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Friday, July 29, 2022

44 Cartel del Noreste Members Arrested in Nuevo Leon

"Socalj" for Borderland Beat

44 alleged members of CDN were arrested, said to be responsible for the ambush of police forces last month.

One month after six Civil Force agents were ambushed and killed, the Nuevo León Public Security Secretariat arrested 44 alleged members of the Northeast Cartel, who are identified as perpetrators of the crime.

"We have arrested 44 people from that criminal group and who participated in the events, we have released six hostages in these actions who were about to be deprived of life and who were avoided thanks to the prompt intervention of our corporation," he presumed. Gerardo Palacios Pámanes, head of the state agency, reported that they have also released six people who were about to be killed by the same criminal faction. 

Those arrested were responsible for killing six officers on June 26 in the limits of Tamaulipas.

In addition to these arrests, the authorities also seized 14 long weapons, eight short weapons, 51 magazines, 907 ammunition, eight vehicles, and four radio frequencies. It should be noted that minors have been identified among its operators.

Gerardo Palacios Pámanes, Security Secretary announced the arrests.

Palacios Pámanes did not want to refer to the identity of the Northeast Cartel, although sources consulted at the time by Infobae México confirmed that they had been the attackers. Weeks later, the gunmen released videos they captured after the ambush.

“I am not going to mention which group it is, although we know it perfectly, because I am not going to advertise to the criminals, suffice it to say that it is one of the groups that has its main residence in the neighboring state of Tamaulipas,” the official suggested in Press conference.

These blows to the Northeast Cartel have been in collaboration with other municipal, state, and federal institutions, who have shared information for the capture of alleged criminals.

Most of the seized rifles are for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces, which indicates the high-power fire capacity of the remnant that derived from Los Zetas and operates with its armed wing, La Tropa del Infierno.


  1. Mexicans cartels makes other crime groups around the globe looks like amateurs

    1. You have not been on the ground in Somalia, northern Nigeria, South Sudan and where I was most impressionable in the late 90s in Peru (Sunshine Group), Columbia (ELN, Farc, and US/Columbia sponsored paramilitaries), and most disheartening Rwanda.
      Most non-first world countries have ungoverned areas that are still run by strongmen making money on extortion, kidnapping, drug trafficking etc. In the areas run by "government" the same goes on, but its much more subtle.

    2. 4:49 South Sudan really much more f@**d up than the rest of Sudan?

  2. Commandante El Juanito please send a unit of Tropa del Infierno to the USA to help us get rid of the Bloods and the Crips

    1. 4:45 they are off the map,
      But living rent free in your head???

    2. Sir:
      I don't know if you followed El Bronco or not. He was living rent free in my head for a long time, but after his performance as governor, I had to evict him.

    3. They way that El Bronco talked I was thinking that the Fuerza Civil would be flying Black Hawk helicopters and driving Bradley fighting vehicles. Now I'm surprised that he didn't take away their firearms and give them BB guns to reduce criminal fatalities.
      El Bronco probably wears pink lace underwear.
      You can tell him that because I am about as afraid of him as I am afraid of Big Bird and I'm sure all the criminals feel the same.

  3. Not to worry catch and release, pay a bribe to the gordito curupt judge, set will be set free.
    In the meantime the jailers will clean and lubricant thier weapons.

  4. 44 more dirt poor scum bags who will kill and or die for a 1000 pesos a week and a mattress in a shack removed circulation. Now make cartel membership a death penalty offence. Challenge is to arrest them faster than they can be replaced. Challenge for the cartels is to replace them faster than they get arrested or killed.

