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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

National Guard Stays In Ocotlán: Government Of Jalisco

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from INFORMADOR.MX 

According to the governor of Jalisco, the federal authorities will remain in this and the other municipalities where they operate despite the protests.


23 de enero de 2024 - 20:39 hs

At least two protests have been carried out by presumed residents of the municipality of Ocotlán, led by hooded or masked people who "carry" them to key points in the municipality to block roads.

However, on the other hand, several banners have appeared in the municipal seat to ask the authorities not to leave the municipality due to the violence in the communities.

According to the governor of Jalisco, the protests will not be of much use if their purpose is to remove the National Guard and the Armed Forces, because, he said, the federal authorities will remain in this and in the rest of the municipalities where they operate.

This, he said, was agreed and confirmed at the weekly security round table, which is attended by authorities from the three levels of government.
"The presence of federal and state authorities will be maintained in La Cienega, there is an operation that has given very good results. We understand that there are interests of all kinds that are expressed in a peculiar way, but the operations continue. Of course, the National Guard and the Army will continue," said the state governor.
He added that an operation was also set up in the area of Santa María del Oro "where there are disputes between criminals that have generated a problem in areas of very complicated access on the border with Michoacán, for which reason a significant deployment of Sedena elements was made".

After the forced displacement of dozens of families in Tequila was reported, he indicated that the government of Jalisco is already aware of the issue, although he did not inform what strategies could be taken to prevent this type of situation from continuing to occur.

According to the study "Episodes of Displacement", published in December 2022, at least 1,090 people had been displaced from their communities, mainly as a result of violence generated by organized armed groups".

Governor of Jalisco says he is willing to collaborate with the IEPC in the face of the violence.

Although specialists have spoken about the likelihood that the violence in different municipalities could hinder the elections on the next Election Day, the governor of Jalisco said he was willing to collaborate with the Electoral and Citizen Participation Institute (IEPC) to address the issue in this matter.

"We will be in permanent contact with them to exchange information on anything we can do in any situation they perceive we can help promptly," he asserted.



  1. "So what state is the town in??"

    1. Capital Mueblera de Mexico

    2. 12:51 thanks for that tidbit

  2. Replies
    1. Nahh a lot more bigger fish in that town

    2. Like 08 back out

    3. Those are la gallina and el tarjetas pinzon area

    4. 1:48 you are correct

  3. Too bad the GN only sit around to watch novelas play cards and smoke weed. ELMO will be out soon so the homicides will final come down as there will be no more abrazos

    1. I heard ALMO, had their barracks painted Pink. All the while they sit around and smoking a joint, they could be out there, getting rid of Cartels.

  4. Segun los Escorpiones van a buscar una truega con los Metros . Ustedes que cren ?

  5. the gov is in the pocket of CNJG

    1. I don't know about that 506

    2. No its supports the people with the deepest pockets. Alfaro is for sale.

    3. 11:52 is correct, guys like alfaro should put behind bars and die there.

    4. just read El Amo de Jalisco, but it makes you feel sick.


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