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Friday, March 22, 2024

Armed Confrontation In Mountains Of Badiraguato Leaves Three Dead; Two Of Them Beheaded: Sinaloa. March 21, 2024

 "Char" Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from RIODOCE 

Three decapitated people and a burnt van were found in Soyatita, Badiraguato, after a confrontation between rival groups.

The shooting occurred early this morning in the vicinity of San José del Llano.

According to reports, there are three dead men at the scene, who were carrying tactical equipment, and a burned and shot van.

Police forces and the Army, as well as personnel from the Forensic Medical Service and investigators from the State Attorney General's Office are currently on the scene.


LaMasakr3 on X, 

"📸 | follow-up + extension 

Cradle of the Sinaloa Cartel


Via: Brandon Sainz 

⚠️Breaking News: clash between armed groups in the mountains of  Badiraguato; there is talk of dead and decapitated⚠️

➡️Report of a confrontation between armed groups during the early hours of Thursday, March 21 in the Sierra de Badiraguato mobilized police forces and elements of the Mexican army where unofficially it has been said that at least three people have been killed and decapitated, vehicles burned and wounded.

➡️At this moment the authorities are moving to the site where the alleged attack took place, which is located in an area between San Jose del Llano and Soyotita, about two hours from the municipal capital, so it is expected that in the coming hours, details of what happened will be released.

➡️Report states that it was the neighbors of these mountain communities who informed the authorities about the confrontation that occurred around four in the morning and where there are so far several burned vehicles and signs of a strong confrontation in the place.

"🔎 | follow-up + comments 

Those in the know say that the confrontation was between Los Guanos and Los Onceavos.

📸 | follow-up + extension 


Gente del Guano vs. La Numerada del 22.

Two gunmen were decapitated and a message was also left on a piece of cardboard warning that this is how those who look for him will end up. 

One of the executed has been identified, unofficially, with the nickname of Chalo / Chalito."


SOURCE: LaMasakr3     Source:RIODOCE     



  1. If CDS wasn't so damn big and beef with each other in some parts of Mexico . I really believe CDS could take out cjng . Wouldn't be easy wouldn't be over night

    1. 1200 no in they're prime they never took any cartels fully out.

    2. CJNG could have killed the chapitos in La Leche. CDS has no loyalty, they backstabbed Beltrán Leyva & Juárez Cartels.

    3. 12:14 CDS has survived wars against CDG CAF and CDJ and in a sense came out stronger than their rivals . Yes government helped is always needed.

      12:15 well if you believe Mini Leaks version of what happened in PV the intention was always to kill them. The only reason it didn't happen is because 02 got kidnapped in prison.

    4. 12:14 who has actually successfully taken out a cartel? Not a local group but an actual cartel i agree with 12:21 comments

    5. Too many people, and not one leader or one plan.
      They hesitated. That hesitation cost them. The time between 02 being threatened and Mayo trying to reach out was hours/a day.

      They picked them up and were like what should we do? In another scenario, they would have been dead before morning

      when I that story breaking, I 100% assumed none of them would be coming back alive, when all we knew were a handful of Sinaloa cars and men taken from La Leche.

    6. 12:15 loyalty in the drug game ? You must still be a kid . There is no such thing . How did Mencho become supreme boss of CJNG? By turning in his boss. Sounds like backstabbing to me

    7. 12:37 I have always said I really enjoy your insight. I feel like you one of the few people on here with an actual brain . Imagine the power Mayo and Chapo had to have 02 kidnapped in federal prison. Kinda reminds me of Chapo escaping through the tunnel or when OCG and BAF had Pollo Guzman killed in the same prison a few years back

    8. 12:21 those cartels also survived, there is CDJ, CAF and CDG

    9. 1:16 But they weren’t ever the same afterwards even CDJ the Carillos aren’t the shot callers anymore it’s La Linea these days

    10. CDJ GONE
      CAF GONE

    11. I agree with 1:38. Tell me a Carillo that is leading La Linea or an Arellano leading CAF en TJ at the moment. Or in Tamps outside of Matamoros CDG don't really follow Cardenas orders any more . So yes they have weakend after going to war with CDS

    12. 14:38
      El CDG se desplomó por su Guerra vs Los Zetas no por el CDS

    13. Pues si te pones a pensar el CDS ayudo. Cuando los Zetas se seperan del Golfo es porque OCG ya no estaba . Porque lo agarran? Contra quien tenia guerra ?

    14. 3:06 otra cosa . La neta eh leido tus comentarios sobre Tamaulipas y la verdad parace que tu si sabes como estas la movida por alla . Saludos

    15. LMAO @ some of these comments.
      Anyone really think ML was going to admit on camara he was going to participate in a plot to kill however many individuals got picked up in PV? NO MAMEN. Think MF. He's a USA government witness until he dies. Just cause he doesn't show his face on "Ocran Leaks" doesn't mean shit.
      If El 🐓 wanted them dead they would have be. They had been there for days already. Who has controlled PV with an iron fist?
      Look at the first press conference when EPN is asked about the levantón, that MF is shitting bricks because he knows if Los Chapitos are killed a major war will break out. That kidnapping caught everyone off guard because it wasn't sanctioned. The Menchito/2 talk is BS. What was the ration 4:1? Yeah El 1/🐓 had the weak hand huh🤔😆😂🤣🤦‍♂️.

