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Monday, October 2, 2023

Dismembered Body With Narco Message From Comandante 18 Thrown from Moving Vehicle in Acapulco, Guerrero

By "El Huaso" for Borderland Beat

Image: @CharroNegro_Mx Twitter
The dismembered body of a man was found next to a threatening narco message on a street in Acapulco, Guerrero. According to the police report, the body was thrown from a moving vehicle. The name on the message "El Comandante 18", may refer to a nephew of Rafael Caro Quintero.

The body was reported to authorities around 4:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 1st, reported Agencia de Noticias Guerrero. It was located between the streets 6 de Enero and Chilpancingo in La Laja neighborhood of Acapulco.
Images: @lalohdeza Twitter
The message appears to reference a supposed pact or agreement between a rival criminal group and the government. The translated message text reads:

Now see when you go out Esmir Montalvo and Toto if you lack balls we will lend them to you or just keep on asking for a timeout from your dad the government...

Signed: 18 El Comandante

Who is 18 El Comandante?

Over the last several years, many narco messages signed by "18 El Comandante" have been found at gruesome crime scenes in the Acapulco region. For example, in April 2022, five bodies were left in the trunk of an abandoned vehicle with a message signed by "18 Comandante" as reported by Borderland Beat.

In May 2022, news site Criterio Hidalgo reported on a narco message left next to a severed head signed by "Comandante 18", directed at the Cartel Independiente de Acapulco (CIDA), one of two major criminal groups operating in the Acapulco region. The other major criminal group in the region, and likely the only other group capable of leaving dozens of bodies and narco messages in the area over a several year period, is Los Rusos, an armed wing of the Caro Quintero faction of the Sinaloa Cartel.

Map of criminal groups in Guerrero: El Sur de Acapulco

The Rusos plaza boss for the western coast of Mexico, and the Acapulco region, is José Gil Caro Quintero alias "El Pelo Chino", a nephew of Rafael Caro Quintero. El Pelo Chino has previously been labeled by the Mexican press as a main "generator of violence" in the Acapulco region. Therefore, it is possible that this prolific messager, "El Comandante 18" is José Gil Caro Quintero, or someone who works for him.

Image created by Hearst.

Read more about the Caborca Cartel and El Pelo Chino.


  1. Comando 18 has nothing to do with caborca

  2. Good job, Huaso..
    There's certainly been an uptick recently in folks ending up dead as a doornail in sun-drenched Acapulco..
    Couple days ago they shot dead in the street en plena luz de dia, the lady that was president of the bar, or lawyers' sindicato, or something..
    Another lady that was seeing her off opened her car door after the shooting and hugged the ill-starred señora as she breathed her last..
    Killers came in onto the hip La Condesa beach on an aguamoto(jet ski), and clipped a 65 yr old street vendor, probably for forgetting to pay his cuota, and made good their daring escape via the bay..
    Also, a stiff rolled in with the tide at a very prominent playa, giving the bichi chilango tourists a story to take back home to the valley..
    The victim was described as "ensabanado", en vez de "encobijado", cuz it's a VERY hot climate down here, and people don't really have blankets for the most part..
    The local media did well for a long time to keep bad news out of the public eye so as not to hurt tourism, but after people rat out events on Facebook, only then do the newspapers breathlessly report the scoop..


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