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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Acapulco, Guerrero: Five Bodies Are Left Inside A Vehicle

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat 

Five bodies were abandoned inside a vehicle at the entrance to the town of La Venta, in Acapulco. In another act of violence that was signed by the same subject who claimed the human head abandoned in the Primero de Mayo neighborhood last Tuesday. 

The five bodies were found inside a recent model Nissan Sentra vehicle at the entrance to the town of La Venta. Authorities reported that they were handcuffed and had signs of torture.

A message was left on the windshield of the car saying "This is going to happen to all carjackers and motorcyclejackers, from Acapulco to San Marcos," it was signed "Comandante 18."

This same subject is to blame for the human head that was abandoned last Tuesday in the vicinity of the market in the Primero de Mayo neighborhood.

Municipal and state police personnel, as well as expert elements, went to the scene to carry out the corresponding procedures.

Victor A. Obando      Replica Guerrero


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    5 persons murdered.

    1. Señor 18
      Menchos ex jefe de Escoltas. Was the one who lost those 9 grey trucks wjen they went after el 03 in casamiro castillo

    2. 1:25 thanks for the help, hard to keep track of all the motherfackers, keep pumping

  2. 1202 noooo
    The fycking car no longer belongs to Cjng


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