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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Narco Road Blockades in Matamoros, Rumored Arrest of El Contador Affiliate

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

Note: This was a live post, which means it was being written and periodically updated with the latest details that were being reported. During breaking stories, the initial reports and early details can sometimes be inaccurate.

A number of narco blockades have popped up around the city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas within the last three hours. There are alleged to be blockades on the Federal Highway 40D, Avenue Constituyente, Avenue 12 de Marzo, and in Los Palmares

Initial reports detail there are active shootings within the city. Photos of vehicles which took firearm damage posted on social media may lend credence to the reports of shootings in the city.

Images Source: Tamaulipas RTC

The Twitter rumors currently range from the blockades being made in reaction to Gulf Cartel’s “El Kena” being arrested to Los Metros hitmen attacking Matamoros in retaliation for the Reynosa shooting which occurred last summer, on exactly June 19, 2021.

Other claims allege that El Chaparro was arrested and Chaparro is the head of security / bodyguards for the sons of El Contador or he could possibly be a son of Contador himself, depending on the Tamaulipas twitter account that you consult.

Videos of Road Blockades 

Video Source: Tamaulipas RTC

Video Source: Tamaulipas RTC

Photos of Road Blockades 

Update 12:45 pm: 

La Jornada published the following:

Matamoros, Tamps. Matamoros woke up to gunfire, blockades, chases and the burning of vehicles by criminal groups.

With no official report so far from the authorities, it was established that the arrest of a criminal target in the north of the city started an escalating response from criminals who blocked the city's exits.

Stolen trucks and cars that were set on fire appeared until mid-morning at the exits to Victoria, Sendero Nacional and Reynosa.

Citizens on their way to work, especially in the fourth shift of maquiladoras [US owned factories in Mexico, such as the Pepsi factory] or businesses, opted to return to their homes for fear of being affected by the chases and blockades.

Update 12:55 pm: 

El Universal published the following: 

The dawn broke with Matamoros, Tamaulipas, under fire, with chases, shootings, blockades and burning of vehicles in various sectors of the city.

Beginning early in the morning, it was reported that cars were stolen, especially heavy cargo trucks, which armed men used to block the main streets of this city located on the northern border of Tamaulipas and bordering the county of Brownsville, Texas.

Users of social networks reported that convoys of white pickup trucks were circulating through the city and in them, armed men were traveling and firing shots to make their way through the cars moving along Sendero Constituyente, Roberto Guerra, Walmart and Sixth Street.


At the moment there are no reports of injuries or deaths, the dangerous situation continues without the presence of personnel from the Mexican Army, National Guard or State Police.

Along with these photos:

Update 1:05 pm: 

Social media rumors alleging local law enforcement is unaware of what occurred to cause the blockades because it was a confidential federal operation that triggered the CDG to react. 

As of 12:50 pm, some social media sources say the conflict is ongoing and that gunfire can still be heard.

Update 1:15 pm: 

Menny, from Twitter, claims that the videos of vehicle burnings being shared online are old and not from today. He also claims that rumors about El Kena or anyone related to the Cardenas being arrested are false and that the blockades being reported by Jornada and El Universal are merely tire burnings. 

Update 1:25 pm: 

Newspaper El Norte reported the following: 

Shootings and blockades are registered in Matamoros

Matamoros, Mexico(June 19, 2022) - Clashes between criminal groups and authorities unleashed a series of blockades and the burning of vehicles in different parts of Matamoros.

The events began early in the morning and during the morning the theft of vehicles continued, which were used to block streets and avenues that were later used to block the streets and avenues of the city.

The roadways were cleared later after the intervention of state and military police.

Unofficial reports indicated that the most affected area was the southwest of the city.

Due to the fact that public transportation units were robbed and burned, service was suspended.

On Avenida Pedro Cárdenas, south of Matamoros, a microbus was reportedly burned and metallic objects known as ponchallantas were observed.

The highway to Sendero Nacional and the Emilio Portes Gil highway, leading to the Eighth Cavalry Battalion, were blocked with tires and burnt vehicles.

Authorities have not provided an official report on what happened.

Along with these photos:  

Update 1:35 pm: 

Tamaulipas newspaper El Manana appears to be using a screenshot from the video of the bus burning in question, casting doubt on claims that the video is old and not filmed today. 

They write that the situation is no longer ongoing and ended by around 9:00 am. They wrote the following: 

A series of shootings, chases and blockades broke out at dawn this Sunday in this border city, where vehicles were even burned.

The population alerted through social networks the situation that was being experienced in the early hours of this Sunday, where they showed images of the blockades and the burning of some units in the main avenues and accesses to the city.

