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Monday, March 18, 2024

Authorities Arrest Jairo de Jesús, Inmate Who Escaped From Prison During Culiacanazo Fiasco In 2019

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Jairo de Jesús

It was elements of the State Police who made the arrest.The subject also had an arrest warrant against him.

The authorities notified the arrest of the subject who escaped from the Aguaruto Prison in the wave of violence derived from the first capture of Ovidio Guzmán López, son of Joaquín Guzmán Loera, alias “El Chapo”.

According to the report from the Ministry of Public Security, the detainee spent 5 years evading justice after escaping on October 17, 2019, when Guzmán López, also known as “El Ratón” was apprehended in the capital of Sinaloa.

The report states that elements of the State Police went to the Lomas de San Isidro subdivision to respond to a report of a fight, in the vicinity of a shopping plaza.

At the scene, the uniformed officers saw two people in the middle of a fight, who, upon realizing the police presence, took evasive action.

However, the agents pursued them. They were able to arrest one who was suspected of being under the influence of some substance.

The police took the detainee to police headquarters, where he provided a false name, but administrative personnel doing intake realized the lie. They managed to identify him as one of the escaped inmates during the Culiacanazo fiasco. 

Likewise, they saw that he had an arrest warrant against him for allegedly having participated in various bank and commercial store robberies.

The subject was left at the disposal of the corresponding authorities, who would determine the direction of the legal situation.

A motorcycle was also seized at the place of arrest, which the detainee used to get to the plaza. 

Lomas de San Isidro neighborhood 
Culiacán, Sinaloa


  1. Brilliant criminal

  2. Ya think you would have left the state at least.

    1. was longer free than his boss

    2. This foo was a bank robber and commercial store robber not a cartel member. Read the article tonto

    3. 12:48 ok marijuano.

    4. 4:05 ok Panson

  3. WTF he escaped prison, was already convicted and they still cover up his face, unbelievable how criminals have more rights than victims.


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