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Friday, July 29, 2022

Cartel Remote Detonates Bomb & Films Attack On Police In Irapuato, Guanajuato

By "El Huaso" for Borderland Beat

Key points

  • A criminal group called police about a body inside a house in Irapuato, Guanajuato on 7/28.
  • The criminals filmed police response through cameras, & detonated the bomb.
  • Afterward, they released a taunting video of the footage threatening local Ministerial Police.

Unprecedented details have emerged about the method and motive of a recent explosive attack which left one investigative police officer (AIC - Agencia de Investigación Criminal) injured in Irapuato, Guanajuato on July 28th, as reported by Borderland Beat. The criminals responsible for the improvised explosive device (IED) detonated the explosive remotely and filmed a video of the interior of the house, according to a video allegedly released by the criminals online. 

According to Borderland Beat correspondence with local security expert David Saucedo, the criminals placed the dismembered body inside the house, phoned the police to draw security forces in, and detonated the bomb when they observed the police officers enter their trap.

The video shows footage of security forces inspecting the crime scene inside the home, with threatening, taunting text overlayed. In one corner by the door, the dismembered body can be seen inside a black trash bag, next to smears of blood. The text is directed at the local Ministerial Police, who the criminals accuse of targeting family members of their organization and operating without search warrants. "If we are your target, you are ours", says one frameThe video cuts stops as the IED explodes, and then loops again.

The video reveals a clear motive: revenge against Ministerial Police of Irapuato for what the criminals say is targeting of their families and operations. The criminals specifically mention raiding houses without search warrants.

The use of an IED against security forces is an incredibly brazen move. Coupled with the criminals publishing a threatening video after the event and showcasing their sadistic methods, this event is extremely likely to result in a strong government response.

This event draws comparison to another bombing in Ciudad Juarez in 2009, when criminals placed a bomb under a body dressed as a police officer. As first responders approached, they detonated the explosive, killing their victims. This event has the escalation of using the video for propaganda purposes after the attack.

A possible culprit?

It is still unclear which group is behind this attack. 

Infobae has correctly pointed out that the message ends with the phrase "Remember that all of Guanajuato has an owner", a common phrase used in CJNG messaging. They conclude that CJNG therefore must be behind the attack. While CJNG have a history of explosive use and brazen confrontation with the government, this phrase could also be used in order to frame CJNG for this attack. 

The July 25th release of two accused manufacturers of explosives from San Pedro Cholula, Puebla may offer part of the answer. In 2020, firearms, ammunition, and elements used to create explosive devices were found by a Ministerial Police officer in the apartment where Diego Jiménez Martínez and Rogelio Juan Luna Villa lived. According to the newspaper Heraldo, the state attorney generals office believed because of intercepted phone calls that the pair was contracted by the CSRL to build an explosive drone which would be used to attack the FGE headquarters. It is important to note that the pair had worked for both the CSRL and CJNG in the past.

Instead of attaining a judge-signed search warrant however, a Ministerial Police officer spoke to the uncle of Luna Villa who rented the apartment to his nephew, and convinced him to look inside the apartment. Inside, he found evidence of a bomb and weapons, and had the two arrested. 

However, last week, a judge dismissed the charges related to explosives due to improper methods used to collect the evidence. Jiménez Martínez remains in prison on a separate weapons charge, and it is unclear if the Luna Villa has been freed yet. It is unlikely they were able to arrive in Irapuato, establish their old criminal connections, acquire the materials used to make the bomb and the rest of trap in time. More likely then, is that the authors of this attack were members of the same criminal cell, knew of this release, and orchestrated this attack to reference Luna Villa and Jiménez Martínez. 

The video translation is as follows: 

We make this aware to you:

That we respect the integrity of other police agencies, 

Military and municipal, 

This is for you, 

(corrientes = lowly, common, base) Common Ministerial Police, 

We have told you, keep on working outside of procedure, 

Working without search warrants, and messing with the families of our members, 

He who warns doesn't betray, 

We hoped it would only be you, common Ministerial Police, 

If we are your target, you are ours

Remember that all of Guanajuato has an owner and we have no fear here.

Sources: WhatsApp correspondence with security analyst David Saucedo, Borderland Beat Archives, Heraldo, Infobae


  1. It was los cholos de SRDL they want to heat up the plaza

    1. Exactly. They want federal government to go into the state. But what these dumb pendejos didn't calculate is that by attacking the state forces se los van a chingar para que le bajen de huevitos. State forces corrupt with your contras? LeTs AtTaCk ThEm PaRa QuE sE eNsEñEn A rEsPeTaR cOmPa.

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