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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Woman And Children Killed In Armed Attack

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Two children and a woman killed, in addition to seven people injured, was the result of an armed attack on a family that was aboard a van on federal highway 44.

The aggression occurred after 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, on the road that connects the municipalities of Fresnillo and Valparaíso, near the El Obligado community, in the direction of this municipality.

In that place, armed men riddled the family that was aboard a green Nissan Quest van which was left in the shoulder lane with multiple bullet impacts on the vehicle, windshield and rear glass.

Inside the unit were the bodies of two minors, one approximately 3 years old, another 12 and a woman around 30, who according to police sources hugged one of the children to protect him from the bullets.

Inside the van were dozens of shell casings and pieces of glass, as well as blood.

Paramedics arrived at the scene, who transferred at least seven people, among whom there would be more minors.

News surfaced in the area that this was a family of locals who was heading to El Mineral, however, so far it has not been confirmed by the authorities.

The identity of the dead and wounded people is unknown at this time. The authorities are still carrying out the initial investigations of the attack.

The area was guarded by agents of the National Guard (GN), the Mexican Army, the State Preventive Police (PEP) and the Municipal Police, in addition to the road division of the (GN), while the preliminary investigations were carried out by the Investigative Police agents. 

The bodies were taken to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) for identification and further investigation.

Warning: Graphic Pictures

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  1. The president will do nothing to catch the terrorists who murdered these unarmed civilians in cold blood let's see what he says on his daily press conference with his wimpy voice no wonder the people are swarming across the border he doesn't protect the people they are running from violence like during the revolution a hundred years ago history repeats itself.

    1. ALMO is good at receiving bribes from Cartels, but let's it's citizens that are defenseless die.

    2. It was 2 women and one child that died. And you two critics of the president have no idea what you're talking about. He sent soldiers to boost up security there but they do nothing. Mexico is so corrupt that the politicians even passed a law decriminalizing corruption, but AMLO has changed that. If he was corrupt why would he put himself in jeopardy by changing that law. Real mexicans know the things he's doing. You guys just talk out your excretement holes. AMLO is making changes. He just put his presidency on the line by having a revoke vote, if he lost he would resign as president, it was required that 40% of registered voters had to vote no for him to lose and be forced from the presidency, but he said even if it wasn't 40%, he would go cause the people didn't want him. And guess what, he got over 90% yes for him to continue as president. Over 90%!!! And that's with the electorates, who supposed to make sure everything goes good and be fair, put up a bunch of obstacles. You think you know more than the mexican people and them living there?!!! Your ignorance speaks for itself. This man is doing what he could against a corrupt system and the opposition putting up roadblocks at every turn. They hate him so much that the president of the PRI who has a partnership with the PAN party, actually said "We will not vote yes for anything MORENA tries to pass in BENEFIT of Mexico". Taking your ignorance into account I'll refrase that for you. If MORENA tries to pass any law no matter how good it is, and no matter how much Mexico will benefit from it, they are going to vote no. Can you believe that. That's how corrupt it is over there. They're so corrupt that an energy bill that they supposed to vote on this sunday was going to be debated and the PRI, PAN, PRD, MC coalition had a lobbyist sitting in one of the seats in the house of representatives which is illegal. MORENA had to ask for his removal. And the lobbyist wasn't even Mexican. He was an Italian lobbyist representing an Italian energy company. Thats how crazy corrupt they are. It's a good bill in benifit of the mexican people and these guys are voting against it and have nothing but lies as excuses. And that's on an energy bill. Imagen how much they fight against the change AMLO is trying and is bringing about. His mission is threatening their pay days. So they are doing all they can to make him look bad and make him fail. And you're bitting into that. You didn't even critisize ttje govenor who in reality is the real care taker of that state. You know what the governor's excuse was to the violence in Zacatecas??? He said that the press were at fault for publishing the killings that are going on. That it forments the vilonce. I'll break itdown for you again, he's saying it's the reporers fault for doing their job of reporting!!! Can you believe that?!!! To me that screams big time that he's corrupt. But you don't mention him huh?!!! Educate yourself before speaking on something or you might end up looking silly again😘

    3. That shot to the face of the fat woman looks too professional, I suspect the melitary did it confusing the people in the van with "narcos" and then they killed everybody to have no witnesses, would not be the first time, facking melitary too eager to make points anyhow.

    4. Thank you MHO. Can't stand these 2 pendejos. Always coming on here and misinforming the readers with their baseless comments.... SIR we don't know what happened so to automatically point the finger at the militares puts you in a bad position. The van was riddled with bullets and everybody was not killed. 7 survived 3 perished. Let's stick to the facts.

  2. 1:06 the governor is closer to these incidents, his name is David monrial, and his brother is presidente (Mayor) of the city of Fresnillo, they own the state and municipal police not AMLO far away in the Palacio Nacional.

  3. I think when a cell is pushed out they kill like this to bring heat

  4. 6:03 high on opioids, motherfuckers kill anything that looks like mass transport of rivals, their nerves are high on hysteria and meth...

  5. NOW the CDS nutthuggers will say it was CJNG but they seear on their mothers that they havr fresnillo on lock and cjng doesnt go anywhere near fresnillo

    1. Do you have any proof it wasn't them? Cause what you're saying just sounds like speculation to me.


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