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Friday, November 3, 2023

Two Months After Lefty SM's Murder, No Arrests Yet: Jalisco

"Char" for Borderland Beat

This article was translated and reposted from EL OCCIDENTAL 

Three subjects entered the singer's house and shot him several times.

Elizabeth Ibal | El Occidental

Two months ago, rapper singer Lefty SM was murdered in Zapopan, by several subjects who tried to deprive him of his freedom, however despite the time that has elapsed, there is still no one arrested for this case.

It was on September 3 when Lefty SM, 31 years old, was shot at his home in La Cima neighborhood, in the former Villa Maicera.

On that day, the Jalisco Prosecutor's Office reported that three men entered his house located on La Cima Avenue, and without saying anything, forcibly took the singer to try to get him out of the house.

The singer of the song Por mi México resisted and was shot several times, wounding him in the right leg and abdomen, so his partner took him to Real San José hospital, where he died almost three hours later.

The assailants escaped in an unknown direction and are still at large.

Lefty was originally from San Luis Río Colorado and had collaborated with other rappers such as Santa Fe Klan and C-Kan.

On this day of the dead, his family members remembered him with an altar in his memory, as well as some fans.

Also, this November 2, a song he recorded days before his murder, called La Misma Bandera, was released.




  1. CJNG killing random people again smh Fkn Lames

    1. Yeah CJNG and CDS just scum can't wait for IAG to get extradited to the US

    2. 8:11 hopefully he gets poped, that fool has has killed a lot of people for no real reason, ponk dont know shit about been a boss, like Don Mencho

  2. Did Cjng really kill him? I would like to hear your theory. Why would they go after him. Useally Cartels put narco mantas with a warning that there not aloud in there territory.

    I haven't looked into it but sounds like someone tried kidnapping him and they struggled or he recognized them something went wrong. I would think if it was CJNG, it would of been more organized. The odds are that it probably was some Cjng affiliates acting on there own to try and make some quick cash and if that's the case there probably dead by now

    1. You just read about it, so look no further. Dude made the right decision at the worst of times = resist + die > get took + tortured. And mad respect to him for that!! It’s often commented after a gruesome video, “man I’d kill myself instead of getting kidnapped….”. I read that article; I had no trouble keeping up with this update; I won’t ever…evah evah evah…watch another torture video. RIP.

    2. Probably wifey was messinv with one of them

  3. I wonder who were the mysterious foreigners that went to Mexico to kill him. There’s no way another Mexican citizen would have murdered a rapper with an epic song as “Por Mi Mexico”.

  4. Hard one to call

    random crimes like this, burglary, theft, murder, happen in places like ZGM, but those places are also intensely under the control of CJNG

    no way Mencho obsesses about something like Lefty, but the silence after the killing says something, either they want it quiet, or they don't care enough to solve it, family has no money. but the way they caught him doesn't exactly scream organized crime, only one victim, wasn't kidnapped , no message, usually they hit someone outside.


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