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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Second Person Implicated In Kidnapping Of Poultry Vendors In Toluca Arrested

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Jesús "N"

According to information, the man belongs to a cell of the Familia Michoacana criminal group.

In a joint operation, Mexican security and justice authorities arrested two individuals linked to the kidnapping of poultry salesmen in Toluca for the crime of extortion, which has become widespread in the region.

Jesús N, 24, an alleged member of a cell of the Familia Michoacana, was captured after receiving a complaint from a chicken vendor who had been threatened.

The merchant filed a complaint after having received a note demanding money to practice his trade, pointing to Jesús N as the person responsible for the intimidation. The arrest revealed connections of this individual with the criminal group from Michoacán, whose function was to intimidate merchants for the payment of quotas in the vicinity of the September 16 market in the capital of the state of Michoacán.

Investigations indicate that if they refused to pay the monthly quota of two pesos per kilo of chicken, violent attacks were carried out, such as shootings and the burning of warehouses and vehicles, as evidenced in recent videos.

Santiago Ramón "N"

The arrest of Jesús N is in addition to the previous arrest of Santiago Ramón N, related to the kidnapping of four poultry workers at a warehouse in the Parques Nacionales neighborhood on December 22.

This worrying phenomenon has led the community of poultry vendors in the Toluca Valley and the southern zone to demand urgent measures in the face of the violence and threats that have permeated their commercial activity.

The authorities will continue the investigation work to completely dismantle this extortion network and guarantee the safety of the merchants and their families in the region.

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  2. Dos pesos por cada kilo of pollo? Is this correct or a typo???

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