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Thursday, June 15, 2023

New Wakes: Music, Drinks and Party To Bid Farewell to Borregos Victim

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

With blaring horns filling the garage of what used to be his house with reggaeton music, dirty dancing, beers in hand and his friends sitting in a circle a couple of meters from the coffin where Isma's body rested, they said goodbye to him.

There were no tears, no cries of pain, much less people fainting from sadness. Nor were there cookies and coffee. At the wake, there were no silent hugs from friends and acquaintances who, with their heads bowed, simply watched the coffin.

It was quite the opposite. It looked more like a celebration than a wake.

"Just the way he liked it," one of his friends wrote in the video they uploaded.

And that's how Ismael Morales was, just like his farewell, he lived his life until his last day: as a party.

Coolers full of bottles, several Polaris RZR vehicles waiting for them to tour the beach and city roads, cocktails by the sea, sand and sun characterized his last trip with friends where there were yacht parties and long nights at the club.

He lived life fast. One of the activities he most enjoyed was riding a motorcycle. Aboard different models, the young homicide victim in the Borregos restaurant lived for the adrenaline of riding a motorcycle on all possible roads. Mountains, sandy terrain, paved roads, you name it, Ismael tried it and tried to master it.

The day he was killed was not unlike the night of his wake. Cuts of meat, empty tequila bottles, and mariachis staged the joyful scene where Ismael and his friends were hanging out in a restaurant on a Sunday night moments before he was murdered.

At 10:25 p.m., while they were waiting to get into their car with their friends, two hooded men arrived and shot them. Three women were wounded but managed to run inside and take shelter, while Ismael was killed on the spot.

León, Guanajuato 

La Silla Rota


  1. Typically, sicarios might be shown a photograph of their target so they know who to hit..
    In this case, they were simply ordered to whack the menso in the red chanclas..
    Don't know what he did to offend the fashion police, but his dirty dancing days appear to be over..

    1. "whack the menso in the red chanclas"
      Heard that,hit the cool guy in the red sandals,fuckin balloon

  2. Who is this guy? A singer? Narco?politico niño?

  3. Tony Tormenta wouldn't be caught dead in a Volkswagen Jetta, or whatever that is..
    Dude showed his license plate on his social media fotos, not smart, obviously some kind of would-be player that was to soft and out of his league..
    Got in over his head, what do the guineas say?, oh yeah, "his eyes were too big for his stomach", jaja..

  4. Debieron mencionar la fuente.

  5. BB politically correct ? World is full of filthy sheep who listen to the very people we should NEVER listen to .Goes further will Blogger shut shit down ?
    Fucked world,we give in to easy


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