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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Kidnapped Colombian Family Rescued In Zacatecas

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The family of two adults and three children were released after a ransom of six thousand dollars was paid to the kidnappers.

A family made up of five members from Colombia who were kidnapped in Zacatecas, were released safe and sound after paying a ransom of 6 thousand dollars.

It was last Thursday when the Zacatecas Prosecutor's Office issued a search warrant for two adults, identified as Yulieth Alfonso and Jorge Alejandro, and activated Amber Alerts to locate the children Mía, David and Daniel, aged 3, 6 and 11 years old, respectively.

According to initial reports, relatives of the victims who reside in the United States were contacted by the kidnappers and demanded a payment of 6 thousand dollars to be released, although it was not specified if it was for each member or for the whole group.

After payment, the family was released in the state of Durango and were located by agents of the Zacatecas Attorney General's Office, with the support of the Durango Attorney General's Office and the Colombian Consulate.

The family is in good health and in the custody of the authorities in a hotel in Durango, while the authorities carry out investigations to find the kidnappers.

They were traveling to the U.S.A.

The family was traveling in a passenger bus from Mexico City to Ciudad Juarez with the intention of reaching the United States, but they were intercepted by criminals on federal highway 45, near the municipality of Calera, on October 27.

The Secretary General of Government of Zacatecas, Rodrigo Reyes Mugüerza, acknowledged that Federal Highway 45 has become a hotspot for migrants seeking to reach the northern border.

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  1. Thats why migrants hate mexicans in the USA

    1. As a Mexican I can neither confirm it or deny it. 👌

    2. Generally, they don't hate Mexicans but appreciate that they were let through the country while being treated with hospitality and respect.

    3. Glad the kids are safe, but this story, and the one that is linked, is a whitewash. A multi vehicle ambush with women and children murdered and a family kidnapped, and they were released for 6 thousand dollars? If it's the woman I think it is then it had nothing to do with money.

    4. They hate them because of how much they are abused during their treks up north..

    5. They don't hate them.

    6. 4:34 Stop making things up.

  2. Could be set up where they pay a small fee to a group to rehearse this so they can get asylum in the usa

    1. They agreed a ''small fee'' to a group of heavily armed commandos to murder their family, get kidnapped, traumatise their children, so they can get the Golden Ticket of living in the US? It was massacre.

  3. They are criminals in there own country trying to escape their bad deeds by getting to the usa, only the problems are following them


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