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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Mexico's National Guard Captures A Homemade Narco Tank In Jalisco

"narcomappingmx" for Borderland Beat

Mexico's Guardia Nacional captured a homemade narco tank, often called "narco blindajes" or "monstruos" in the Municipality of Jamay, Jalisco on April 12, according to the Guardia Nacional. 2,000 rounds of ammunition were also found.

The state of Jalisco is firmly under the control of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion, a major transnational drug trafficking organization widely regarded as the largest and one of the most powerful in Mexico. 

In June 2020, CJNG released a video showing many of their narco tanks in an attempt to intimidate their rivals by showing their strength.

The discovery of a narco blindaje being transported inside a tractor trailer truck further affirms that these homemade tanks are unwieldy and difficult to deploy, likely requiring large transport trailers when traveling long distances.

According to the Mexican military, narco tanks are "not very maneuverable in urban areas or on soft or sandy ground", due to the large metal panels that are often welded on the vehicles frame for protection. This added weight makes them incredibly heavy, but does provide some protection from small arms fire.

Criminals in Mexico create these narco tanks in clandestine workshops, where large trucks are stripped and fitted with metal plates to offer protection in gun fights. The most common automobiles forming the base for these narco tanks are large trucks, such as Ford F-150's or Chevy Silverados. 

These trucks are often stolen for conversion both in the United States and in Mexico.


  1. When are these most often used in combat, and how often, I realize this is an almost asinine question because the answer is probably "who the fuck knows?"
    I wish it were possible to see battle field images, soldier lay put etc. Like, are these used fighting for turf and using these in the country side?Do they drive these into the Hornets nest and attempt to annihilate the group? I have no interest in military history but this stuff gets my 🐐 goat.So many questions...

    1. Miss H.
      From what I heard is that the Marina's now have men carry Anti-tank launchers. If one of those Monster trucks, were to fight the military they will get blown up.

    2. Russian tanks have not been up to the task in Ukrainia, these monsters won't be up to the task in México, the job there requires intelligence and improvisation, and the pinchis foqueros don't have much of it.

    3. Mrs. H they usually lead the way. They send one or two up in front or a whole convoy of monstruos to clear a path or at least make small incusrions and gather info on where being shot from. In and out. Shoot and drive away before a tire is popped. In other cases they have full on convoys fight other armored convoys (as seen on youtube) but almost always do these things get sent up front for the simple fact that during an ambush you have a higher chance at survival. They are usually made with Mining Steel which has the exact characteristics of Ballistic steel and from the same company BUt they are not of the same quality every inch of the sheet meaning in one area it may have the weak point to allow a round through that wont penetrate elsewhere.
      Many times these are made for many people 10+ aka personel carriers so they can safely drop ppl off at a certain strategic point. Look on bordrland beat there is somw good videos and somw of these dont look so Mad Maxish and somw look just like the govt forces and even better in some cases

  2. Pinchi monster can't even get inside the trailer without help from a winch

  3. In the age of Kamikaze switch blade drones, these monsters are no good, better have the paileros make like German submarines, their culombian submarine factories are getting checked too often.


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