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Thursday, March 28, 2024

Connections Between the Men on "Chapito's" Manta & Kidnapping Victims Still Missing in Sinaloa

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

It began at 4:09AM Friday morning, March 22, 2024; masked gunmen entered a home. There, 4 family members, including a 2-year-old infant, were taken away and have not been seen since. 

Throughout the rest of the day and into the weekend, 66 people in total throughout Culiacan, Sinaloa would have been kidnapped. 58 of them have been released in the days following the abductions.

8 however are still being reported as missing, including those who were taken first early Friday morning. Those who are still missing are likely directly connected or related to four men shown on recent narco-mantas, signed by Ivan Archivaldo Guzman of the "Los Chapitos" faction of the Sinaloa Cartel.

One of the sites of the kidnappings shows a smashed security gate.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, during a morning press conference on March 25, 2024, stated that the kidnappings of the 66 people in Sinaloa were due to a “confrontation” between criminal gangs.

Rumors and news reports from Sinaloa's Governor Ruben Rocha Moya stated that authorities believed the kidnappings were part of a battle between groups of family members within the Sinaloa Cartel. The Los Chapitos faction, headed by Ivan Archivaldo Guzman Salazar against their Uncle "Guano," Aureliano Guzmán Loera, brother of imprisoned former leader "El Chapo," father of Los Chapitos.

"I can't report much about that for obvious reasons, tell you that these kidnappings took place, fortunately, most have already been rescued or have returned to their homes, well, I think there were around 60, 66 and there are already 58 located, 8 are missing," detailed the Mexican President.

A total of 9 investigations have been opened following the kidnappings and release of the 58 hostages.

58 people have already been located (36 adults and 22 minors, both girls and boys) of the 66 absent, leaving 8 people still classified as missing. "And work is being done on that, we already have the identity of some of the 8, fortunately, there are no minors, and this is a gang confrontation," said AMLO. “It is a confrontation between gangs […] It is not against the population in general, it is a matter of groups, and there are no indications that it will affect the population or increase [violence]. “I call for all of us to act responsibly,” said the President.

Governor Moya posted a video on social media Tuesday morning telling people that “Sinaloa is a calm state” and asking them “to enjoy the holidays” in peace.

“Don’t be afraid, the government is there to take care of you,” he said.

Over 2,000 federal agents and soldiers are searching for missing kidnapping victims. One of those, a GN (National Guard) soldier was killed early Monday morning during a confrontation while searching for those kidnapped and still missing.

One of the families abducted at 4:30AM Friday morning was later released. Neighbors have described a van and a RAM-type truck and shouting occurring during the abduction. A blue RAM TRX truck is seen in the gas station footage of the confrontation resulting in the death of the GN soldier. The luxury-performance offroad truck is popular amongst younger narcos in Mexico.

Ivan's Banners

Countering the government's narrative to some extent, several narco-mantas or banners were displayed across the Sinaloa region outside of Culiacan. The banners started by stating that "There is No War in Sinaloa." and were signed by IAG (Ivan).

Secondary banners showed the images, names, and positions of 4 men.

The banners and other messages claim they are being doxxed and targeted for being thieves. They are, according to the mantas, "Leaders of a Group in Charge of Robbing Homes in Sinaloa."

The message is addressed to "All the thieves in Sinaloa" so that they "can feel what families feel when they steal from their homes and invade their privacy. Robbery, kidnapping, extortion, or collection of piso are not allowed here."

"You already know what the principles of the organization are, be clear. Relatives of people who are involved in these crimes, avoid having a bad time and report any act of that nature." the banner reads.

The 4 names and photos on the banners include:

Ramón Alberto Báez Ochoa

Active Sinaloa Ministerial Police Officer

Cristian René Roldán López

FGR Agent (Element of the Attorney General of Mexico's Office - Sinaloa)

Cristian Roldan is listed as an Element of the FGR. Borderland Beat contributors were able to verify social media accounts belonging to him before they were taken offline the day after the banners appeared.

On March 27, the FGR of Mexico's X Account @FGRMexico posted an alert with information for reporting violations and offenses committed by FGR elements or "public servants."

"In the event that a public servant of the #FGR commits an administrative offense, you can file a complaint with the Internal Control Body #OIC "

Eduardo López Gutiérrez

Alias "El Walo"

It does not appear that Eduardo is a member of any law enforcement agency as none is mentioned. However, his nickname, "El Walo" is shown indicating his street name.

Óscar Pérez Gutiérrez

The similar last names could suggest the men are related to each other. However, it is a common name as well.

