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Monday, December 25, 2023

Country In Turmoil Due To Insecurity And Violence

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Violence already has deep roots in our country, this added to the lack of a clear and articulated strategy among the three levels of government, could cause next year to be even more violent than 2023.

In the run-up to the 2024 presidential succession, Mexico is on fire. The 2023 that is coming to an end was marked by unprecedented violence, which is already deeply rooted in society and hurts practically the entire national territory.

The outlook for next year is discouraging, given the lack of a clear and articulated strategy to combat violence and insecurity and the political class focused on the largest elections in the country's history, it is very difficult for the situation to improve.

The insecurity crisis that began in 2006 with the start of Felipe Calderón's "War on Drug Trafficking" has given the country no respite. Seventeen years and three presidents have passed and violence continues to rise.

Crimes, in addition to being more recurrent, are more atrocious every day and hit most of the country's states.

Last Sunday, December 14, an armed criminal cell opened fire at a posada being held in the town of Salvatierra, Guanajuato, killing 11 young people and wounding 14 more.

Without yet finding those responsible, the hypothesis of the Guanajuato Prosecutor's Office was that the massacre occurred because minutes before the organizers had kicked out from the party some people who later returned with armed men to shoot them.

A total of 195 bullets were fired from seven weapons of different calibers. Regional prosecutor Navigio Agustín Gallardo revealed that a criminal group operating on the border between Michoacán and Guanajuato was behind the massacre.

A photograph of those present minutes before the tragedy has been shared on social networks and has become a symbol of outrage in the state and throughout Mexico.

Guanajuato is the second most violent state in the country; so far this year more than 2,400 investigation files have been opened for intentional homicide. It is also a state that demonstrates that the insecurity crisis is not new.

In the last five years, the state has remained at the top of the list of states with the highest number of intentional homicides. For 2018, Guanajuato totaled 3,517 people murdered; in 2019, 4,19 homicides; in 2020 there were 5,370; 2021 with 4,333 crimes; and in 2022 there were 4,329 violent events.

Atrocities and possible solutions

According to the social organization Causa en Común, during this year in Mexico there was a massacre every 19 hours, registering a total of 427.

The states most affected by this wave of violence are Guanajuato, with 57 massacres, closely followed by Zacatecas with 43 and Guerrero with 41, according to the organization's report.

To stop the wave of violence in the country, the organization made a series of recommendations among which are some addressed to the citizens themselves.

"Citizens and communities must demand from local and federal governments the resolution of cases with truthful investigations. There must be sociological approaches to understand the social and local reality that go beyond mere police approaches.

"In addition to sociological and police approaches, psychological approaches must also be added. To this end, the structures and programs of the health sector must be strengthened, along with psychological care at the national level, because the accumulation of violence reflects the serious pathologies that may be being experienced at the social level."

Causa en Común also recommends legislators and authorities to provide a budget for the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims and the National Search Commission to guarantee adequate services and legal and economic attention for victims.

In addition to financing projects that help to document, make visible and explain the violence that takes place in the country in order to generate awareness and proposals.

Finally, they recommend generating alliances with civil society organizations, private initiative and governments to build security programs and projects with the objective of responding to the realities of each community and region of the country.

Gender violence, without preventive measures

Without well-defined public policies and lack of public resources to prevent it, violence against women advanced this year, which could end up as the worst on record.

This situation reveals the disinterest and inability of the authorities of the three levels of government to solve the problem.

So far this year more than 3,000 women have been murdered in the country, and feminicidal violence affects the youngest women.

Despite this situation, local prosecutors only count 24 percent of these crimes as femicides, although the figure could be more than 50 percent.

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  1. AMLO supports CDS all the way so other Cartels will lash out

    1. Funny you say that, CDS has been on the decline. The only cartel that has seen exponential growth since AMLO took over has been CJNG, which is present in 28 of the 30 something Mexican states. Chinolas are split like los Zs, only lacras that are still unified are las 4 Letras

    2. “The People’s Cartel”

  2. Make putin president of Mexico.
    He will not tolerate competition.
    He'll bleed the country dry of its natural resources.
    But it will be a safe country for the civilian population.

    1. He will probably put you in prison or a work camp since el Pootin is not a fan of free speech, kinda like the pendejadas you are spewing 😂

    2. Putin will make the competition be on his side and violence and insecurity will continue unabated. He harbors Semion Mogilevich and other thugs. Russia is not a safe country.

    3. He Putin became President of Russia one again, anyone wanting to run against is poisoned, like has happened many a times, his KGB henchmen do his dirty work.

