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Friday, March 22, 2024

Cowards Left One Of Their Gunmen Behind

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In the state of Sonora, a group of armed civilians from the Los Ponchis / Salazar mob send a statement to the citizens in the towns of Caborca, Sonoyta, Pitiquito, and San Luis Rio Colorado. This is due to the wave of violence in the region.

Video translation is as follows:

Good afternoon to all the citizens in the state of Sonora. As well as the government corporations in the towns of Altar, Caborca, Pitiquito, Sonoyta, San Luis Rio Colorado and its surroundings. 

I am sending you this statement to let you know that the main generators of this war are characters who aren’t even locals from this state. 

People who, due to their greed and misdeeds, have caused the death of innocent civilians here. We are here to protect the terrain from scumbags and traitors from the mobs of Los Deltas and Pelones. 

Omar Feliz Loaiza aka El Pelón, Eric Cabrera Cabrera aka Delta 1, Martin aka Delta 7, Adelmo Niebla aka El Memo or G3, Eliazar Pulido aka Delta 10. 

We’re coming after every one of you guys. Because the state of Sonora has its owner. We have here with us a witness.

What’s your name?

Captive: Francisco Valenzuela. 

Where are you originally from?

Captive: Mazatlán, Sinaloa. 

Who recruited you?

Captive: Los Pelones. 

Under whose command? 

Captive: Delta 7 and Delta 1

This will be the fate of every faggot that’s in league with them…

Mexico Código Rojo


  1. Video is safe for everyone to see.

  2. El Memo Adelmo Niebla is a big boss.

    1. He has been kicking the Salazars ass all over Sonora! Salazar should know now to leave him out of these call out videos. El Memo is the Salazars daddy at this point lol

    2. 903 LOL yeah sure kid

    3. 10:02 he’s not lying Salazar tried going for his turf years back and got sent back in body bags Chapo eventually got them to squash it

    4. In SLRC, Sonoyta, Hermosillo and in Navajoa! I got a strong assumption Memo left a relative Salazar at a funeral home.

    5. 12:31 that's was trinis

  3. Seems like chapitos went the mayo route and let all their subgroups in their regions Duke it out. Remember the La Paz damaso vs mayo conflict? While lic was in el dorado free as a bird

    1. 900 sapitos fangirl in denial

    2. 10:03am if you know anything about cds they been doing that for a while

  4. Instead of the government making a statement for Sonora citizens, the cartels do...Very backwards country.

    1. In a NON-backwards country, the citizens make their own statements, bypassing both their governmental and cartel overlords..
      Somebody's gotta step up and show a set of balls, besides just those super-brave journalists who risk it all to pull back the curtain and expose these pigs..
      Get your shit together mesicans, dar el grito!

    2. 1220

      Out fkn government has us jump 5 hoops to apply for purchase of a gun, we have to travel far, to go to the one gun store, that the only one in Mexico, then one of the many rules, to stay at home for home protection.
      All the while the funk criminals carry high powered weapons, what the hell is a 38 gun, going to do against that firepower

  5. Traen Mostro y toda la cosa

  6. Seems to me like Pelon 08 is whooping on the independents

  7. Pelones are a bunch of meth headed individuals. They are big problem in the region.

  8. Interesting.

    Salazares went independent. Does that mean Memos stayed with Chapos? They’ve been independent for a long time with leaning to MZ/Jgl.

    Wonder if they clicked up with MZ.


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