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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Culiacán, Sinaloa: Jorge Alberto Márquez, Vocalist of Los Nuevos Coyonquis, Found Dead

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The band singer was reported missing since June 6 and his body was found in a creek near his home in Sinaloa.

Burnt body of Jorge Alberto Márquez, vocalist of Los Nuevos Coyonquis, found in a creek near his home in Sinaloa

Jorge Alberto Márquez Bracamontes, lead singer of the band Los Nuevos Coyonquis.

Eight days after being reported missing, the vocalist of the band "Los Nuevos Coyonquis", Jorge Alberto Márquez Bracamontes, was found dead near a bodega in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

The body was burned and was lying in a storm water stream outside the Villa Bonita subdivision, where the singer lived.

It was precisely there that Marquez Bracamontes was last seen on June 6, at around 1:00 a.m.

After his disappearance was reported, the State Attorney General's Office was alerted to the discovery of the body of a man with bullet wounds and incinerated.

On June 12, the Sinaloa State Commission for the Search of Persons issued an alert and a location card with the necessary details to identify him, but the following day, on June 13, the results of the DNA study done on the body found near the bodega confirmed that it was Márquez Bracamontes, 51 years old.

After the death of the vocalist was confirmed, his band published on Facebook an obituary in his memory and a message that reads:

"It is with great sadness that we inform you that @jorgemarquez3028 was found dead. Unfortunately, this is a great loss for his family and us. He spent more than 25 years with us as a musician, was a great singer. You will always be great, you will always be our artist. Fly high my friend".

The regional Mexican band said that the body of Márquez Bracamontes could take between one or two days to be delivered by the authorities. In the mean time the place for his wake will be announced.



  1. What's up with Americans getting gassed to death in Mexico? There's been a few.

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    2. I've stayed at airbnb's in Mexico and I make sure they have electric stoves for this same reason.

  2. What ever happened to the post on el chapos family tree? You only posted 2 stories deleted them then never said anything

    1. 12:04 probably cause nobody cares but you

    2. 'cause nobody cares but you'

    3. 12:04
      I think maybe you might be the reader who posted a similar query a few days ago..
      You received no response, and you respectfully waited several days before politely asking again, definitely not troll-like behavior..
      If whoever knows don't wanna say, well then, it's a free country, and it's their business..
      These maniacos work their asses off to provide FREE content, they don't get paid, it's a thankless job dealing with crazy, violent topics, and endlessly refereeing nutcase readers' bickering.
      BB folks don't get praised enough for their service, that's for sure..
      But, yeah, I can see how stuff ending up going down Orwell's memory hole followed by a vow of silence is the kinda thing that might pique one's interest..

    4. How do you paste that little lizard at the bottom of your comments?

    5. Is it a Ghecko

    6. @🦎 That was a long way of saying nothing

  3. After what happened to chalino Sanchez this lead singers should of learned that messing with the wrong married woman can get you either to heaven or he'll sooner than later

  4. Andaba de huarachudo me imagino

  5. This aint shit, cds in culiacan kills innocent people every day, they get high on their own shit and go nutts, but the police wont report it cause they are on the payroll

    1. @524 and your point is??

    2. 10:51 point been, Culiacan is a shit hole


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