Around 07:00 hours, blockades were reported in 16 points of the city of Matamoros, for which they used burned tires, sticks and trucks both cargo and passenger, as well as some cars. 

By 09:00 hours, it was reported that all roads were already cleared with the intervention of the Municipal Transit and State Police. As part of the blockades, it was detected that a passenger truck, a trailer and a car were burned. 

The reason for the blockades is not known at this time. Security forces are on alert for any incident that may occur.

They included the following photos:

Update 1:40 pm: 

Publication Hoy Tamaulipas is reporting many of the same details as the previously listed publications. They include a report that preliminary information suggests that two people were killed in the blockades. The two were said to be burned alive inside a truck and it is unclear if the two were cartel members or innocent civilians.

Update 2:10 pm: 

Irradia Noticias Tamaulipas just released photos of the extra personnel and vehicles currently stationed outside of the FGE offices.  They allege that unofficial reports detail that a "big fish" (important cartel member) was arrested in the early morning hours in the nightclub known as Monalisa. Updates may pause until any new details about who the alleged CDG detainee is emerge. 

Update 3:45 pm:

Tamaulipas RTC just tweeted a photo alleged to show the detained “El Chaparro”, who is a son of Jose Alfredo Cárdenas Martinez, alias “El Contador”. His vest appears to read “Grupo Operativo H”. Additionally the letters “AC” appear in two different spots on his vest, possibly signifying Alfredo Cardenas. 

Update 4:25 pm:

Juan Alberto Cedillo writes on twitter that El Chaparro is not Contador’s son, but merely in charge of the security detail for his sons. He also adds that there were people found deceased who were burned alive inside a vehicle, like Hoy Tamaulipas reported earlier,  but that it was only one person and it was done accidentally by hitmen from CDG subgroup Los Ciclones. 

Update 5:05 pm:

There now seems to be more evidence supporting that this is not the son of Alfredo Cardenas, as it was at one point reported, but more likely he is the head of security for Alfredo Cardenas’ sons. 

La Voz del Pueblo is reporting that El Chaparro’s name is Víctor Hugo Téllez Candon and that he is originally from Reynosa. They write that he was arrested alongside three other Gulf Cartel members. 

La Voz alleges that the operation was carried out by soldiers from the Army (SEDENA), while soldiers from the Navy (MARINA) were used as aerial and perimeter support. They write that El Chaparro was flown out to Mexico City shortly after he was detained, as is standard procedure for most major cartel arrests.

La Voz included a new version of the photo without watermarks. 

Twitter account Loba_Indomable has posted additional photos alleged to show El Chaparro in custody.

Sources: El Guzman, Tamaulipas RTC, La Jornada, El Universal, Loba_Indomable, Menny, El Norte, El Manana, Hoy Tamaulipas, Irradia Noticias TamaulipasLa Voz del Pueblo


  1. Mother notified me of the current situation upon wishing me father's day. She has a home there along with a house in corpus christi. People are stuck from doing daily activities.
    Wishing all on BB a father's day for those fathers out there.

    1. Mother has a home there and Corpus Christi….LOL. My family lives all across Matamoros and Tamaulipas. Media coverage is good and picking them all up for the most part. These aren’t all day and night occurrences.


  2. Hope our BB people in Tamps are okay. Mike7. Browntown. MX. and others. Sad this happen on Fathers Day…

  3. Hearst hope your weekend is going well. Keep the great posts coming.

    1. I hope your weekend is going well too. Stay safe out there.

    2. Thank you. It's beautiful here in NYC today.

  4. I think they need Changuito to arrive on his horse

  5. Great job H! Do we have any idea what the guy's full name actually is? These cardenas clan members keep popping and most were unknown to people outside of the underworld or to locals until they are captured.

    1. Just for the sake of clarity, its very likely he is not a Cardenas and that early tweet was simply incorrect in its claim. La Voz del Pueblo is alleging the detained El Chaparro's real name is Víctor Hugo Téllez Candon.

  6. Thanks Hearst. English speakers need this translation and analysis.
    As usual, nothing in the U.S. media even though this is happening right on their border.

  7. Some of the vehicles lack license plates. It gives me the sense that some of the videos and photos were posted by those who created the blockades.
    My heart goes out to all of the Mexicans living through this terror. Most Mexicans are honest, hardworking people. It only takes a small few to screw everything up for everyone.

  8. Al Chaparro también le dicen "el Chimuelo" en México, y otros apodos

  9. So how big is the fish who was captures? They pretty much declared war in that area

    1. Pinche baby sitter/chauffeur, worthless capture just to make waves and get the money flowing.

  10. Primito taking over Tamaulipas

  11. Ohhh common blood thirsty cartel kills many people, but when it's one of yours that gets arrested, let's burn buses, let's burn town, that won't make him go free.


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