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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Affidavit: Man Wanted To Sell 18 Firearms In Mexico For Profit

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Homeland Security Investigations.

A Santiago, Nuevo Leon resident arrested with 18 firearms in Laredo said he was going to sell the weapons for profit in Mexico, according to an arrest affidavit.

Jose Manuel Salazar was charged with export and attempt to export from the United States, false statements to a federally licensed firearms dealer, false statements regarding information required to be kept in records of a federal firearms licensed dealer and smuggling a firearm into Mexico to engage in or to promote conduct that would constitute a felony.

On Jan. 19, Homeland Security Investigations along with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives received information on a vehicle being used to smuggle firearms into Mexico.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers conducting outbound operations at the Colombia Solidarity International Bridge encountered a black Volkswagen Jetta with Texas license plates. Authorities identified the driver as Salazar. He was traveling with a woman and a minor.

During an inspection, Salazar gave a negative declaration for weapons, weapon parts, ammo and more than $10,000 in cash. Salazar added that he was traveling from Mesquite, Texas to Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

CBP officers referred the Jetta to secondary inspection, where a K-9 unit alerted to the odor of firearms, ammo or money near the panels of the vehicle. Further inspection of the panels resulted in the discovery of various firearms, authorities said.

HSI and ATF special agents responded to interview Salazar. He agreed to provide a post-arrest statement. Salazar mentioned that he traveled to the United States on Jan. 19 to buy household goods to sell in Mexico.

Salazar stated he resides in Santiago, Nuevo Leon, Mexico with his family. Aside from buying households, Salazar stated he also visited two gun shows near Mesquite and Austin.

“Salazar admitted he purchased approximately 18 firearms while in the United States and provided false information on ATF Form 4473, listing his father’s address in Mesquite to complete the firearm transactions,” states the affidavit.

Salazar stated that after buying the firearms, he concealed the weapons throughout his vehicle at a hotel near San Antonio to be smuggled into Mexico. He stated he intended to sell the firearms in Mexico for profit, according to court documents.

Authorities seized the following 18 firearms from Salazar:

*Beretta 80X Cheetah

*Glock 285 .380

*Glock 42 .380

*Keltec P17 .22

*Keltec PMR30 .22

*Ruger Security 380 (two)

*Ruger LCP2 .380

*Sig Saur P322 .22 (two)

*S&W MP 5.7

*S&W MP 380

*S&W MP Shield .380

*Walther CCP .380

*Walther PK 380 (two)

*Walther PPK/S .22 (two)

Santiago, Nuevo León 

Santiago, Nuevo León 

Laredo Morning Times


  1. all small caliber, puras pa'l rancho

    1. No es que sean pal rancho, es por que esos calibres alcanzan fianza a la hora de ser detenidos

    2. @ 7:35 como que "alcanza fianza"
      Por que?
      Por el cargo pesado que es de "armas exclusivas pal ejercito"
      Explicanos don

    3. Sales el mismo dia con esas y con 9mm para arriba es uso exclusivo del ejercito y aun que no es delito grave se te puede negar el proceso en libertad 😉

    4. 8:43 camarada apoco la S&W MP 5.7(mata policía) no es uso exclusivo de la Fuerzas Armadas Mexicanas?

  2. I wonder if they would have killed the seller, and taken all of his firearms. Some criminals are honorable, others not.

    1. If they killed their straw purchasers, they would not be able to get more guns.

    2. 8:10 not really, they kill them another straw purchaser , will be more than happy to take his place, Salazar is now worthless to the cartel, they will go to another one.

  3. Esas kel tec traen 30 tiros de .22 magnum el que las encargo sabe lo que hace

  4. Unless u know somebody, I wouldn't even go looking

  5. Sol, in your opinion, doesn't it seem kind of odd that those are all smaller caliber weapons? Aren't those calibers not restricted to just military? I know it most likely not the case but that would suck if he was selling them to actual citizens for protection. Could it be a PR stunt to show that we're actually trying to stop iron from going south? Btw, I always enjoy your articles and you shutting down cartel cheerleaders. Love and respect from Ohio. Much respect.

    1. The reason they're small caliber is because if you get caught by police with .22 or .380 you make bail

    2. Small calibers can be registered to law abiding citizens in mx

    3. He probably was selling them to citizens for protection. And if he would've kept at it there's that possibility that it could've developed to him moving rifles as well with time.

  6. Six bodies in San Bernardino ?

    1. 8:22
      Yep, this is the biggest news in El Mirage since sliced bread..
      It's located smack dab in the middle of nowhere..
      Crime scene described as 'grisly'..
      Drug deal gone bad?
      The good news:
      Six less humans in the world that were contributing to global warming..

    2. 8:22
      But, but, but, but is it Cartel related.

  7. How can a mexican national even buy guns at a gunshow???
    I thought you needed to be a US citizen & resident if the state???

    Just to make a profit this country sells to undesirables & look at what this criminal was doing

    We should just make it illegal for any wetback thats a resident of mexico to even buy any gun

    1. He lied on his paperwork .he's charged with it

    2. Doesnt matter if he lied, your system of id sucks hard. Even 4year old have driver’s licenses. What a joke!

    3. 8:23
      Hill Billy Joe, no one cried, when your parents were doing moonshine, during the prohibition years.

    4. @ 7:56
      billy joe kind of has a point though...
      Despite his bigamist views
      Seems laws are too lax to even allow this.
      Also how can you even buy 18 guns and it to be legal???

      @ 11:58 is is that bad? Can you give an example please

    5. I agree. If you’re not a u.s citizen you should not be able to buy a firearm.

    6. He more likely was not a US Citizen, have you heard of getting fake IDs.

  8. Where's the youngster spreading gossip, that USA gives guns away? Hope you read this article ..Mr Salazar was doing a big No No, now he is in big trouble. Why didn't Cry-Baby ALMO have check points established, to see what gets into Mexico. SEDENA quick to flask big numbers of guns coming in to Mexico, prevent it. Yes we know you can't stop every car headed South, but don't put the blame on USA or the gun manufacturers, go after the Salazar type trafficking of weapon into Mexico.

  9. The smitty 5.7 only good one

  10. According to ADF360MX channel on YouTube some of those guns if legally bought through SEDENA cost about $1,000+/- bucks. If bought from another person (private legal transaction/transfer) they can go up to $4,300 dollars. Crazy what some people will pay to not go through the legal steps required by the government.
    Ya dejen de jugarle al mafioso tiradorsillos balines.
    I'm not in any way associated with the YouTube channel I wrote nor do I benefit in any manner, I share it so those interested can inform themselves through a knowledgeable source.

  11. A Mexican smuggling weapons to Mexico; now that doesn't fit the recent narrative.


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