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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Oquitoa, Sonora: Armed Group Denies Responsibility In A Narco Message For Ambush On Sedena And State Police

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

This accusation against Grupo Delta and/or Durangos is made despite the fact that one of the trucks of the armed criminal cell that participated and was abandoned had the logos of another armed group known as "Los Fantasmas" and/or "Los Alfas".

Armed wing of Los Cazadores led by Saul Francisco Hernandez Tenorio, known by the aliases "El Ponchis" or "El Fantasma" (The Ghost), head of the plaza for the towns of Magdalena de Kino and Santa Ana, Sonora.

The ambush is now blamed on the Deltas or Durangos criminal cell, commanded by Erik Cabrera, alias "Delta 1".

The narco message reads as follows:

"Mr. Governor, we want to inform you that those responsible for the ambush against the military and the state personnel on the way to the town of Oquitoa were the Delta group or Durango criminal cell that is commanded by Erik Cabrera Cabrera alias Delta 1. He receives orders from Omar Loaiza alias El Pelon or 08 from Sonoita, Arizona. This is being done in order to take over the town of Altar, Sonora and border area so as to achieve the transfer of undocumented immigrants. In addition to set up laboratories for the production of fentanyl derivatives. Since things got too hot in Sinaloa and everything is becoming more difficult for them".

In this ambush earlier this week an Army Sergeant died and six soldiers were wounded, also an element of the State Police was wounded. A vehicle with insignias for of El Fantasma was seized at the crime scene. 

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  1. El 8 de sonoyta been around for a long time

    1. El 8 was captured in chilango - landia! Them guys from Sonoyta have been trying to control Altar for yrs! To many groups there.

  2. What does the El Fantasma insignia look like? Does anyone know if these groups, especially the Bravo and Delta ones, hang banners and flags from their balconies and windows? We were staying at a hotel once and multiple guests had these hanging and we weren't sure if they were military or cartel related, or simply just some general club, and have always wondered.


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