  5. Twenty years ago 6 police officers being murdered in Nuevo Leon wouldn't have been unusual and the perpetrators probably wouldn't have been held to account. Thanks to the Fuerza Civil the whole situation has changed.
    Governor Medina is often credited with the creation of the Fuerza Civil, but this notion is incorrect. He only happened to be governor at the time and was responding to the business community who were demanding better security. The Fuerza Civil was actually created by a working group of business people and several universities. The main player in forming the Fuerza Civil was Tello Peon who has significant experience in forming security operations for various businesses. He was Cemex's security chief when he was tapped to lead the creation of a new police force. The casino attack also pushed this effort forward in the early days.
    Calderon had already implemented change at the federal level before Medina even became governor. It was Calderon who passed the federal law requiring all state, local and federal police to go through significant testing, such as psychological, drug and polygraph testing. They also audit applicant's finances. The Mexican accreditation process for police is more thorough than the vetting process for local police in the United States. Medina was exposed by an FBI/DEA investigation and imprisoned (he owned too much stuff in San Antonio, Texas, well beyond his means as governor).
    The Fuerza Civil is a template for all of Mexico to follow. First, they changed their name to Fuerza Civil to divorce the organization from any previous police force. From day one, they never hired anyone who had previous police experience and didn't allow any current police to transfer to the new force. They increased starting pay to $1,200 a month.
    Initially they could barely recruit 10% of the recruits they sought. They learned that they had to improve benefits as well. They gave the police health, life and other benefits that pushed their per officer costs above $50,000 per year, about half the cost of pay and benefits for police in the U.S. Then they hired ad agencies to promote their new force nationwide. About half of the Fuerza Civil are from out of state.
    They accepted help from the U.S. who provided the bulk of the training for their instructors.. They increased their training period from three months to six which included 4 weeks of training by the Mexican army which improved discipline and developed an esprit de corp. They instituted continuous training and created a special university that is not beholden to any government agency. This university creates it's own curriculum without any government interference. The Fuerza Civil are now more highly trained than any police force in the U.S. other than federal agencies and one of the most highly trained police forces in the world.
    They subsidized housing in gated communities to their police with families so they're not so easily intimidated by organized crime.
    After analyzing data, they learned that almost every major crime involved a stolen vehicle. Almost every homicide and kidnapping involved the use of a stolen vehicle. They focused heavy on vehicle theft and vehicle thefts fell by more than 90% and homicides fell by more than 80%. Police killed in the line of duty went from one or two dozen per year to only one or two per year.
    They burned through two generals before they learned that military leaders can lead men into battle, but they can't lead them in a civilian role. They eventually settled on civilian leadership.
    Their C-5 was attacked and the commander kidnapped and killed by organized crime, so they built up their C-5 facility like a military bunker.
    For all of his talk, El Bronco actually halted the expansion of the Fuerza Civil. He turned out to be more bluster than action.

    1. Detroit was formerly known as
      SOSA welcome back SOSA!

  6. I had to delete half of my last comment because it was too long.
    Anyway, it is now clear that if anyone kills a police officer in Nueva Leon, like the U.S., they will feel the full force of the law.

  7. Placing 5 police in a single vehicle doesn't make sense. They probably believe that it gives the police a 360 view to detect threats, but that thinking is wrong. Cramming 5 police into a single vehicle limits their movement during a confrontation. It is better to have 4 police in two separate vehicles. This gives them more mobility and more options during a confrontation.
    Also, one vehicle left the other. They have a better chance at survival if they stick together as a group. They stood little chance of survival because they were badly outgunned. But they would have done better to just hold the attackers at bay until help arrived.
    They should have parked their vehicles side by side facing opposite directions and did the best they could under the circumstances.

  8. I think the biggest disappointment with the Fuerza Civil was when El Bronco became governor. I was watching him years ago and felt that Mexico was finally developing the leadership that it needs (you have to remember that Cardenas, etc. had a profound impact on Mexican thinking for many decades [that's why you run into a lot of Mexicans named Lenin like the ex-mayor of Acuna]. Ejidos and other quasi-communist ideas improved the life of pheasants, but communism wasn't the answer and it took Mexicans a long time to learn this).
    El Bronco wasn't a communist and talked tough. I was full of hope when he was elected governor. Then financing for the Fuerza Civil flatlined, his term was interrupted by his run for president, then they allowed him to return to finish his term as governor.
    Granted Monterrey was hit by a costly hurricane before he became governor and Medina ran up a huge deficit (like Moriera in Coahuila) and robbed the public treasury, but the Fuerza Civil had a proven track record and it was foolish to freeze their funding.
    What little I know about El Bronco is shaped by the limited exposure that he received in English language media. What media time he received in the English language pumped him up as the Mexican Messiah, but they didn't report on him after they learned that he was an empty shirt full of hot air.
    One of the clearest evidence of improvement in Nuevo Leon's law enforcement capacity was the murder of General Nino-Villarreal. Nino-Villarreal was the head of SEDENA's northern district in Nuevo Leon which included Nuevo Laredo and other border areas of Tamaulipas. Nino-Villarreal was so confident in the capacity of the Fuerza Civil that he sometimes traveled in a civilian vehicle. He and his wife were murdered by organized crime when he wasn't travelling in his armoured car.
    Nino-Villarreal had intimate knowledge of the capacity of the Fuerza Civil. His traveling in a civilian vehicle with his wife is very telling of his confidence in their abilities (homicides had already declined by 80% by the time of his and his wife's murders).

  9. No mames pinche Detroit haste tu propio blog para que te pongas a escribir un pinche libro no mamation without identification


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