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Sunday, June 19, 2022

Zacatecas: In Jerez Night Of Panic, Shootings And A Kidnapping In A Bar

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Friday night and Saturday morning were violent in Jerez, with shootings in the municipal seat, vehicles shot at and the arrival of an armed criminal cell in a bar, where they took a man at gunpoint. The authorities reported that there were no deaths or injuries in these events.

The events occurred two days after Governor David Monreal √Āvila went to the municipality to assess the actions to "restore tranquility" to the displaced mountain communities and after the series of armed attacks that, hours before, left three dead and six wounded in the capital and Guadeloupe.

In a statement, the Jerez City Council specified that at the close of Friday organized crime groups confronted each other in the municipal seat; In different parts of the city there were clashes that ended with several abandoned vehicles.

In addition, the Municipality confirmed what happened in a nightclub, after videos circulated on social networks in which it is seen when armed individuals drag a man from a bar. Shortly before 1 in the morning, an armed criminal cell broke into an establishment in the downtown area, threatening everyone there.

The Spokesperson for the State Peacebuilding Table added that, "to intimidate during their flight," the individuals "fired their weapons and threw caltrops on the ground," which damaged patrols of federal, state and state corporations. and municipal.

After the clashes, it was reported that on Saturday morning the authorities located trucks with bullet holes and punctured tires on federal highway 23, which leads from Jerez to Fresnillo, near the community of El Cargadero; the units were protected by the Mexican Army.

It was also reported that the State Attorney General's Office (FGJE) is already investigating these events to locate the abducted man and find those responsible. In addition, it was announced that authorities of the three levels of government intensified "their tours and actions to deter crime."

Both the spokesperson and the Municipality stressed that there were no injured or dead people, in addition to insisting that this is the struggle between criminal organizations. The Jerez City Council condemned the acts of violence.

Mayor Humberto Salazar affirmed that “he will cooperate in every way possible, to the extent of his capacities, attributions and responsibilities, with the law enforcement agencies at the state and federal levels to carry out the pertinent investigation, as well as the necessary operations to keep order".

“Faced with this unfortunate situation, the cooperation and inter-institutional support of all police and military corporations is necessary. Therefore, communication begins immediately with all government levels to guarantee peace for the people of Jerez”, said the municipal president.

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  1. I've traveled to Jerez many times through the years. It was always such a peaceful town with friendly people. It's a shame that it has become a no go town over the last few years.

    1. Are you from Detroit

    2. It's more likely big butts Truther with a new call sign.

    3. I bet you are staying at your mom’s basement and never been out of the state.

  2. Word is La Cabreria took control of Jerez from Menchos crew, at least for now.

    1. Didnt mayos have jerez a while back? ūü§Ē so menchos took it from them and now they are getting it back? It wont be long bwfore CJNG takes it back with a vengance, mayos are not sutted for war they are more of aaa how can i say it, snitching crew, there you go


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