    4. @11.48 Simon mogilevich is walking in line .
      Paying contributions to putin and bowing his head to him.
      Russia is a very safe country for the normal civilian population.
      Unlike in Mexico where the innocents people are victimized by outlaws.
      In Russia the enemy is known and has rules.
      Don't speak up about government stuff and be safe.
      You can walk safely everywhere without 15 year old kids high on whatever drugs with ar15 taking a special interest in you.

    5. 11:48 you sure about that ever been to Russia?

    6. At 01.00 exactly what has the poisoning of his enemies have to do with the normal civilian population

    7. At 08.35 I have been to Russia and never felt unsafe .
      In Mexico I felt unsafe even in the city of culiacan.
      In the Sierra I feared my life.
      As everyone seemed to be on edge.
      Have you ever been to Russia?

    8. I prefer mexico over russia, even if the mexicans would have 60.000 killed per year.

  3. Mexico ain't going to change in one presidency.If Mexico really wants change there needs to be 3 or 4 more presidents that continue and IMPROVE the groundwork that the current president has . Also importantly is the people have to change our mentality on how we glamorize drug trafficking. It's going to take alot of work but hopefully in 20 years or less we see improvement. Mexico has been a narco state since the 90s As someone that goes to Mexico yearly especially for this holiday season trust me whenever I tell you there is more good people than bad ones.

    1. 9:48 Totally agree with you, Mexico won’t change overnight due to the decades of corruption from parties like PRI and Pan. Lacras like Salinas de Gortari bien agustos con billetes en Europa mientras acá los Mexicanos se matan entre ellos por migajas. Not saying that Mexico is a failed state, it could be worse, but part of the blame should be put on the US and their incessant need for illicit drugs. Texas complains about the cartels yet the primary reason cartels are well armed is thanks to lenient Texas gun laws. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem

    2. 11.55 you have to remember NOT everyone is addicted to drugs in the US.

    3. 9:48 So 18-24 more years of "Abrazos, no Balazos" huh? LOL
      How many states does MORENA govern and how are they doing with desaparecidos and murders?
      Of course México has more law abiding good citizens just as it has more poor than than middle class.
      11:55 Salinas de Gortari is free and spending millions because the current presidente just paid lip service to prosecuting him, Fox, Calderon and EPN. Tanto pedo pa cagar aguado.

    4. 1124 AMLO's term is almost over. Nows your chance to run for president and undo the damage AMLO has done. Tell us about your strategy. How will you lower the death toll, improve the economy and failing infrastructure. What's your plan for the health and education sector? Haber que tan cabron eres.

    5. 8:24 Va ser lo opuesto a lo que tú candidata pedorra y foránea propone. MORENA lo más mierda que ha desgobernado a México. Los números de asesinados y desaparecidos no mienten.

    6. 3:10 So what's your plan? It's easy to criticize. You say morena has "desgobernado" so I take it mexico was better off being sold off to "foraneros" and the highest paying narcos? You think Peña Nieto was doing a better job? Were Calderon and Garacia Luna any better? You wanna go back to declaring war on drugs while siding with this cartel or that cartel? LOL, if you have a better plan then share it. I'm dying to know what it is.

  4. This news agency was very careful not to name the criminal cartel responsible for the killings. Didn't ALMO just finished saying in a Christmas letter, that Mexico is safe, 🤔 who does he think he is fooling.

    1. It was a speech, not a letter and what you are saying he said is not what was said. Inform yourself before you spread misinformation.

    2. There was a letter made, in one of the Spanish news outlets Mijo, in Spanish. I did do my homework and no not spreading misinformation.

    3. 413, really? Where is it? Provide the link MIJO.

    4. 413 ⌛️⏳️⌛️⏳️⌛️⏳️⌛️⏳️⏰️. MIJO, where is the the Christmas letter you claim you did your homework on from the Spanish news outlet that says AMLO said Mexico is safer, IN SPANISH.🫠🤪🤭

  5. The war on drugs is BS, the only thing it has done is brought instability to Mexico. America needs to stop sticking its nose in Mexicos affairs and send all Mexican citizens sitting in our prisons back to Mexico. Rather than waste all that money we can go real high tech to prevent the drugs coming in. Free all the capos!! America brought them here hoping it could cash in on on their finances.

  6. Mexico= a massacre every 19 hours.

    1. That's what Causa en Comun is saying, a masacre in Mexico every 19 hours. Causa en Comun does a fair job of keeping track of the violence in Mexico so there's a reasonably good chance this statistic is accurate.


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