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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

6 Police Officers Killed in Anáhuac, Nuevo León, Allegedly by CDN Los Alfas

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Six police officers from the state Fuerza Civil were killed and four more were injured in the municipality of Anáhuac, in the state of Nuevo León, after being ambushed by a cartel group, alleged by some to have been Los Alfas, a subgroup of the Northeast Cartel (Cártel del Noreste, CDN). 

The Ambush

During the pre-dawn hours of June 26, 2022, sometime before 3:00 am, a group of 10 officers from the state Fuerza Civil were sent to patrol a particularly dangerous area, a section of Highway 1, right near the US - Mexico border crossing of Colombia - Laredo which is allegedly controlled by CDN. 

According to newspaper El Norte, the standard protocol was to have officers patrolling this area travel in groups of no less than 20, due to multiple recent incidents in which officers encountered large convoys of cartel members in armored vehicles. However this protocol had recently changed and now this group of 10 officers were sent to patrol the area in just two unarmored vehicles, with five officers inside each. 

The Secretary of State Security stated that at around 3:00 am that morning, at about 9 miles outside of the town of Colombia, the officers encountered a caravan of 10 armored cartel vehicles. The cartel hitmen had already left ponchallantas (metal spikes designed to puncture vehicle tires) across the roadway in anticipation of their arrival. 

Shell casings found at the site of the first shooting.

The ponchallantas forced the two patrol vehicles to stop, leaving them to the mercy of an attack by the 10 armored vehicles, some of which were outfitted with .50-cal Barrett rifles. Photos of the attack location depict a large amount of shell casings that were expended in the ambush. 

The officers tried to return fire and repel the attack but surviving officers say they were very much out gunned by hitmen. One of the patrol vehicles pulled off of the road. The other patrol vehicle managed to drive around the ponchallantas and get a kilometer more north before they were tracked down and shot up by some of the cartel vehicles.

The abandoned officer's vehicle at the site of the second shooting, 1 km to the north of the first shooting.

When the cartel vehicles caught up with them, they rained down .50 cal fire on them. According to El Norte, one of the officers inside was killed quickly by it and another officer was injured so badly that his arm later had to be amputated. A third officer had to have his leg amputated for the same reason. Four of the officers inside this patrol vehicle managed to survive the encounter. 

The red SUV abandoned by hitmen near the site of the second shooting.

The red SUV abandoned by hitmen near the site of the second shooting.

What appears to be a non-uniformed gunman approaching the red SUV.

It is presumed that this vehicle eventually received support from soldiers or other law enforcement because four of the five officers inside survived however their patrol vehicle was left 1 kilometer to the north of the initial attack site, abandoned and later photographed by journalists. Photos appear to show a red Chevrolet Tahoe SUV with no license plate that was presumably abandoned by hitmen during the encounter. 

Meanwhile, back at the patrol unit that pulled off the road, two officers were found dead and three were found to be missing. The Secretary of State later confirmed that the three missing officers from that unit were kidnapped by the hitmen and executed at some later time. Their three bodies were located hours later on the border of the states of Nuevo León and Coahuila.

These officers were named Evelyn Lizeth Gómez Kruegel, Fidel Alejandro Olvera Gutiérrez and Idelfonso Francisco del Ángel. The three officers killed in their respective patrol vehicles were named Carlos Andrés Hernández de la Cruz, Alfonso Cruz González and Humberto Ascención Ramos Oaxaca.

Warning: Graphic photos below this point.

The crime scene at the vehicle which pulled off the road, where two officers were found dead and three were kidnapped.

Another angle of the crime scene at the vehicle which pulled off the road.

It is unclear which crime scene these items were discovered within.

The Aftermath

The federal Secretariat later stated that on June 26, 2022, Nuevo Leon had the highest number of homicides out of all the states in Mexico. 

Social media account FoxCharly30, which appears to have insider information on the internal workings of the state Fuerza Civil, wrote the following: 

The high commanders of Fuerza Civil were aware of the presence of a criminal group in the area where the six police officers were massacred. After coming face to face with CDN/Z criminals, the uniformed officers were constantly spotting members of this criminal group.

