has anyone actually been threatened or hurt because of their contributions? I vaguely remember listening to the book by Buggs and hearing about a few contributors that were presumed dead. I could be wrong though. I hope y'all have a good week and stay safe.

    1. Threats have come in here and there. But that's about as far as their words have gone. I can't speak for the older generation of writers before I came along. But I have heard the same things you've mentioned. What all we post is pretty much what's already out there in Spanish elsewhere. The only difference being is that we're doing it in English for everyone that doesn't know Spanish. Granted we do get exclusive info from paranoid people involved periodically though. Some of those videos or articles weren't seen by anyone else before us. Not that it mattered much considering that everyone else was quick to run with them once they got their hands on it.

    2. I was mindblown when yall got sued by a Valencia if I'm not mistaken and the site was shut down. I took that to mean he wouldn't dare try violence or intimidation on US soil so he hid behind lady Justice's skirt and sued. The irony to me is he was probably pissed that he had to resolve it in a civilized US court of law instead of violence. Anyway, I appreciate what you all do. Part of my daily routine is check the site every few hours. If I have free time, I like to read old archive articles. The comments didn't age well.. Ex. "Zetas are going to own all of Mexico by 2013" or "Chapo will never get caught again!" Much love from Ohio and thank you for volunteering your time to keep those who want to learn informed. God bless!

    3. Do we really need to be reminded of a lawsuit, that seansesn knows already.
      Be happy the frivolous lawsuit was dismissed., which was years ago. And with a little tarnish ,life goes on for a prosperous future, in which Sol and the contributors have done an outstanding job.

      El Nemesis

    4. 4:29

      Over a decade ago, before Sol was here, a female contributer disappeared but the exact cause was never established. Buggs also mentioned it in an interview.

    5. 1:33

      I think it was Iliana from BB that disappeared, she wrote the article Dia de la Coneja.

    6. Rise Makaveli

  2. La pila prison is ran by los alemanes cartel...these recent attacks are probably from CJNG bolica who are at war with los alemanes

  3. Who is this Seanessean216, he rarely comes in to comment, and gives blunt questions, for all you know he can be one gathering Intel on how to shutdown the website. I'm not paranoid but some knoukle head just recently in the comments asked point blank for Sol to give out his location.

    1. 10:00
      If you'll recall, the commenter needed sr. Sol's exact address so he could send sicario 006 over to cover his six and play guardian angel while our erstwhile author branded cattle or fed the pollitos or however it is folks kick it on their ranchitos..
      Might be an awkward pairing at first, since Sol has opined his displeasure for 006's Sinaloenses paymasters, but real bros can put the petty politics aside, keep the conversation light, talk story about girls and sports, bond, and get each other through this rough patch..
      Some people, not me, but some people have suggested that folks that write:
      "I'm not paranoid but.." might be sending a message open to misinterpretation..

    2. @10:00pm
      You right you got people that rarely comment and try to blend in to ask awkward questions to the moderator.
      I think Sol is smarter than to give out pertinent information over the open airwaves.


    3. 10:00
      You don't need to ask questions to get a location. You can do it with public domain info - even if they're using a pseudonym - but I'm not going to tell you how.

    4. 10:00 how long have you been on this website?

    5. 2:14. Thirty years.

  4. I have to say to my cousin Berlin carrer police (now works on Hauppolizeiakademie Berlin) as profesor to change land where he works because in Germany he drives Mercedes and police in Mexico could earn for Porsche

    1. "I was washing my truck in Tijuana, minding my own business in plain clothes, in broad daylight, the video at the neighbors, captures my impending death, I worked for law enforcement.
      I was in my 30s, I was ambushed, I was about to run, but the Sicario got me, so fast, that I fell face down, and never had a chance to shoot back, as I was cowardly ambushed, I couldn't move anymore as blood was draining, I leave a family behind and soon I will be forgotten.
      Mexico lindo I will deeply miss."

    2. If someone was bold and uneducated enough to even ask sol for his location etc then he's clearly not one of the "good guys" . Luckily sols not a spring chicken and would NEVER be foolish enough to give out even his general zipcode or municipality he's located in. Anyone who knows him enough to know wouldn't have to ask especially on a public forum

    3. @9:50
      I saw that video it happened a week ago, man you got to have cameras to record killers nowadays.


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