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Friday, November 3, 2023

Juan Gabriel Montes Sermeño "Gaby Sierra" Former Regional Leader Of The Gulf Cartel In Southern Tamaulipas Allegedly Killed In Queretaro

"Char" for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from Valor Tamaulipeco 


An alleged former regional leader of the Gulf Cartel in Tamaulipas, identified as Juan Gabriel Montes Sermeño, alias "Sierra", was shot at least four times in the head while he was on board his vehicle outside a hotel located on state highway 120 in the municipality of Ezequiel Montes, Queretaro.

According to the accounts of some neighbors, an unknown man surprised the owner of the car, once he waited for him to leave the Hotel Real de la Peña, and then approached and opened fire on him; 5 to 8 shots were heard and at least 4 shots were fired at the level of the head, which caused his death instantly.

The alleged assailant fled in an unknown direction, but it was shopkeepers who alerted the authorities so that paramedics could provide medical attention to the driver, but upon arrival, it was only confirmed that he no longer had vital signs due to the bullet wounds.

Municipal police officers who came as first responders, delegated the attention to police officers of the Secretariat of Citizen Security, as it was a state road, for which reason the perimeter was cordoned off and the Prosecutor's Office was notified, awaiting forensic experts and Crime Investigation Police (PID), to carry out the corresponding forensic diligences.

Evidence was obtained at the scene, such as recordings from the hotel's cameras, as well as testimonies of some witnesses, and ballistic evidence so that such information could be integrated to the investigation file.

The forensic diligence lasted more than 3 hours, until the body was taken to the morgue located at the Forensic Medical Service Unit of San Juan del Rio, where neurosurgery will be performed to obtain the data of the deceased, who initially no one identified as a resident of this city, but rumors in the media said that he was a resident of San Juan del Rio, and that he was a citizen of the city of San Juan del Rio.

Finally, the vehicle involved was kept under guard and the intervention of a tow truck was requested to remove it and tow it to the facilities of the Public Prosecutor's Office in the San Juan unit for further investigations and thus find the whereabouts of someone possibly responsible, since so far no one has been arrested for this homicide.

If the subject's identity is confirmed, it would be the same one arrested by the Navy in Guadalajara in September 2012, a capture that preceded many others.


  1. Like a Meme Loco
    Hes the one that made Los Kalimanes in Tampico
    This guy would have known it all from Reyno-Moros-Tampico
    Lasted a good while

    1. He goes back to the OCG days working alongside adan javier medrano/hugo baldomero/Costilla/Tormenta/meme and z3 etc.
      The storys he could have told

  2. Same one from the corridos from tucanes de Tijuana “el sierra”?

    1. Yes same one. That album was made for Gulf and Z. The whole album

    2. There's a lot of Sierras

    3. even z42 and yanqui have their songs

    4. Who’s yanqui

    5. 3:13 more than likely

  3. 6 shots to the head, ouchie.

    1. 4 shots. No le pongas mas crema a los tacos pinche arguendero.

    2. Tu estabas ahi o que , que estas muy seguro que solo fueron 4


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