The officers of Fuerza Civil had already warned them that in the municipalities of Villaldama, Bustamante, Lampazos Los Naranjos, Sabinas, Vallecillo, Parás and Anáhuac, they constantly ran into caravans of up to 15 or 20 vehicles, including monstruos [or monster trucks, a type of specially armored narco truck designed to withstand heavy firepower]. 

The officers assigned to guard this area lacked sufficient weapons to deal with these groups. All of this was known to the superiors [within Fuerza Civil]. In short, those responsible for state security sent these six elements to a holocaust, it was a foregone conclusion. Fuerza Civil officers, who requested anonymity, blamed the high police commanders who remain in office with the governor's approval. 


It should be noted that a barracks for civilian forces was built on one side of the Colombia Bridge, but currently only one or two patrol cars are seen at most. The uniformed officers who are assigned to the ‘place where the devil wallows’, as the Anahuac area is known, are either ousted or the commanders do not want to see them in the metropolitan area. As punishment they are sent to some ‘place where the devil wallows’.”

Governor Samuel García sent his condolences to the families of the police officers killed in an ambush in Anáhuac. In a tweet, the governor wrote “The Secretary of Security informed me that this morning six comrades from the Civil Force lost their lives in the line of duty. Later in the day, once the initial investigation progresses, they will share more information with us.” 

And later he wrote “My condolences to the families of our colleagues, I assured them that the full weight of the law will be applied to those responsible for this unfortunate event. Right now, all of Nuevo León is with our Civil Force.”

This incident was the deadliest attack in the history of the state Fuerza Civil, according to El Norte. The Fuerza Civil has been a police institution with the state of Nuevo Leon since 2011 and recently Governor Samuel García announced various new equipment, weapons and barracks.

On June 17, 2022, for example, new armored vehicles called "Black Mambas" were unveiled as a part of the Fuerza Civil’s new fleet of vehicles. But sources within the department allege that these Black Mambas were not deployed in their main zone of aggression in the northern part of the state.  

Alleged Cartel Group Behind the Attack

In a press conference on Monday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated that the search for the armed group who attacked the six officers was already underway. The President added that the group has already been identified and that it operates in the region near the border with Nuevo Laredo but he did not specify which group.

Social media account FoxCharly30 alleges that the cartel group behind the ambush was a CDN subgroup called “Los Alfas”. The news website 24-Horas found FoxCharly’s claims to be credible enough that they too alleged that Los Alfas were the group behind the ambush. 

FoxCharly claims that Los Alfas, in addition to controlling the Colombia border crossing, also control the border crossing area of the International Bridge Number II in Nuevo Laredo.

Back in March 14, 2021, social media account PERRACO claimed that there was a split within CDN. On one side, there is Los Alfas and Tropa del Inferno, and both of these CDN subgroups reported to Fernando de Jesús Rodríguez Adame, aliases “El Chamuco” and “El Werko”. 

On the other side was a CDN lieutenant known by the alias "El Negrolo" and the men who followed him. 

PERRACO claims that Werko's group was slipping information to law enforcement about the locations of El Negrolos safe houses and sale points, which would then get raided by police and in this way he diminished Negrolo's power. 

Some claim that El Negrolo is just the new alias of CDN commander “El Negro” or “Negro 35” who allegedly died in a CDN attack on a military base near Nuevo Laredo in August 2019. 

Social media accounts El Diario Del Narco and EspartanoM23 have both made claims in the past alleging that Negro 35 did not die in the military base confrontation, and EspartanoM23 even goes so far as to include an audio clip of what he alleges to be Negro 35 speaking on radio, as seen above.

Others claim that El Negrolo is not the same person as the aforementioned Negro 35.

