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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Throwback Thursday: "Kikil Caro" And Defendants In Execution Of "Taquero" Say They Are Only "Collectors". March 2012

 "Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from PERIODISMO EN COLECTIVO 


The three murderers of Saul Alonso Rey Soto gave their preparatory statement today before the Second Criminal Court, in which they denied the facts under the pretext that they were beaten by the police for their ministerial statement.

One of the accused, in his ministerial statement, said that they were going to collect a debt amounting to US$50,000 from the deceased, but did not indicate the name of the person to whom the deceased allegedly owed said amount.

Around 1:30 p.m., the three murderers, José Gil Caro Monje, Alejandro Lua Osuna, and Jonathan Jehovani Osorio Uriarte, were taken out of the Social Rehabilitation Center (CERESO) of this city to be taken behind the practice grill of the Second Criminal Court to give their preparatory statement.

First, they were read the accusation against them for the crime of aggravated homicide; then, they were separated, and only one remained behind the practice grids.

The first in the process was Alejandro Lua Osuna, originally from Michoacán and 18 years old, who was read his ministerial statement, in which he said that he arrived in this city about 15 days ago, coming from Guadalajara, at the invitation of José Gil Caro Monje.

He said that he came to Chetumal to travel, but that while he was here Caro Monje invited him to kill a taquero and that in exchange they were going to pay him 20 thousand pesos, with which he had planned to start a clothing business.

He added that at the time of the events, he had problems with his gun, so his partner Jonathan Jehovani Osorio Uriarte was the one who shot the taquero Saúl Alonso Rey Soto.

After listening to his ministerial statement, the accused was asked if he ratified his statement made before the Public Ministry, but to do so he was explained what the word ratify meant, and then he said that the content of his ministerial statement is correct.

However, he later said: “Some are true and some are not,” referring to the content of his ministerial statement.

After this, the accused reserved the right to answer the prosecutor's questions, one of which was for him to tell the reason why Saúl Alonso Rey Soto was killed.

Next, Jonathan Jehovani Osorio Uriarte, 22 years old, appeared, to whom his ministerial statement was also read, in which he mentioned that he first arrived in the Federal District from Culiacán, Sinaloa, then traveled to Cancún, and that on the 20th of March of this year he traveled to this city at the invitation of José Gil Caro Monje, because they were supposedly going to start a seafood business.

But he also said that they were in charge of locating all the drug stores so that they would align with them.

On the day of the events, he said that José Gil Caro Monje invited him to go kill the taquero.

This alleged criminal, after listening to the reading of his ministerial statement, recognized his signature and fingerprint as those on the file and then pointed out: “But what they say there is not true.”

The accused also reserved the right to answer the prosecutor's questions, among which they asked him to say if he knows Alejandro Lua Osuna, the first criminal he declared.

After this, the defense of the accused asked the judge to attest to the blows suffered by his client and he undressed behind the practice grid and showed bruises on various parts of his body, the largest being one on his buttock. straight and measuring around 20 centimeters wide and 30 centimeters long.

With this, the appearance of said alleged criminal was terminated.

Finally, José Gil Caro Monje, 20 years old and originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, appeared, to whom his ministerial statement was also read, in which it is recorded that he said he had given orders to the other two to go to the house of Saúl Alonso Rey Soto to collect a debt that amounts to 50 thousand US dollars.

He indicated that he took them and showed them the house and that he was going to give each of them 20 thousand pesos for that work.

After the alleged criminal heard his ministerial statement, he recognized as his signature and fingerprint those that appear in the file, but he came out with the statement that was read to him is not correct because the judicial officers beat him and that they put a bag in his head.

The defense also asked the judge to attest to the injuries the defendant had; However, it only showed a few abrasions on the body.

With this, the appearance of those accused of the murder of Saúl Alonso Rey Soto ended.

The legal situation of the accused will be resolved within the term established by law, which could be an order of formal imprisonment or an order of formal freedom, depending on the evidence provided by the PGJE and the judge's assessment.

It should be remembered that the three subjects were arrested when they were fleeing aboard a Pointer-type car, with license plates UUL-34-25, in the Arboledas neighborhood of this city, after a police chase, after having killed Saúl Alonso Rey Soto and wounded his son Saúl Rey Galarza.

The bloody events occurred on Saturday, around 10:42 p.m., when the three hitmen who were traveling aboard said car arrived in front of Saúl Rey Soto's house, located at 256 Chunyah Street, between Colibrí and Perdiz, in the Emancipation colony.

The three thugs, after getting out of the unit, entered said home, where they apparently argued with Saúl Rey Soto, who was shot with a firearm, apparently 38 caliber, while his son received projectiles from a gun. 45 caliber.

After the events, the three thugs fled quickly towards Maxuxac Avenue, where they were pursued by patrols of the Municipal Preventive Police (PMP), in coordination with other police corporations.

Likewise, the occupants of an ambulance from the Medical Emergency Response Unit (UREM) of the Municipal Preventive Police heard via radio the characteristics of the car in which the hitmen were fleeing, which they encountered on Maxuxac Avenue. , so they began to chase the Pointer-type car in which the criminals were fleeing, until reaching them on Otilio Montaño and Guanábana streets, in the Arboledas neighborhood, along with units from other police corporations.

But before the criminals were reached by the ambulance, they shot at the unit, without managing to injure any paramedic.

The hitmen, seeing themselves cornered, got out of the unit and ran away, but they did not advance much when they were detained by elements of the Municipal Preventive Police.

A firearm, apparently a 38 caliber, was seized from the detainees.

First, they were taken to the facilities of the Municipal Preventive Police for the respective medical examination. Then they were placed at the disposal of the PGJE, which brought them on Monday night before the Second Criminal Judge under the charge of qualified homicide.



  1. Off topic but this is Chocotorro's(oh zeta) YouTube channel.
    He's writing a book title "the last zeta".

    1. Off Topic
      Steven Knight is writing about another triller, I can't wait to read his book.

  2. WTF? Invited him to go kill the taquero?
    The way he says it just sounds horrible. But yet very nonchalant………

    “Hey Sol you wanna come with me to kill this guy ? Yeah……. I’m just going to shoot him. Not doing any headcutting. That’s too taking it over the limit”

    Rubio NYC

  3. hope and pray that at some point Mexicans can let go of that evil. That the government starts working to help the people. To educate. To make the people feel like they have different paths they can take. It said cause I see that in mexico the people come in different complexions. And height and size. And they use this as a means to put each other down. That’s horrible. Why people put someone down because they aren’t the light skin European looking Mexican. I mean they make it seem like they aren’t the same race

    Rubio NYC

    1. 954 I would give my left for some native blood all these Mexicans worried about there European ancestry is hilarious. Sinaloan German ancestry is about as German as Canada LOL.

    2. It’s called classism and it’s been around since civilization moved into city’s and out of the caves. It’s society’s pecking order and it will never change. It exist in every race , culture, nations , basically anywhere where there people.


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