    16. People forget that CDS only won those wars because they had Jalisco / Valencia’s with them during those times. A lot of money backing them with shooters also goes along way

    17. 3:48 💪🏾 💯 🍻

    18. 12:21 cds went full throttle and started working overtime in giving information to both governments on their rivals whereabouts. Not by fighting never by fighting. Don’t get it twisted. Last time I checked cds mayos get their shit taken by the AFO when stepping in Tijuanastan. And cds Chapos where the one who reached out to flako AFO not the other way around. That’s the beauty of owning a border plaza. Work moves up. La línea de Juarez, esa línea no la cruzan los cds menos. Who got defeated?

    19. 3:48 emojis excuses oh yeah cjng groupie out to defend his cartel . Going back to the PV incident. Alot of information suggest 02 got kidnapped. Just because you won't admit won't make it any less true

    20. I mean it’s just generations and different times. Just like before Chapo and before mencho there was higher ranking men in power. It’s just a matter of who’s in power at this current time. Who knows who’s gonna be the next one in line.

    21. 7:35 CDS still has presence in TJ and Chihuahua . Also aren't they fighting in multiple states with different groups and winning? Also if I'm not mistaken Mexico shares 6 states with USA . Which are Baja California Sonora Chihuahua Couhila Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas. And if im not mistaken CDS as a whole moves weigh through all 6 states. So yeah

    22. Mini Lic said that exactly. Said if it was his call he would have had them killed. But the other guys on the WhatsApp went a different direction.

    23. 9:23 Would've, could've, should've. Him saying that is all wolf tickets because he knows in his present existence it's not happening. He wants vengeance but he'll seek it through the arm of the USA. That's how CDS operates on occasion.
      His channel now has a "premium subscriber" option. 🎶I ain't mad at cha🎶. Lol

    24. The biggest thing most people misunderstand is that CAF is split into 2 wings it has its cellular street crews and it has its white collar upper echelons. After the civil war and after the capture of tigrillo and eduardo in the 2010s the nucleus of the CAF contracted inward and put up a fire wall with very few privileged people allowed to come into the inner sanctum.

      When people were screaming CAF was dead in the 2010s, CAF was setting up shop as in cocaine labs off the coast of Peru and sending multi-ton shipments to Europe, Japan and the middle east eventually inspiring other groups to do the same. More of “CAF is defunct” is the partnership they have with FARC in Colombia. That “dialogue” goes back since the 90s.
      In a lot of ways you could say CAF is basically los cuinis with a less flashy enforcement wing, because of the nature of where they are based CAF can never be as out in the open like CDS and CJNG and will always feel heavier US scrutiny, this is why the CAF upper echelons put out a edict banning their people from making corridos and being to out in the open only reversing this edict very recently as in this social media age having to little presence can be just as had as having to much element that element that serves as a recruiting point for the
      CAF inner sanctum that more or less functions as a mafia clan which suits them because that is how they always carried themselves and conducting themselves in this manner has allowed them to recruit other disenfranchised yet organized elements into their outfit.
      The above is a response from a different thread talking about Tijuana, the people saying CAF has no connection to its original members are not from Tijuana and are trying to downplay its consolidation and resurgence as an organization because family was and is a gigantic part of CAF, the number of sons, nephews and grand children of original CAF members is A LOT there was 9 Arellano brothers and sisters plus dozens of old guard top brass capos and associates.
      As for how the AFO persists well the Arellano Felix are extremely wealthy likely as wealthy or more wealthy than los cuinis as they were bigger and far more active for far longer most of the international connections los cuinis took over were originally pioneered by the AFO. Arellano Fleix family has generational wealth for now and 100 years.
      There's also a sh!t ton of family members in the Arellano family they only every talk about maybe 4 or 5 brothers but theres 11 brothers and sisters in total with countless nieces and nephews and an endless number of grand children, almost all the direct descendants of the brothers had to drop the Arellano surname in order to get the DEA off their backs but their clan thrives and persists, the only difference is they have to do so quietly.


    26. 8:37 never confuse presence with dominance my amateur friend. In Tijuana it’s more than clear they do NOT dominate anything or anyone. Dominate your shipments without getting them stolen by the dominant group. Tactics change, goals change, mindset change but the rules set beforehand stay the same. Fighting in multiple states and winning??? Jajaja what a waste of money that was then lol. what’s your point there?? AFO doesn’t need to do all that. Ramon did all that waste of assets and money going throughout the Mexican republic hunting them down. That mindset is long gone. The AFO takes care of home and only home your cds comes to them. Your too focus on the smokescreen. That’s the beauty of owning the most sought after plaza by the cds. Read that again my amateur friend. While your cds fights multiple fronts which they must! If they actually want to at least own routes going north. North is where Tijuana is at. North is where Juarez is at. Acuérdate el jale va’ riba no pa’ bajo.

    27. 6:29 🤫 🤫 🔇 🍻

  2. where does Guano pass his work through?

    He's indicted in Tucson, so must be passing through AZ border, Agua Prieta, Nogales? the rougher land crossing around there?

  3. Damm thats a shity cartulina.. guano step it unc haha

  4. Wasnt la numeradas leader killed in a hospital in Culiacán a while back?

  5. Greed & envy will always be humanity's downfall...right now is not the time to be in the game!Se acabaron los dias cuando se podia gozar de las ganancias!


  7. Don Guano is serious stuff. Pura gente que trabaja y no anda con mamadas.


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