Family Connections

News and rumors began to circulate about the possible connections and relationships between those four and the mass kidnapping victims. Almost 5 hours after the initial kidnappings, at 9:25AM, 4 adults and 2 minors were kidnapped from their home in the Plan de Oriente, and, shortly after, at 9:47AM, 5 adults and 1 minor were taken in the Belcantto subdivision.

At 10:09AM, several hitmen took 10 adults and 5 minors from the community of La Noria, while a family of 5 (3 of them minors) was taken from their home in the El Palmito neighborhood. Mariquita Dam, in Mocorito, the Los Ángeles subdivision, and the CNOP neighborhood in Culiacán were other areas where kidnappings took place. 

The immediate family of one of the men shown on Ivan's banner were all kidnapped and remain missing, including the likely girlfriend of one of the other men mentioned. 

Aleyda Guadalupe Báez Ochoa - 29

Aleyda Guadalupe Báez Ochoa is, according to reports by Zeta Tijuana, the sister of one of the men identified, Ramon Alberto Baez Ochoa. Ramon is stated to be a police officer in Sinaloa.

She and seemingly the rest of the Báez Ochoa family were among the first taken from a home on Privada del Yaqui St. within the Villa Bonita subdivision. According to missing persons bulletins, also taken at that time were Maria Guadalupe and Eisting Kaleth, a 2-year-old boy, likely to be the son of Aleyda. It is believed Conrado Baez Luna was among those kidnapped as well at the same time.

Before Cristian's social media accounts were deactivated, two interactions between him and those missing were seen. One implies he was a partner to or love interest of Aleyda. Her post regarding an anniversary included the comment "Te Amo" (I Love You) posted by Cristian's account, which has since been deactivated and removed.

On a post, looking for the missing Maria, mother of Aleyda and likely the mother of Roman as well; Cristian posted the heart-hand emoji.

María Guadalupe Ochoa Anguiano - 52

Eisting Kaleth Valenzuela Báez - 2

The father of the missing infant's surname is Valenzuela. Based on this information, Cristian Roldan Lopez is not Eisting's father but likely a more recent love interest/partner of Aleyda, sister of Ramon.

President AMLO had stated that of the 8 still missing, there were no minors. Yet the Sinaloa Amber Alert is still active for the 2-year-old.

Conrado Báez Luna - 55

Conrado Báez Luna is not mentioned among the other three sharing the same familial names, but separately. However, he was abducted from the same area as the other three. Possibly from the same home Friday morning.

Based on this information and the last names of the others taken then, it is likely Conrado is the spouse of Maria, and the father of Aleyda and Ramon.

Iris Johana Larrañaga López - 32

Jesús Regina Urias Meraz - 32

We know that the two women above, Iris Johana and Jesus Regina are still missing as their family members reported their status to the FGR and local authorities after many others had been released. Iris Johana does have the same maternal surname as Cristian. But being a very common name, we do not know if there is any relation between the two.

Conflicting Missing Persons Reports

Additional missing persons, listed as being taken on the same morning, in the same districts, have also been reported as still missing in the days following the kidnappings. But there seems to be no definitive list of names for the 8 missing. 

Various lists include a combination of some different missing persons, with some mentioned on certain lists, but not on others.

The total amount of all of the names puts the number of those still missing at 9, not 8.

Jesús Ricardo Bejarano Covarrubias - 28

Jesus is said to be a relative of a kidnapped woman and three minors who have been already located. He has not been reported on as much as other victims, only appearing on two of the lists.

Aylin Estephania Cardenas Rios - 18

Kenia Adaly Araujo Acosta - 29

Araceli Medina Valdez - 45

Lack of Kidnapping Complaints

The state's Secretary of Public Security, Gerardo Mérida Sánchez, said that some of the 58 people who have returned to their homes have only done so to get clothes and documents, and have moved to live with other relatives.

He added that none of the 58 people returned have wanted to file complaints with the authorities regarding the kidnappings. 

The families of two of the still missing women, Jesús Regina Urias Meraz and Iris Johana reported their disappearance to the authorities.


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      US has said nothing beyond public reports of shooting and arrest

    7. We are currently looking into and working on this story. There are many contradicting points on the Mexico news sites. There was an incident at that Chili's that is not really being reported on so we are investigating everything. Stay tuned

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    The banner even contradicts the unofficial narrative, vy saying there is no war in Sinaloa. I don't know enough about jack crews or whatever in Culiacan, to know if that's even realistic, that dozens of people be kidnapped because of guys breaking into houses?

    but, this is also Ivan's crew, who publicly denied the obvious narrative of their control of Culiacan. Who said we don't feed people to tigers, we don't even own tigers. Again, they were trying to counter a narrative with a more favorable one.

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