It should be noted that PERRACO’s tweets were posted in March 2021. Months later, on August 9, 2021, Fernando de Jesús Rodríguez Adame, aliases “El Chamuco” and “El Werko”, was arrested by Federal Ministerial Police (PFM) in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. As covered in these previous articles

Then in March 2022, the leader of CDN, Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez, alias “El Huevo”, was arrested (as covered here) and deported to the US (as covered here). 

Which CDN member took over control of Los Alfas following Werko and Huevo's arrest is currently unclear. 


  1. Have you guys heard anything about Los Alfas or El Negrolo? Or any rumors about if Huevo's cousin El Juanito is still the guy in charge of CDN?

  2. Cartels running rampant, all wanting to rule all parts of Mexico, all the while Military are in barracks playing cards, watching Novellas, smoking Joints.

  3. Hearst good afternoon. Much love and respect. Was going to say that looking at ElWerkos photo from the tip of the post. And then the bottom. Hes aging like a USA president.

    1. Must be the stress of the job.

      Or the drugs.

    2. Hearst I would say both imagine the pressure and expectations

  4. Why does ALMO purposely not mention CDN or Send in the military to crush them? Mexico must have their special operations teams they can drop in a region and kick ass. This violence is rediculous.

    1. Because he's about to receive suitcases full of money when the new governor of Tamaulipas, who used to be PRI but is now MORENA, takes office in some months.

    2. Well low and behold welcome to Mexico where anything goes, it's a lawless country, like the wild wild west. You want to have your cartel, select a name ,bingo your ready to Extortion, kidnap, to bring in money for weapons.Want to do a drive by with ak-47s, not a problem.
      You my friend mentioned if ALMO has his own special Elite military yes he does 350 of them, he last used them he deployed them to Sinaloa, 2 days later after the failed arrest attempt of the Chapito brother , they went there to stand around, mingle with the ladies. With all the shet of killings and cartel check you would think he would have them deployed, no Sir eeee. They stay at the barracks daily, exercising in the morning, watching Novellas, playing cards, smoking Joints. Yes I would agree with you to put them to good use, but the Mex government don't think like that. AMLO is friends of the cartels he loves the bribes coming in. Well welcome to Mexico.

    3. 4:34 Iberdrola, PEMEX and CFE ENEMIES from mexico and outside, want to buy AMLO's ass for billions of dollars, and he has refused...
      How much so you think guesstimate

    4. PS: How much more cartel money kickbacks do you think outbids AMLO's enemy corporatives?
      It might help make me run for presidente

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      Garcia had already been through Salinas and Zedillo and spent the EPN years counting his millions of dollars on US.
      AMLO will not fix everything in 6 years, but he is trying, better him than ass kissing Meade or
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    1. Because the government only cares about bribes coming in. And a rats ass if police get killed

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  6. Seems like these police officers were intentionally sent to their deaths by their superiors. Sent into a deadly area with no armor and in lower numbers than usual...and the hitmen were waiting for them.

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  7. I think "Alfas" is a code name for Anahuac. Same goes for Lobos=Laredo, Metros=Matamoros, Nectar Lima=Nuevo Laredo, and Rojos=Reynosa, among others. Could be wrong but just a theory.

    1. Parece que si. A muchos se les olvida que los Metros originales son de Matamoros, de la antigua policía estatal. De ahí se aliaron con Osiel y Z-2 (el Betancourt) y otros. Saludos desde Tamps.

    2. Muchos confunden El Kelin (que era L20) con Betancourt/z2.

  8. Can borderlandbeat do a background of the alleged commander’s and higher ups who sent these police officers into a very certain death? To me it looks like a set-up from higher up people because no one in their right mind would have volunteered to go on this patrol.

    In like what are their backgrounds and history

    1. This gets into a tricky ethical area. I'm not comfortable exposing details about Fuerza Civil commanders based on just one social media allegation of wrongdoing. That's not enough evidence for me personally.

      I've only covered law enforcement or military leaders in that way when a credible publication (like Milenio or Proceso) have already chosen to publish their names and details along with the allegations. But if there is more evidence, let me know.


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