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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

The Other Devils Found At Paco Verrugas Altar; One In Tennis Shoes

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Devils on the altar of Paco Verrugas.

Several figures of devils were found in the altar of Paco Verrugas, a member of 'La Unión Tepito', a criminal group that operates in Mexico City (CDMX).

A gnome devil, one in his manger and another with tennis shoes are part of the figures that were found in an altar to Satan, found inside an apartment in the Morelos neighborhood, in the Cuauhtemoc district of the CDMX.

Journalist Carlos Jiménez released photographs of what was found at the site. All in honor of the devil.

Raid on La Union Tepito's safe house apartment.

According to the information that has come to light, the place where the altar was located was a refuge for the alleged trafficker and extortionist, a member of La Unión Tepito.

Intelligence agents of the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) conducted a raid on the night of Tuesday, January 23 and seized packages of drugs there.

Users of social networks reacted with various comments to the altar found in the place and among them read:

Cross, cross, the devil go away and may Jesus come.

Serious question, is it a crime to have these figures so that the Attorney General's Office can secure them?

What does a devil with tennis shoes mean?

Who is Paco Verrugas?

Francisco 'N', alias Paco Verrugas or El Gordo, is the right-hand man of men nicknamed El Barbas and El Tomate, who belong to the La Unión Tepito gang.

The man was arrested at the beginning of January of this year and, according to the capital authorities, was involved in crimes such as extortion, drug dealing, homicide, deprivation of liberty and extortion for ransom.

The arrest of Paco Verrugas, 32, was made at the intersection of Eje Central and Manuel González Avenue in Cuauhtémoc, in the company of a woman identified as Pilar 'N', who was also captured.

Francisco Javier Mares aka Paco Verrugas

Morelos neighborhood 
Mexico City

Mexico City

Excelsior  Carlos Jiménez  Radio Fórmula


  1. "El producto que vende en la tienda de Santanas nos hace rico en poco tiempo"

    1. Es una de los clásicos de Brujería. Sus primeros álbumes fueron sus mejores.

    2. @Sol thanks man.

      Wow. I guess this is what happens when you have too much meth on your hands.....

  2. Never understood why westerners made Pan(Goat man) the "devil/Satan" maybe because he was the wilderness/fertility God in the Greek/Roman pantheon , something that Christians hate.

    1. Look into who the "Fomorians" were...

  3. Keep worshipping shit that dont exist. Fucking fool.

    1. Egregores are very much real. It is the reason why in the Middle East they are immune to western decadence while your atheistic materialistic utopia worships Funko Pops and the other half self destructs through fentanyl/hard drugs, identity politics.

    2. oye guey, tu no sabes la verda.

      The Middle East!? -- obviously you have never ever set foot in the Middle East. Do you like to hang out with Bedouin Arabs and smoke hashish in the Sahara Desert?

      The Middle East is full of sexual decadence and deviance. They also love to blast Britney Spears and eat MDMA while they drink alcohol (in secret dungeons), then have orgies.

    3. 10:39 Saudi Arabia royals aren't the whole middle east.

  4. Evil always lose in the end.

  5. Disgusting. Pure evil

  6. El Jesus and his sicarios will fly in with capes, and kill all the Satans

  7. Devil, Santa Muerte, Virgin Guadalupe, Jesus. All made up stories.

  8. I would get best pshyologist in whole mexico to see whic religion this fella hates most,than for example if he hates (and case is 90%) christianity i would put LAUDATO TV in his room and out tone loudness on 100.Not because i care about religion but just to fuck uo little freak who pzts quota on shoecleaners,hot dog sellers,rexruiting kids to sell drugs and acts as a tough devil guy....i would .give him devil.....albeit...dis doesant autorice me in mexico...for don neto was story that he is in occult and in some villas of Botas Blacas they (but they) said that in some of his villas they were findibg some strange altars totalmente no cristiano but more like "occult",who onows....mayve after he join arms with Zzzzz some of them put him into that niche....El Mamito was known to practice Santeria but i would not consider that at all with anything evil...Santeria is just folk.belive and some.hispanoamerican details and thats it...some harscore fellow chriatians would probably even that called devils gloryfing

  9. Alright, baby satan made me laugh.. Lmao

    Come on now, this shit is just ridiculous.


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